by Edie Boudreau

We need to think and act outside of the box! We the people elected Donald J. Trump to be our President. We showed our power to the leftist media, the corrupt Democrats, and the RINOS who have been obstructing President Trump's Agenda throughout the past two years. Only his incredible willpower, energy and commitment have enabled him to accomplish the thousands of benefits for the middle-American working class. Now it is our turn once again to show our power, and this time we have to commit ourselves to him.

We can overcome the obstruction of Congress in their efforts to destroy him and hand over our country to illegal immigrants. We can contact every one of our political representatives and media spokespeople as to what we expect of them. I, myself, will contact Newsmax Magazine, The Heritage Foundation, and many other supporters like Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, and others like them to ask for their public support and outreach to Pres. Trump and his efforts to save us through Law and Order as well as through their donations. An agency must be created to act as a receivership and management of the American people's contributions of funds or labor in Building the Wall at our Southern Border!

If every true Patriot will commit to that Accomplishment by either donating however much they can afford in funds (for example 1/10th of a week's take-home pay (a Tithe) to the amount needed to build the Wall (~$25 Billion) within the shortest time possible, we could build this security within the next two years. For those able-bodied men and women who are able and willing to donate their skills and labor in actually working on the wall, that would accelerate the process.

We can bypass Congress and the corrupt media and make it happen. We just need the brilliance of President Trump and his smartest supporters to create this possibility. Those of us who are management and legality aware of how to do this must stand up and make this happen. For those of you who think this could save our country and our Constitution, please help me make this message "Go Viral." Better yet, if you have connections with other VIP Patriots, Share it with them and with known supporters of President Trump!

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Comment by Robin on December 5, 2018 at 8:32pm

Outstanding post, Edie! I sent it out to all members, and, I could not agree with you more. We must all do our part and contact everyone.

Comment by J. Francis Roth on December 6, 2018 at 7:56am

The sentiment of Edie's post is undeniable in it's context and it's content.  However, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Lou Dobbs and Michelle Malkin are already doing their utmost for the cause of freedom and liberty.  We contact these patriots every day, and they contact We the People every day through their programs, posts and publications.  Without congressional approved money, the building of the wall remains a pipe dream.  I'm not a pessimist, however I am a realist.  So, unless We the People can come up with the additional billions of dollars needed to build the wall, I'm waiting to hear a practical, feasible and possible solution.  God bless Donald Trump and America.

Comment by Robin on December 6, 2018 at 7:44pm

I do think Trump can take money allocated for the Dept of Homeland Security and use it for the wall. He can also just shut it down totally like he said he would. He will do it too.

Comment by J. Francis Roth on December 7, 2018 at 9:55am

If President Trump doesn't fire every single Obama appointed judge in America, he'll be fighting against every one of them in court, because they will stay all of his attempts to do anything feasible regarding illegal immigration.  There will always be a Leftist Obama appointed judge that will simply declare the President's actions "unconstitutional".  Make no mistake, the President doesn't have ultimate power, he's not a dictator.  There have been certain things he could have and should have done, but he hasn't done it.  The President does have the ability to remove previously appointed judges from the bench.  Obama did, and that's one of the reasons the president gets stymied at every turn.

Comment by Edie Boudreau on December 7, 2018 at 4:00pm

There has to be a way for a "Build the Border Wall" non-political Agency or Corporation to be created without his personal involvement, so that American patriots can start  "The Next Revolution" by donating funds, management and financial skills, and labor to the immediate construction and protection of this wall. By trying to stop the populists, the Democrats would reveal that they care noting about protecting Americans, but only about regaining power and destroying Trump.

Edie Boudreau


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