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At 8:35am on February 14, 2012, Jerseygal said…

Welcome to Fundamental Refounding! We look forward to your working participation and contributions on the site. Enjoy your stay, and please take the time to meet the other fine members contributing to the forum and blog content here! God bless.

At 2:54pm on February 18, 2012, Jerseygal said…

Goober, refresh so maybe the chat works. You may need to use a different browser too. A few have had some issues with it. Firefox seems to work well. JG

At 7:28pm on March 30, 2012, D.A. said…

Geeeeeezzzz Goob,  Thanks for the invite.  I would be honored to be considered you friend. 

At 11:25pm on March 30, 2012, Jodi180 said…

Absolutely, Goob!

At 7:48pm on February 18, 2013, Robyn Taylor said…

Hi Goober. It is me your friend Robyn. Have a super evening my friend.

At 11:55pm on February 19, 2013, Hobbes said…

Hi Goober,

How you doin'?  I hope you and yours are all well and happy.

I need some help and I hope you can give it to me.  For some reason I seem to be blocked out of the Wolverines.  I was active on the site earlier today with no problems.  Then this evening I can't connect. I have a Mac and I've used 2 browsers - Safari and Firefox.  I can't get either one to connect with the server. I'm not having problems with any other site.  Could someone have gotten hold of my IP address?  Or blocked me in some other way.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks a bunch.  Val (Hobbes)  :-)

At 12:02pm on February 20, 2013, Hobbes said…

Hey Goobs,

In the words of Gilda Radner on the old SNL show, "Never Mind".  I don't know why I couldn't get in late yesterday, but, now I can.  Maybe it was something with Mac computers. (?)  I checked others from the site's profiles and they seemed to be getting in, so I thought it was only me.  I guess, Obama's constant prattle of us all being "victims" finally got to me. LOL!

Sorry I bugged you about this but you were my last resort.  I do hope all is going well for you and hope to talk to you soon! Val

At 12:11pm on February 20, 2013, Robyn Taylor said…

Hi Goober, How are you doing my friend? I am fine. I sent you a friendship to be my friend on this site. I hope to see you on this awesome site sometime. Have a great day.

At 12:17pm on February 20, 2013, Robin said…

Hi Goobs, Good to see you! :)

At 11:49am on November 30, 2019, Richard Riley gave Goober a gift
Thanks for permitting me to return!
At 8:36am on December 6, 2019, Heron said…

Hey grrrrrl!  Sorry, the flu has me down.  Hope to be on in the mornings soon.  So glad more are coming back.  This is a great idea.

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