The Lie Driven Agenda: Mental Health is the Solution to Gun Violence

By: Chip Jones

As the dust settles around the national gun control debate, and it becomes clear that an all out ban on “military style assault weapons” (more honestly referred to as “cosmetically altered varmint rifles”) is doomed. The argument emerges that differing factors that affect mental health need to be controlled. This slope is almost as slippery as the slope that takes from the hands of law abiding citizens their arms.

The “mental health argument” has been brewing for some time as we look at the perpetrators of mass shootings. It is safe to say that each of the mass murderers we have encountered, whether in Newtown, CT, Aurora, CO, or Columbine were each a “few beans short of a burrito”. This, then, places on the table the fallacious notion that life is made safer if we identify mental health issues earlier and take more definitive action.

What is most troubling about this notion is the inexact science that is its underpinnings. When a thoughtful person couples with this the historical and Constitutional ramifications, he might feel a chill go up his spine. Each of these “feel good” progressive “solutions” is rather an attempt to reduce personal freedom and build a stronger and more dominant central government.

Let’s look at psychiatry for a moment. At first blush, one would think this is a excellent solution. All we have to do is empower a group of nice doctors, who conjure up the image of Ben Casey, Dr. Kildaire, or the odd, but hugely successful, Gregory House and whose compassion, professionalism and scientific knowledge will protect our families. In general, nothing could be farther from the truth.

In fact, the science of psychiatry is anything but scientific, when compared to classical medicine. Psychiatric diagnosis is dictated in what is called the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, which is on its fourth version. The fifth version, “DSM-V” is poised for rollout. What this should tell us, when we inspect it carefully, is that diagnoses are changing quite rapidly, and that the diagnostic nomenclature is being decided on, not by scientific research performed at great schools of medicine, but by committees of doctors, the membership of which is equally dictated by professional politics as is by credentials.

If an unprincipled administration or an incipient totalitarian government wanted to begin eroding freedoms, would it be possible that they stack the board here? And would it be convenient for that administration to have just rammed through draconian health care “reform”, handcuffing and regulating doctors?

If we then look back at the document included in the Federal Register on January 10, 1963, titled “The Communist Goals of 1963”, we find #38: “Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].”

The idea that human evil can be controlled by an inexact science dictated by potentially politically appointed people that has, in its hands the very freedoms afforded us by the Constitution is chilling……

Hat Tip: Chip Jones @CWJonesIII

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Comment by Hobbes on February 20, 2013 at 3:12pm

The definition of mental illness (as all definitions these days) is changing constantly.  It is "chilling" to think how a political power could at their whim and caprice decide what falls under mental illness.  Could we soon find that just an individual's need/want for a firearm be considered a mental illness? There is already a tax-payer financed study (National Institute of Mental Health and National Science Foundation) that essentially came out and said that traditionalists are mentally disturbed.  Other "scholars" from "learning" institutions, Berkeley, Stanford, etc., came up with the theory that social conservatives suffer from mental rigidity which can be associated with mental illness. Slippery slope here.   

Hat Tip to Just Folk on study info

Comment by Jodi180 on February 21, 2013 at 3:30pm

This is VERY disturbing!

URGENT: Veterans are receiving letters from Obama administration prohibiting the ownership of firearms... Developing...         

Written By Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly, J.D.

How would you feel if you received a letter from the U.S. Government informing you that because of a physical or mental condition that the government says you have it is proposing to rule that you are incompetent to handle your own financial affairs? Suppose that letter also stated that the government is going to appoint a stranger to handle your affairs for you at your expense? That would certainly be scary enough but it gets worse.

What if that letter also stated: “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159, as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).”?

That makes is sound like something right from a documentary on a tyrannical dictatorship somewhere in the world. Yet, as I write this I have a copy of such a letter right in front of me. It is being sent by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of America’s heroes. In my capacity as Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) I have been contacted by some of these veterans and the stories I am getting are appalling.

The letter provides no specifics on the reasons for the proposed finding of incompetency; just that is based on a determination by someone in the VA. In every state in the United States no one can be declared incompetent to administer their own affairs without due process of law and that usually requires a judicial hearing with evidence being offered to prove to a judge that the person is indeed incompetent. This is a requirement of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that states that no person shall “… be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law…”.

read on.....

I've had the sense for awhile that this issue is next on the list.

Comment by Robyn Taylor on February 21, 2013 at 3:58pm

Jodi thanks for the heads up. This government is totally insane.  Just my thoughts. What they are doing to we the people isn't right and it doesn't go along with our founding principles.

Comment by Hobbes on February 21, 2013 at 5:25pm

Wow, Jodi.  So, it begins..... just disgusting!  Our poor military, they always use them as the first guinea pigs.  This is something we need to watch.  Maybe you should post this on its own.

Comment by Robyn Taylor on February 21, 2013 at 7:31pm

Great idea Hobbes. We need to watch what they are doing all the time. Our poor military and our poor veterans.  Holy cow has the government gone mad?? This should stay on our main page on this website for a long time. Just my thoughts.

Comment by Jodi180 on February 22, 2013 at 3:44pm


Comment by Jerome on February 24, 2013 at 9:59am

About 4 four years ago, give or take a year, I saw this coming from the Obama administration.  There seemed to be an inordinate  amount of requests by the VA hospital to interview us Veterans and subsequently be evaluated for PTSD.  As a Vietnam Vet, I was actually called to give an interview over the phone.  The very next time I went to the VA for a routine 6 month check-up, I was notified by my Primary Care doctor, that I was a candidate for PTSD and he was scheduling an appointment with a VA Shrink.  Let me tell you, all kinds of RED flags and alarms went off in this Marine's head.  Other Veterans I know have voluntarily applied for PTSD compensation, and they got fairly quickly, another alarm went off and another RED flag.  I cautioned these Vets that there must be a reason they want you guys on this government dole, and now I believe I know what it is.  The government now has a complete and total record of all the PTSD compensation recipients, and soon, they will all be deemed "incompetent" by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  If they have guns, they will be required to give them up, according to the letters I've read.  This is deep, dirty and underhanded, but what can you expect from Obama and his minions?  They will not get my guns without a fight, that is not just a threat, it's a promise.

Comment by Jerseygal on February 24, 2013 at 10:23am

Jerome, thanks for your service, and Semper Fi.

I think you are absolutely right about disarming veterans.  They are the ones this government seems to fear the most.  Most veterans I know have a deep love of country, and have taken their oath seriously ~ for life, not  just for the length of their enlistment.  

Look at Janet Napolitano's memo of four years ago, saying that returning veterans and Christians top the list of potential terror threats.  Well, I sent that witch my bio, and said sign me up.  Being from that 'bitter clinger' state, as Obama called it, I can actually manage both my Bible and my rifle.  ~God bless, JG

Comment by Robyn Taylor on February 24, 2013 at 12:19pm
Jerome Thanks for your service to our country. What Obama is doing is unbelievable to our veterans and troops who have given everything so we can live our lives without fear of harm from people who would love to hurt us as a nation.
Comment by kwicgov55 on March 1, 2013 at 12:57am

Thanks for posting this Robin. The mental health issue will be just another way that the government will use in trying to disarm people. This is what I say to the gun grabbing liberals, molon labe, if you can!


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