Taxes! Equal justice - not social justice

Flat Tax! Was sent this from a twitter friend! Thought I would post it for everyone.

The current tax structure is a joke and so politically manipulated. Any time you have a graduating scale politicians will use it as they are today. The only answer is to have a flat consumption tax. This structure has some real benefits that we all should like.

The tax rate can never exceed 10% period ... the federal govt has to function within that amount. If every American (not just the 53% of us who do now) was paying into it they would make damn sure the govt didn't abuse it. Public worker pay and benefits would follow this simple and fair approach to help them meet budgets.

Here are the benefits I see:

•Everyone pays the same rate. We all have to buy food, gas, cars .... and if the tax is taken then no one can avoid it. Hookers, pimps, drug dealers, strippers and all other cash based or illegal businesses have to pay. This alone will be a huge increase in revenue. Illegal immigrants have to eat also so they too will be paying taxes .... I bet a lot less of them will come here if they can no longer avoid taxes and have to be like the rest of us. The rich will buy more stuff and more expensive stuff so they will pay more dollars .... the more expensive an item is the more dollars will be taxed and that should please the occupy losers.
•We will no longer need the IRS .... a huge savings.
•Congress will no longer be able to avoid paying their taxes .... Geithner!!!!!
•No more political bull shit .... we all pay the same and if we buy more stuff we pay more so the rich pay their share. (unlike today where they pay more than their share)
•No corporate taxes .... there is no such thing anyway. You ask a company to pay a fee and they pass it on to the consumer so we always paid these taxes anyway. Such a bunch of bullshit.
•Any money collected over the federal budget goes back into social security and congress can never touch these funds! They can not borrow against it or use it for any purpose other than paying back the people who paid into it.

Hat Tip : @Colin_Auld on Twitter


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Comment by RNhunter on May 22, 2013 at 12:24pm

Well, part of the above bothers me ... taxing strippers. I mean, my God ! Those ladies cannot even afford clothes, and here we are taxing them? As for pimps? what if after tax they can only afford a used rusted smart car? There goes the Hollywood movie business.

But good point. Anything complicated can be abused. One of my problems is that I only usually admit others are geniuses after they die. Such as Einstein, who had something to say on this:

"Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler" - Albert Einstein

What does "but no simpler" mean? Don't cheat. Don't get it to the point where it no longer works. But a flat tax would seem to agree with Albert - as long as it was not so much money to hurt the peasants, and yet enough money to pay "rational bills".

Comment by Toddy Littman on June 18, 2013 at 8:35pm

I understand the interest, however, I find any discussion of a new tax system premature for a government who spends too much.  That's why I believe in returning to the taxing system Our Founders set up by unstriking the part of the Constitution that had nothing to do with enumerating population and was solely a limited power of taxation granted, covered in my proposal to repeal 16th amendment which includes cutting government spending 10% per year for 5 years too,


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