The US Was the Greatest Country

RedHorse posted a video in the Forum, that I think deserves much more comment:

The above video questions if the US is the greatest country in the world. I agree with the commentator that it used to be. The US still excels on a few fronts, but has fallen behind in others. My comments and opinions:

I would still list the US as number one. While many countries have some amount of freedom, the US Bill of Rights gives the most freedom - if we can keep it. But yes, there is a degree of freedom in many other countries.

The US is now behind. The US I believe was the best just after WW2, but then the US had a negative balance of trade with Japan, and now China. In Electronics, Motorola once perhaps the greatest in the world with 150,000 employees is now mostly gone while cellular phone supremacy then went first Nokia in Scandinavia, then HTC in Taiwan, then Samsung in S. Korea. The best TV set is said by some to be now Samsung, S. Korea. The best cars are said by some to be a tossup between Germany and Japan with just a few loyal people in the US still buying American. Boeing airplanes are still to be admired, but now competition from Airbus and others are more serious than Russian Aeroflot airlines were. Many goods come from China as our balance of trade looks awful. The answer from our politicians? We need to work less and scream about entitlements. Really?

The US once was one of the three best places in the world to invest. It has now dropped out of the top three but Singapore and Hong Kong remain as still intelligent. The US according to Heritage and others is no longer in the top ten best countries in the world for economic freedom. I for one am very surprised how quickly some leaders have damaged the US.

Once I believe was by far the best in the US, now other nations perhaps first Sony and Panasonic in Japan became innovative. Then S. Korea with great cell phone and tv screens. and Japan with great economy from the Prius, and now China with a missile they say can take out our air craft carriers. The US may lead the world in software networking with Google, Amazon and others; it is a real shame Obama ignored that talent and went to Canada to get a ruined Obamacare website. The US is still innovative. However, now it has plenty of company.

Several reports put the US well behind other nations. Some as NPR say 30th in math, 23rd in science, and 20th in reading. Could they be correct? Well, other countries are becoming innovative or even more so in some subjects that the US as I say above. And how is it that that many Americans cannot figure out the lies on their TV set? Or that the US is financially in trouble? Even if math is beyond them, they cannot see the closed stores and plants? They did not see Detroit going bankrupt? It does not look very bright to me. But I am just one person. Jay Leno first, then Jesse Watters and Jimmy Kimmel seem to love asking Americans questions on the street and getting dumb answers. And some of the people are educators. With US education going union and federal, has it become incompetent? It would seem a fair question to ask.

From the great days when JFK challenged us to go to the moon, now Obama has Nasa looking for ways to make Muslims feel good. Meanwhile Russia, China, and some European countries are going into space travel. They can afford it and care while the US does not?

The US used to slowly add debt. Perhaps Bill Clinton added only $1 trillion to take us to $5.6 trillion in debt. Then Bush added almost 5 more to get us to about $10.6 trillion, and Obama has added almost $7 trillion more for just part of a term taking us to about $17.3 trillion. There is an oddity that TARP from Bush was a loan and was likely mostly paid back during the Obama term, but I do not know how that specifically was handled. Stimulus from Obama was a gift and not a loan. We hear that the US is printing fictional money to cover this at what was the rate of $85 billion a month ($1 trillion a year) but now may be dropping to $75 billion or $65 billion a month. Printing money not backed up by gold, goods or services, cheats the other 192 countries in the world - and they might one day not stand for it. I for one, do not like being a "cheat" to the rest of the world.

There is more, but this should be enough. From the number one spot in a number of fields, the US now has leadership in a few, and has been overtaken in many. In my opinion our problem is awful leaders and awful news commentators that cannot clearly look at the issues and provide correct leadership.

I believe that 20% of the US economy was destroyed in 2008. With lower tax incomes from the businesses and jobs destroyed, that is the major reason for our deficit. And yet taxes, regulations, Obamacare, and EPA nonsense will instead help to destroy the other 80%. It appears that neither political party can figure this out.

I believe the US made its huge gains by freedom and free enterprise - encouraging many Americans to think, to innovate, to create. Now some push for the lack of freedom, the emergence of a dictatorship - the same formula the world had in the Dark Ages where the world never improved.

While this 8 minute video may have some errors in it, it is the right subject. And that subject should be for us to get a grip on why the greatest country in the world is losing its way.

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Comment by Watchman on February 18, 2014 at 5:01pm

I would agree the America we know his in decline RN, tho I still believe America is still the greatest country despite of all it's problems. Certainly we are headed in the wrong direction and it's not as good as it can be. The difference between us and liberals is they see America as never being great. In their eyes it's not great because it's not progressive enough. I get the feeling that is the kind of guy he was portraying in the video. We on the other hand see the problems and much of it has to do is because both parties are slipping further and further left. These progressive ideas have been chipping away at our once great nation for over a century now. That is the real problem.

Comment by RED HORSE on February 18, 2014 at 6:18pm

Progressiveness can only take place by force. If we were cattle, we would be prodded by electric cattle prods. Progressives work the mind, the body and finally, the soul to make progress work. We aren't cattle and that's why the Jews died.

"If we are to make progress, we must demand progress, enable progress
and 'force' progress on those who refuse to change for the good of all."

We live in trying times and to stand by and do nothing, we aren't worth freedom.

Comment by Robin on February 20, 2014 at 10:03am

I ask myself every day why we are not all in the streets by the millions? What are we waiting for? Are we that spolied? Are we that scared? Are we araid to come fully out of our comfort zones to protest and demand a stop to this tyranny? Are we all sitting home thinking things will be ok if we can just make it to the *next election*? We are kidding ourselves if we think another election will fix this nightmare! We have one party in DC! One! 


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