It’s that time again, Thanksgiving is upon us and as usual so are the self-loathing left with their accusations of Indian Genocide and stolen land. If anything they are predictable. So I compiled a few notes that draws heavily upon “The 10 Big Lies About America” by Michael Medved, to dispel these myths:
*The first Thanksgiving resulted in 50 years of peace with the neighboring Indian villages.
*Neither the colonial governments nor, later, the U.S. government ever endorsed or
practiced a policy of Indian extermination.
*Disease overwhelmingly killed more Indians than war. Infectious diseases brought about between 75 and 95 percent of Indian deaths after European settlement began. Throughout the Americas, diseases introduced with Europeans spread from tribe to tribe far in advance of the Europeans themselves, killing an estimated 95 percent of the pre-Columbian Native American population. The main killers were Old World germs to which Indians had never been exposed, and against which they therefore had neither immune nor genetic resistance. Smallpox, measles, influenza, and typhus rank top among the killers.
*The notion of Small Pox blankets stems from an isolated incident involving British officials,  not Americans, and remains inconclusive. Pontiac's Rebellion (1763) in which Chief Pontiac said “It is important for us, my brothers, that we exterminate from our lands this nation which seeks only to destroy us.” resulted in the natives wiping out eight forts and murdering hundreds of troops and settlers, including women and children. Victims were variously tortured, scalped, cannibalized, dismembered, and burned at the stake. As a result of desperation British Commander Field Marshal Lord Jeffery Amherst and Colonel Henry Bouquet briefly discussed the idea of infecting the Indians with Small Pox blankets. However there are no evidence indicating that Amherst actually went through with the idea. At no point did the British commander issue orders or make a policy declaration regarding extermination of the Indians. Both whites and Indians suffered from Small Pox, which the Indians could have received the diseases from a number of sources. Ultimately it was It was Colonel Bouquet, not the smallpox virus, who finally rescued Fort Pitt.
*In addition to the massive numbers killed by disease, Native American tribes lost untold millions to assimilation and intermarriage.
*Atrocities were committed on both sides. Lord Jeffery cited the monstrous cruelty he had observed from his adversaries (scalping alive for souvenirs, branding, cutting out and occasionally devouring hearts, torture through slow skinning, piercing bodies with as many as a hundred arrows)
*Societies among the Indians and all other aboriginal peoples conducted devastating wars against one another that at times became struggles for domination, conquest, replacement, or even extermination. The hundreds of native tribes that occupied North America warred against one another for thousands of years, dispelling the myth of the "Noble Savage".
*The more developed New World cultures of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca not only turned their slaves into brutalized and mutilated beasts of burden but also used their conquered enemies to feed a limitless lust for human sacrifice.
*The U.S. experience with our indigenous populations strongly resembles any and every encounter between peoples at vastly different stages of development.
*Once a stone aged culture came in contact with a more powerful and advanced civilization there became only two inevitable outcomes, fight and lose or assimilate, either way their old life was over.
*In the words of Mark Twain, ”There isn’t a foot of land in the world which doesn’t represent the ousting and re-ousting of a long line of successive “owners” who each in turn, as “patriots” with proud swelling hearts defended it against the next gang of “robbers” who came to steal it and did— and became swelling-hearted patriots in their turn. . . . Patriotism is a word which always commemorates a robbery.”

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Comment by Jerseygal on November 26, 2014 at 8:26pm
All good points, Kev. We are still paying native Americans some sort of retribution. When will it stop? Why are we (our government) paying natives after all these years? Some of the Mohawks from the local reservation here get a check from our government AND from Canada!
Comment by RNhunter on November 27, 2014 at 5:35pm

Good stuff Watchman.  Good thoughts.  I tend to agree that every time the "left" simplifies something, they often get it wrong.  Just like the left says the Alamo was the US taking land from poor "widdo" Mexico.  Nope, the US was not even in that war.  It was Texans Including Texan Mexicans fighting against an evil dictator, Santa Anna, who had suspended the Mexican constitution (hey, like Obama) and went to cruelty instead.  Had Santa Anna never done that, hard to say if Texas and other places would belong to Mexico today.  But of course, the simple lie from the left is wrong.  One of the big heroes from the Alamo who left (was sent by Travis the Alamo leader) to get word to and help Sam Houston was Juan Seguin, of Mexican ancestry, and Texas named a city after him.  Seguin had much to do with the Texas success of that time.  I have been to Seguin Texas.  As usual, liberals know little of history and could care less.

But yes, your second to your last paragraph is something I had thought about.  One issue that the Indians had is that they were not a cohesive unit, but warring tribes with no localized anything.  As we have seen throughout history, unrelated tribes do not a country make.  The issue in Mexico and South America with Incas and the like I think might have been a more cohesive civilization and I think a different story.

As for Mexico owning part of the US, well, again, the left likes to pick and choose what point in history to go to.  North America was we believe colonized first, by both people from Asia going over the Kamchatka peninsula, and also oddly by Europeans on the East as their arrowheads show.  Those two different groups likely met in the middle at some point.  That would make for an interesting story or movie.  However, the point I make is that Mexico and South America were both populated by North America, the USA of today.  And so if one goes to that earlier point in history, then the US owns Mexico and South America.  Or perhaps to intelligent people, trying to pick a sweet spot in history to stake a claim, is just silly.

Comment by NativeCollector on December 1, 2014 at 6:40pm
Those tribes who sought independence from the Federal government are thriving. Stossel did a documentary on the native Americans a few years ago, and it was quite compelling. Personally, I agree with comments I've seen here, that most any others coming to these shores would have wiped out the indigenous peoples.

Before the white man came here, the Indian was unaware of things he could not make himself, such as steel for weapons. As the author said, once the Indian paths crossed with a more advanced society, his life as he knew it had ended.

Excellent post.
Comment by Toddy Littman on December 2, 2014 at 1:24am

Great post, not sure I agree with Patriotism = Robbery though.

There is a reality of a past of tribes, even Indians were fighting each other for what their modern day "you owe us" crowd says, "was land we never claimed we owned."  That eventually foreign interventions to disturb the colonies, as means of the Crowned Heads to carry on the battles they carried on forever in Europe over here was expected, scalping, for instance, a French idea.

Once the battle fires are enraged in 2 tribes, long before any faster communications, and at a time commitment to write a letter could be for months and every word carefully crafted from raw emotions, far from any notion of an Internet, there is going to be a battle between those tribes.  The 13 European (for the most part) colonies just another tribe, of many who were here, of some who killed off other aborigines, in light of how many of them got here from Asia and some skeletal remains found predating that trek.  Of course the Norse were here apparently before anyone, one of their swords (forgot the Prince's name) was found in the harbors outside Boston I believe, at least that's what Jules Verne wrote in The Exploration of the World, a fascinating fact based history book by the well known 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea author.  But, as man hasn't always existed, I am sure there was an original, but, that those they encountered either were predatory or were not willing to be prey, the outcome that came to be our nation, that one defeats another, persists, though not necessarily in any patriotic interest at all, just miscommunications, offense at taking ones food, wife, child, etc., or the desire to take these from another on the idea that one can.  Thus why it is tribal, primitive, uncivilized.

Today the same can't be said for Earth, sort of explains the interest in Mars, or some comet 300 million miles away or every other variety of "oh look at all those galaxies out there," from those who know we'll never see them in their lifetime but ponder what it would be like to be the one claiming something that might belong to another, to perpetuate the constant, that could lead to the end of our race, if there is something or someone else out there.  I am sure many believe, but, as much of what I am saying plays with, the origins of Man...Original?...Duplicate?...An experiment?...Or, children of God, to which biblical time would have to be applied as per God, and we run into the wall of, "How could that be when carbon dating proves this is 1000 times older than that?"

Point being, by Faith we know, by man's incessant curiosity we ponder and even venture to think "maybe there is another life out there," or to the point of, "there has to be," while the Earthly event to which "Redskins" is politicized, a macro event in the eyes of those who need to claim man's imperfection a game for men to perfect by purging Freedom until the evil is gone according to them, is, in the scale of life, of the Universe, of God and Creation, of Christ and our Salvation, a microcosm, a fleeting point in history that a a meteor or 3, a super nova of our Sun bring to no meaning with a catastrophic stillness in nonexistence of our race imposed, the sole survivor possibly a bacteria never meant to exist on one of our many satellites, a fluke by someone involved in building the satellite sneezing onto some component assembly.  Lucky for us in another million...Err 6 million years?....Or will God just turn back the clock as though it never happened?....Oh wait, the Indians own the land.... hahaha...Yeah it really brings it all into perspective for me, the notion of it being "stealing" when both are tribes in a war in a universe so vast we're all rendered Don Quixote if we ever took the time to ponder such things.

I will say it makes me wonder how many Palestinians are Native Americans :p

Comment by Watchman on December 3, 2014 at 11:49am

"Great post, not sure I agree with Patriotism = Robbery though."

Yea Toddy, I don't completely agree with that part either but I get the crux of what he was saying, that every land once belong to someone else. Every nation that exists did so because they conquered someone else. For the Europeans it was the various Germanic tribes, the Franks, Visigoths, Vandals, etc. Even the American Indians constantly warred against each other for land. If they couldn't occupy and defend it, they lost it. This was called the Right of Conquest and it was a universally accepted practice since time immemorial. Only in the 20th century did it start to become unacceptable.

Comment by Toddy Littman on December 3, 2014 at 6:16pm

Sadly, again, yes and no. hahaha

I mean, it has gone on and on, as tribes do this.  But it was America that brought civilization to the idea of government.  Conquest was used because it links directly to what happened after a simple meeting of two tribes glancing and seeing each other across a pond or such, never realizing there was another out there, essentially the "extended beginning" of existence, starting with someone being on the land no one else had been on before.

From that first glance comes the fear and the feared, on and on as you said, and brought to an end by America.  Pilgrims didn't come here on to conquer and vanquish, there was no plan to take over this land no matter who was here, hahaha.  No, instead the discovery is found and for a time peace and that Utopian cultural diversity were intact.  But the jealousy of the Old World (Europe), where the Right of Conquest continued, could not accept the situation here, especially France, who, were the first scalpers.  The jealousy of France and England to do all they can to thwart each other during peak times, knew no boundaries during those episodes.

America's Constitution, that, by ratification proved a Free People could be Sovereign and govern themselves, be their own Lawgiver, did away with the old tribal chieftain glorified into a Monarchy (the 1800's question of a "blue blood" Right of Conquest, led to questioning the Right of Reign period), the Old World, who continued to march armies across Europe, and even over the ocean here, in their assertion of a Right of Conquest -- irrespective of the Crowned Head the constant was Conquest, pillage and plunder, for resources of land, people, etc., known as "chattel," in a constant battle of Nobles, of Guilds, and in the end, merely Tribal mind amplified.  The very same principle that is Socialism, the Altruistic sacrifice of Individual Right for the Collective Will and why it must deny private property rights as requisite to returning all to reliance and worship of the tribe, the Collective State.

I will bet there was a Witchdoctor Al Sharpton to tell everyone what reality is, and why their dependence is more noble than their freedom from it ever would be.


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