So I've been reading a few articles regarding the current impeachment "inquiry", and to sum them up they make the following points:

-Nancy Pelosi doesn't plan to hold a House-wide vote anytime soon on impeachment.

-The rumor in Washington is that Democrats intend to impeach by Thanksgiving, and start a trail before Christmas.

-Erick Erickson believes the Democrats will drag it out until Thanksgiving, and build articles of impeachment between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

-ThirtyFiveEight indicates that Americans now support impeachment by a 5.4% margin.

-Chris Wallace claims that a Republican insider told him that some in the party appear to be peeling away from the president

-Jeff Flake said that if the vote were anonymous, dozen of Republican senators would vote to impeach Trump.

-A Politico/Morning Consult poll said that 43% were in favor of impeachment proceedings

-A Gullup poll said 52% of Americans want the president impeached and removed.

Where to begin. First of all this isn't going to go anywhere as long as Nancy isn't going to hold an official House vote on impeachment. She want's to drag it out as long as possible to test the waters and gather as much support as she can. She obviously isn't confident she has enough votes currently otherwise she would have voted on it by now. And even if the House does vote for it, I don't see it making it past the Senate. But the real goal, as I see it, is to damage the president as much as possible prior to the 2020 election.

In no way has the president done anything remotely worthy of impeachment, nor has he broken any laws. It's glaring obvious it is purely politically driven, as the Democrats have wanted to remove Trump since day one. They are so afraid he will get reelected that they will do ANYTHING to get him removed. So they have manufactured a scandal, blown it completely out of proportion, and put their spin on it with help from the media.

As for polls, I'm with Sarah Palin when she says polls are for strippers. Too often polls are crafted in such a way as to sway public opinion. I honestly can't believe that the average American wants an impeachment apart from the rapid leftsts and deranged NeverTrumpers. What exactly is there to complain about? The economy is good, employment has been down to record lows, black unemployment is the lowest its been in 17 years, and we haven't been involved in any new wars. Isn't that want the anti-war left and libertarian types wanted?

And to the RINO traitors that would go along with this. Make no mistake that if Pelosi were to succeed it would be the end of the GOP party. They might as well be signing their own death warrants, because they wouldn't stop at Trump. It would be open season on all Republicans, including Pence. And I can grantee that the next president would be Democrat and those after him or her for the foreseeable future, because the GOP would be tarnished for decades to come.

If a duly elected president can be removed so easily by the whim of the Democrats then they will just do it again the next time. And if the spineless GOP is going to help them then what's the point of ever voting Republican again? We might as well call ourselves a banana republic at that point.

I still believe this will backfire spectacularly on the Democrats and that Trump will be reelected in 2020. Nancy Pelosi may have very well overplayed her hand and lose the House as well. No one would deserve to lose more than her and the Democrat party. And if people are stupid enough to vote leftism and socialism in 2020, then they get the kind of nation they deserve.

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Comment by Jerseygal on October 26, 2019 at 8:33am

Hi, Watchman.  Good blog!   At some level, and it’s still in the nebulous stages of my thoughts,  I think that none of this is about Trump himself.

The Democrats know a few things...   They know that they have no grounds for impeachment.  They know Trump is term-limited, hence the situation is temporary.   They know that if Trump leaves for any reason, Mike Pence becomes President - then where are they?

Here is what I think this is about.  This is about paving their way back to 2024.  How many times have we (and most reasonable and right-leaning talking heads) said that nobody would withstand the brutality inflicted on Trump.  Hence, the harder they are on him, the more charges they level at him, the more they ‘spin’ about losing his base, the less likely it is that another Republican will survive their assault.  They know Trump will, but he is not typical and we all know that, and besides, he’s a one-off and he’s temporary. thought are now much less nebulous than I thought!

Comment by Watchman on October 26, 2019 at 10:50am

Thanks for your comments JG. I feel fairly confident that Trump can win reelection. They know it too, which is why they are throwing everything at him except the kitchen sink. But 2024 is a big question mark, and I agree with you. Love him or hate him Trump is good at energizing his base. Could we find anyone that could do that and is willing to fight back against the constant onslaught? That makes me a little less confident.

I know everyone always says during every election that comes along that is it the most important election during their lifetime. But because the Democrats have gone so far left and the Left has such a stranglehold on our culture I feel like that is true. Every election IS the most important election. All it takes it one far left president who has the House and Senate behind him and it could be over for our republic. And I'm not being overly dramatic when I say that. They literally want to dismantle our Constitutional rights and remove the Electoral College. If that happened then it would be like we all lived in California where the democrats have gained permanent control. 2024 is the big worry for me.


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