The Dark Agenda of the LGBT

That time of year is upon us once again. Pride Month is in full swing as rainbow colors are prominently displayed to inescapable proportions. In recent decades the LGBT has transformed itself into a socio-political movement, exacting tremendous influence in politics, academia, entertainment, and the culture at large. But there is a seedy dark agenda at work that many people are unwittingly supporting. To uncover this, we will take a look at a few LGBT pioneers to discover the common threads that unite them:

Irwin Allen Ginsberg was a gay activist who influenced the counterculture revolution of the 60s and 70s. He was an avowed Communist who admired Fidel Castro and promoted drug use. He was also a supporter and member of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). He said, “Attacks on NAMBLA stink of politics, witchhunting for profit, humorlessness, vanity, anger and ignorance. . . . I’m a member of NAMBLA because I love boys too — everybody does, who has a little humanity.”

Harvey Milk was a prominent gay activist who has been venerated in the gay community. He challenged activist Gilbert Baker to design a symbol for the 1978 Gay Freedom Day Parade, and the rainbow flag was born. In California Harvey Milk Day is recognized as a day of special significance for public schools. The irony is that Harvey was guilty of statutory rape of teenage boys. It’s no surprise then he was also a supporter of NAMBLA. Harvey himself began having trysts with grown men beginning at the age of eleven. It’s also a little known fact that he associated with cult leader Jim Jones, who later compelled his followers to commit mass suicide.

Larry Kramer is an LGBT rights advocate and author who financed the Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and Gay Studies at Yale University from 2001-2006 at a time when such studies were viewed with skepticism by academia. Karmer is also a supporter of NAMBLA. In a 2004 speech he spoke of a “sweet young boy who didn’t know anything and was in awe of me. I was the first man who [had sex with] him. I think I murdered him”. The implication here is that Kramer may have spread HIV to him, which he discovered he had contracted in 1988.

Henry “Harry” Hay was a prominent American gay rights activists and Founder of the Radical Faeries, which blended new age spiritualism, anarchism, and paganism. He was also an avowed communist, Marxist, and socialist. He supported the inclusion of NAMBLA in gay rights marches.

Emma Goldman is accredited with being one of the first woman to advocate for homosexuals long before the general public. She was also a Communist and anarchist who promoted violence.

Magnus Hirschfeld founded the Scientific Humanitarian Committee which first advocated for homosexual and transgender rights. He was a liberal, humanist, and socialist.

David Thorstad is a communist, socialist, and homosexual rights activist. He is also a founding member of NAMBLA.

Alfred Kinsey was a sexologist, among other things, who is accredited with launching the sexual revolution and changing social and cultural values in the United States and abroad. Kinsey was, in a word, a pervert. He wanted to erase all moral boundaries under the guise of pseudo-science, and his personal life reflected this.

Kinsey was a homosexual sado-masochist who “pleasured” himself by ramming large objects (like toothbrushes, bristle-end first) into his urethra while squeezing his testicles with a rope (yes, really). He frequently had sex with his male colleagues, and traded wives. He regularly used his own wife for all manner of deviance for the camera at his Institute for Sex Research, which he founded in 1947.

In one of his reports, he affirms pre-adolescent sexuality using data collected from men who had sexual contact with younger boys. Kinsey was happy to report that his statistics showed babies as young as four to five months had the capacity to achieve repeated orgasms in a limited period of time. He conjectured that if the moral restrictions against pedophilia were dropped, that rapid orgasm rates of pre-adolescents would be over fifty percent.

If you haven’t noticed by now, there are repeated themes of socialism, communism, and in particular pederasty with the founders of the LGBT movement. Recall that among the 45 Communist Goals, as read into the Congressional Record of 1963, were to “Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.” and “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

The LGBT distanced themselves from NAMBLA fairly early on, though likely it was only for appearances sake. The time wasn’t right and the public would have never accepted it. However, as former curator of the International Gay and Lesbian Archives in Los Angeles said, “If we reject the boy lovers in our midst today we’d better stop waving the banner of the Ancient Greeks, of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, [and others]. We’d better stop claiming them as part of our heritage unless we are broadening our concept of what it means to be gay today.” Note that Walt Whitman wasn’t only gay he was a pederast, and Oscar Wilde wrote about his sexual encounters with young boys. The ancient Greeks were also notorious boy lovers.

The argument to normalize homosexuality was that they were born that way. However, this argument can easily be applied to normalizing pederasty and pedophilia. On May 5 2018, medical student Mirjam Heine essentially gave this argument at a TEDx talked entitled: “Why our perception of pedophilia has to change.” Heine said, “According to current research, pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like for example heterosexuality. No one chooses to be a pedophile. No one can cease being one.”

Today we see ever increasing attempts to normalize pedophilia. The far-left website Salon has given a pedophile a platform on more than one occasion. Gay activists have called for lowering or even eliminating the age of consent for some time now. The left-wing Washington Post tweeted a post gleefully celebrating a 10 year old drag queen. Vice Magazine has also posted a video celebrating child drag queens. The 2017 movie “Call Me by Your Name” portrays a romance between a 17 year old student and a 24 year old man. These are but a few example of how the needle is slowly being pushed toward normalization. The ultimate goal being to eliminate ALL moral restraints. 

If anyone doesn’t think it couldn’t happen, there are people who though the same thing of same sex marriage just a few decades ago. But, if there is any doubt one look at history shows us that pederasty and pedophilia was commonly practiced in ancient (pagan) societies. So if same sex marriage can be accepted, without any historical precedent, how much so pedophilia & pederasty, which does have historical precedent. 

It’s time to unmask the LGBT movement for what it is, a Trojan horse painted in bright rainbow colors to introduce and indoctrinate an unsuspecting public into ancient paganism. And rather people who support the LGBT realize it they are being used. They are supporting a very radical leftist agenda whose aim is to destroy all social, cultural, and moral norms. Such a debased society would not endure for long.

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Comment by Jerseygal on June 12, 2019 at 6:43pm

Good post.  So many do not realize they are being used by the leftists.  No doubt some actually subscribe to that line of thought, but really believe that many are simple regurgitating the crap they were force fed in schools.  The post references #25 and #26, on moral decay and normalizing homosexuality.  The compete 45 Communist Goals (1963) is posted here, if anyone wished to a refresher!

Comment by Watchman on June 12, 2019 at 11:11pm

Thank you JG, and your right. Most are probably true believers. They are what Lenin referred to as "useful idiots". Thanks for re-posting the Communist Goals.

Comment by J. Francis Roth on June 13, 2019 at 9:58am

After reading the Communist Goals (1963), one can easily see that many have already been implemented. However the same can be construed from reading Agenda 21, Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", and anything written by Cloward & Piven, and to a limited point reading the Georgia Guide Stones. There have been attacks on American morality since the inception of the United States during the First Continental Congress. Through all these many decades, American parents and religious leaders were able to instill in each next generation a sense of what America is all about, the embrace of American patriotism and honor. Through those times, the Fascists, Communists and yes even Muslims have threatened America's very fabric, to little or no avail. It may have taken these fascists over 200 years to finally figure it out. The destruction of the United States can not be done from the outside, only from the inside. Destruction and indoctrination of America's youth began well back in the 1960's when radical teens would soon become what we know today as "academia". Removal of God from all things public, removal of parents from child discipline and school. The U.S. today is well on it's way to severe moral decay. Important to understand, in the next 6 years the Socialist Fascists will gain total control of this Republic, and there is little we can do to stop the destruction. America's moral fabric is being rent from top to bottom. LGBTQ influence is merely one collateral aspect of degeneration. But make no mistake, America's degeneration is occurring, and at a rapid pace. There is a good chance we will survive through 2025, after that, Socially indoctrinated American citizens will in fact tear down all the was fought for, and we will be eye-witnesses to the demise of the greatest human governmental experiment. The Republic as we know will be lost, we have in fact lived through America's greatest century, I fear that it's all down hill from here without God's Devine Providence.

Comment by Justfolk on June 22, 2019 at 6:47pm

Thank you. Out here in Kalifornivsky it is outrageously blatant very day and the Gay Pride Parades, or should I say Aberrant Sexual Displays are even worse. I  have read reports of what goes on in those 'parades' and am shocked that parents bring young children and expose them to such degeneracy. How our culture has embraced  and given in with tolerance of this evil and degeneracy is grave and dangerous.


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