Will the Democrats pull a switcheroo?

The rumor mill has been speculating that the DNC will replace Biden with a surprise candidate at the last possible moment. Personally, I don’t see why the Democrats did not select a better candidate to begin with. I know they were really scraping the barrel, but surely they could have found someone better than sleepy Joe. I’m not putting anything past the Democrats, it just doesn’t make much sense to me. But for the sake of argument, let’s hypothetically imagine they do replace Biden at the last moment. Then what?

I suspect they would pick someone like Trump who isn’t a politician and has celebrity status. And in keeping with their identity politics, it would probably be a POC woman. Someone perhaps like Oprah. The novelty of having Oprah or someone like her as president may garner some additional votes, but would it be enough? Part of Trump’s appeal was his message. People were tired of the status quo and wanted a change. The Democrats don’t have a message, they only have Trump hate and that’s just not going to cut it. Trump is also a one of a kind, and the Democrats are not going to find anyone comparable.

Secondly, changing a candidate at this stage in the game is a sign of desperation. It means they have such little faith in their candidate that they have to resort to gimmicks. It would also go against everything we know about how to run an effective campaign. Candidates need time to promote themselves, get ads out, and give the electorate reasons why they should vote for them. If they pulled a switcheroo it would incur more disadvantages than advantages.

Third, what effect would this have on Democrat voters to know their votes don’t matter? The worst kept secret has been that the DNC picks the candidates and not the voters. This almost caused a civil war in 2015 between the Bernie Sanders supports and the Hillary Clinton supporters. This time, however, it would be even more glaringly obvious. I would go as far as to speculate it could cause a rift big enough to fracture the Democrat party.

Ultimately, I believe even if Biden was replaced they would still fail. The Democrats feel emboldened, but they are also still deeply afraid of losing. It’s why they are avoiding letting Biden debate Trump like the plague, why they don’t want the economy to recover, why they’re encouraging rioting and protesting, why they want mail-in ballots, and it may be why they will try to replace Biden. The Democrats are using every dirty trick in the book to win. And yet still, I believe they will not succeed. I’m predicting Trump will win reelected, and the Republicans will win big in this election.

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Comment by Robin on August 27, 2020 at 7:40pm

I can't believe they went with Biden in the 1st place! The man is clearly suffering from Dementia. He's been a swamp creature for 48 years. I think they plan a switcheroo! With all the rioting they are destroying themselves and Trump will win by a landslide, in my opinion!

Comment by Watchman on August 28, 2020 at 8:41pm

I don't know what they were thinking either Robyn. I figured if they were going to pull a switcheroo they would have done it by now. But maybe they like having an empty suit they can easily control.


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