Gender theory postulates that masculine and feminine characteristics and gender roles are merely a social construct of the culture in which we live. The reasoning then is that there is no difference between boys and girls, and we can change genders as easy as changing our clothes. Much of modern gender theory can be traced back to sexologist\psychologist John Money. John Money was a deviant who among other things supported pedophilia. This will become evident in an experiment he conducted that much of gender theory is based upon.

John tested his gender theory by essentially using two twin boys as lab rats. The twin’s names were Brian and David Reimer. David had lost his penis as an infant in a botched circumcision attempt, his testicles were also later removed. His parents took him to John Money who convinced them to raise David as a girl. So as an infant David was raised as a girl named Brenda and not told the truth about his identity. During David and Brian’s sessions with John Money, he directed the twins to inspect each other genitals and forced them to reenact sexual positions and motions. In at least one of these sessions they were even photographed.

When David grew older he became discontent with his identity and when he was a teenager his mother finally told him that he was born a boy. From the age of 15 onwards David decided to live life as a boy, but the psychological scars remained for both him and his brother. Brain took his life in 2002 by overdosing on anti-depressants. David took his own life two years later by shooting himself in the head with a sawed-off shotgun. This sad and twisted tale is what gender theory is based upon.

First things first, gender is a linguistical term, not a biological one. In recent years, sex and gender have been obfuscated, but this hasn’t always been the case. Any pre-politically correct dictionary will tell you that sex and gender are synonymous. The 1828 Webster’s Dictionary defines “gender” as “sex, male or female.” In simplest terms, it means “beget, or to be born”. A person can conceive of an infinite number of genders, which have no scientific basis, but biologically there are only two.

Gender theorists will claim gender is solely a social construct. It’s true that some things could be considered a social construct. For instance, in the West the color blue is associated with boys and pink has been associated with girls. However, our gender roles are not purely a social construct. Men and women each have different hormone profiles that affect our behaviors differently. Men have more testosterone which makes them more aggressive, competitive, and physically oriented. Additionally, they produce more of the hormone vasopressin which makes them very protective of their loved ones. Women, on the other hand, produce more estrogen and oxytocin which them more sensitive, emphatic, and nurturing than men. This is the reason why in ancient cultures, with few exceptions, traditionally the men were the warriors and hunters of society while the women were the homemakers and caretakers of society.

Gender and biology are intertwined, and biology is not a social construct. The gender roles we have developed organically over thousands of years. You can’t artificially change gender roles and identifies without disrupting the social fabric of society. What gender theory has done is to create new problems that have not existed before. They have created an entire generation of confused kids who will grow up to be dysfunctional adults. This will be the true legacy of gender theory.

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