The Lie-Driven Argument: Gun Control Saves Lives

The Lie-Driven Argument: Gun Control Saves Lives

by Chip Jones on January 10, 2013

Do you really believe that the central motivating force behind the gun control debate is to protect innocent human life from evil? It’s not. In fact, if we look at this clearly, one could make an equally compelling argument that the protection of individuals is enhanced by arming more people and ensuring that their level of proficiency was equally enhanced.

But to enter into that argument, as we have, only perpetuates the sinister nature of the problem we, as a nation, are facing. What makes sense here is to look at statements made that are untrue and to then understand why they are continuing to be uttered. It’s clear, both from an empirical and “common sense” perspective that safety is enhanced by having more sophisticated armed civilians on the streets. Since Cain killed Abel with a rock, there has been no more effective protection for victims (or potential victims) than placing a “good guy” with equal or superior weaponry between that potential victim and an “armed bad guy”. It is why every society has had an army and why every civilization has had a police force. I think it can best be summed up in this statement, “Cavemen had clubs, so should we.”

But this argument not only misses the point, but, in fact, enhances the argument of the other side in the most subtle and nefarious way. In a nutshell, what we need to understand is that, when a person persists with a non-sensible argument, and continues to do so in the face of fact and logic, they are lying. Here is a good rule of thumb: “When a person makes a factually inaccurate statement, or forms an illogical conclusion, he is misinformed. When that person persists in making a factually inaccurate statement, or stating an illogical conclusion, in the face of correct facts or logic to the contrary, they are lying.” To continue to argue the facts or logic is futile. In fact, continuing to argue the same old facts and logic enhances the liar’s argument.

To say that Adolf Hitler was a despicable human being would be to utter the understatement of the decade. But the fact that he was such a horrible man does not mean we cannot learn from him. He is oft quoted as saying, “If you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, people will come to believe it.” When we entertain a discussion of the facts with a liar, we are affording him the venue to tell that lie more frequently and more vocally, thus hastening the lie to become the “truth”.

In fact, the “anti gun control” folks are inadvertently assisting those who would take their weapons.

One might ask, “What is our alternative?” The alternative is stated simply. Do not argue facts with a liar. Instead, tell a different, but simple truth. Reframe the argument into a different narrative.

The development of that narrative can most effectively by built by understanding the motivation for lying. People don’t just lie. People lie for a reason, and that reason is never in the interest of those around them. If it was in the interest of those around them, there would be no need to lie. To counteract a lie, we must understand its underlying (no pun intended) motivation and attack the motivating factor and not the facts of the lie.

It is clear to me that those who argue in favor of gun control are those who support large central governments. The natural enemy of a large central government is individual responsibility and self determination and defense. Therefore, the intent of “gun control” is not the reduction of violence, but the elimination of self defense.

The underlying and unstated theory that is presupposed in the 2nd Amendment is “the right to self defense” and the corollary of that is the responsibility to defend others. In the case of our Founding Fathers, that self defense was codified in the 2nd Amendment as the right to defend ourselves from government, that, if allowed to grow, leaves us defenseless.

To effectively attack “gun control”, we have to attack “big government theory”.

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Comment by Jerseygal on January 10, 2013 at 8:00pm

Great post, Robin!  Chip rocks! Please tell him I said so!  I agree, and people are buying the lies because they are repeated by people who aren't supposed to lie to the citizens.  Like Hitler.

Comment by Robin on January 11, 2013 at 1:52pm

He does! I will tell him you said that!


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