Uppity Deniers, Unite!

Climate is the planet's strategy and weather is its tactic.  It is unbelievably presumptuous of we humans to think we are affecting either one.  Let's take a common sense look at the concept formerly known as “global warming” now known as “man-caused climate change” -- an oxymoron if there ever was one.

There is a lot of oil to be had on this planet. Some deposits are easier to find than others.  The Arabian Peninsula is fairly low-hanging fruit in this regard and it seems to be loaded with oil.  This area is also quite inhospitable to human life -- there is lots of sun, no rain and the surface seems to consist largely of sand.  Oil, however is made of decayed plant and animal matter.  This means this area was once teeming with flora and fauna.  It no longer is.  The climate has changed.  Climate change is normal, climate change is gradual in the greater scheme of things and climate change is not always amenable to human interests.

The conversion of this lush forest to a largely barren wasteland we now know as the Arabian Peninsula occurred over a time when there was no man-made anything, let alone cars and coal plants.

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Greenland was first settled in the 10th century during the Medieval Warm Period by Norse farmers. The Norse settlements collapsed in the 14th century when the Little Ice Age set in. The glaciers on Greenland are now receding, much to the alarm of those who think American cars are at fault.  Guess what we are finding underneath all that ice?  Remnants of farms, homes and forests.  It was called Greenland because it was green.  It was amenable to farming.  Then it wasn't.  It got too cold and the ice began to encroach. No cars, no Republicans, no evilcorporations -- the climate just changed.

There are many other examples that contradict the thesis of carbon dioxide or any of civilization's other byproducts as a cause for climate change.  It is actively getting warmer in some places and cold in others. It is the nature of climate to change.  It's all about change.

If we Americans could control the climate, all of our country would be like San Diego at all times and Russia would be like, well, Russia.  We can control our pollution output and we have.  When the Environmental Protection Agency started, it made enormous strides in cleaning up pollution in the U.S.  The easy pickings, however have all been picked.  Auto emissions and other sources of pollution were adjusted to great initial effect.  Big strides were made and the cost was appropriate to the outcome.  Now, however, any incremental benefit is at a huge and highly inappropriate cost for highly questionable efficacy.  This has not diminished the zeal of those that would use the planetary wellness issue to bludgeon Americans into submission.  It's not about the money to the EPA; it's about control of Americans, not control of pollution.

Some environmentalists are true tree-hugging believers; they are a minority of the backers of the "green" movement.  Anything that costs this much of other people's money needs to be looked at with skepticism.  Who stands to benefit?  A huge amount of money has been shoveled into the hole containing Solyndra-style scams and assorted boondoggles.  Al Gore is a gazillionaire and countless adolescent students have been subjected to multiple viewings of his ridiculous movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  Both global warming and American guilt have been fed to our gullible youth as fact for so long, they don't even question it. Mr. Gore should be made to camp in a tent outside Bishop, Canada during polar bear season when the residents live in fear as a horde of these huge creatures descends upon their town.

Windmills are not environmentally friendly, particularly to nearby humans and to the countless large birds that have been sliced up by their huge blades.  These are not going to work in the long run, they are prone to failure, ugly as sin and very hostile to people.  When it is time to get rid of them, they represent an enormous amount of metal scrap. Chinese metal scrap at that. 

Actually, it now seems that large solar farms are no friendlier to our feathered friends than windmills who think the shiny surface is water and land on it to be immediately fried.  Alternative energy proponents overlook this slaughter, but happily put a bunch of hard-working farmers out of business by dumping their water supply into the ocean to save a miniscule fish species.  A large part of the California drought in agricultural areas is man-caused for sure.  Why didn't we just catch and relocate the little buggers?

The interests of many are served by this giant scam, let's take a look at them. There are three classes of people that worship at the climate change altar:

  • Tree-hugging believers
  • Money-grubbing shysters
  • Power mad regulators

These people are not only in the U.S. -- the United Nations also thinks it sees a bonanza. If nothing else wakes us up, it should be giving this whacky bunch of third-world petty thieves any more access to our money than they already have.  I say move the UN headquarters to Somalia and see how they like parking wherever they want and eating in the best restaurants in Mogadishu. 

We should be spending our money adapting to changes in the climate rather than standing on the ocean's shore apologizing to the waves.

We should at least take “man-caused climate change” out of the “motherhood” category and put it in the “let's take a closer look” category.  I have purposely not quoted or referred to scientists or scientific consensus.  In mathematics one learns that is very difficult to prove a theory, the concepts have to be air-tight,  but one contrary fact will shoot it down. The proponents that back their zealotry with smoke-and-mirror graphs and numbers of obscure and iffy origins are far from air-tight and are no match for common sense.  Follow the money, follow the power and tell them no sale.

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Comment by Jerseygal on March 14, 2014 at 10:10pm
Great column, Duke. Concisely spells out the three groups that promote this lunacy. I know a few of the real tree hugging granola crunchers. They are somewhat odd, to say the least. They are the useful idiots for the money grabbers and power brokers.
Comment by D.A. on March 15, 2014 at 9:00am

Excellently stated Duke.  Great read. 


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