Old friend Chris Dodd is not running for re-election.  Surely he knows something we do not.  No way he does not run unless he is positive of a Republican victory.  This man has escaped a half dozen of the most impeachable offenses ever to become known in this country's history.  How ?  From taking 5,000 checks from Buddhist monks as co-chair of the DNC in '96,  to waitress sandwiches with Teddy Chappaquiddick to the Banking scandels.  His fingerprints are all over everything Freddie and Fannie,  and Franklin Raines is singing like a songbird from what I hear. 


Teddy's dead - as dead as the entire Kennedy name in Martha's Vineyard.  I suspect now that Uncle Walters gone as well,  the eviction notices should start to roll in when Caroline's book bombs.


Just five minutes ago,  the newsflash pops up on FOX - OLYMPIA SNOWE IS NOT RUNNING NEXT FALL !   The bas news is getting any person with an R beside therir name elected.  Things are a changin' in Maine however,  and I have hope for the first time in a while.


Collins isn't really all that bad if one looks at the circumstances she is always placed in.  She plays ball with Dirty Harry or gets no soup for her constituents.  She was re-elected two years ago,  and would be much more conservative with the right team backing her.  I know her family personally,  as they run a hardware store just a few miles from where I grew up.  It has been in the family for several generations.


Bawney's gone in the House.  Now he is free to spend all his time helping out running the pimpmobile out of his basement for little boys.  Both Barney and Chris are now eligible for prosecution after their last day in office.  Food for thought !


I believe New Jersey will also be searching for a new candidate for the Lout's seat.  Is Torricelli free yet ?   The average tenure and age for the Democrats in the senate is approaching dust bowl comparisons. 26 seats up for grabs for them versus 12 for the Republicans.  With the country about over the edge,  I feel good about our chances.  Snowe is a Goddess in Southern Maine,  and could be elected for life.  She knows what Chris knows.  She knows what Dirty Harry knows.  How must he feel,,  after the way he has ran roughshod over the Republicans since '06 ?


I think I will have a cocktail before supper tonight and ponder what is in our future.  The good stuff tonight !  Tonight is top shelf news !

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Comment by Jerseygal on February 29, 2012 at 8:09am

Thanks John, for keeping us updated with who is running or not running, etc, in New England.  We do stand a good chance of taking the Senate, so it is something to work for!  With the right Senate candidate, the nominee can coattail a win in some states!  :)

Comment by RNhunter on February 29, 2012 at 2:39pm

Interesting.  Thanks for posting this.  Conservatives generally do not do the witch-hunt stuff, but this time, many conservatives may be quite angry.at the arrogance and damage.

Comment by John Tripp on February 29, 2012 at 7:21pm

I fear the progressives in this State may end up being responsible for the demise of any comeback by a conservative federal government.  Last election was a new day for the State,  but Governor LaPage has really ruffled some feathers here with his budget cutting and blunt talk.   Our newest member to the House,  Chellie Pinegree,  has decided to run for Snowe's seat.  She is as progressive as one gets,  a lifelong Democrat,  and gave a speach about how the country would be best served with a Democrat controlled Senate in Washington,  and the extreme republica wing was what kept gridlock alive and kicking,  not Harry Reid.  This has been my fear,  and though I have despised her RINO stances so many times,  the thought of not having that R in the Senate to give us the right to choose the total agenda is already making me miss her more than I ever thought possible.  There has always been enough RINOs in the Senate to keep a near even split between parties even when the Republicans had a majority to give her an excuse to hold the conservatives hostage for any scraps leftover for this tiny State.  She was fighting the other RINOs more than anything else.   One reason she is leaving is the cuts in the military.  The Navy shipyards here have been her guarantee of pork for Maine.  The new base closing commission is mre than likely going to shut down our largest operation - the most efficient shipyard in the nation,  and give the one in Missouri all the contracts for destroyer escort production. 


I will do my best to start to get together with other Maine groups with conservative leanings,  and see what choices we have.  Another great big Thank you and good-bye kiss from Olympia - so little notice to organize a viable replacement.  The only incumbants are Democrats.  If she had an ounce of integrity,  she would resign now and let Gov. LaPage replace her with anyone he chooses.  At least that would give the conservatives a fighting chance.


If there is one thing only the rest of you can do,  it is email our Governor's office and tell him to put some pressure on her to do just that.  If that seat goes Democrat and it costs the Republicans the majority,  all the people I have tried to convince that a RINO is not the worst thing a politician can be for us will know what I was talking about.


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