Found this posted on another 912 site by a regular poster. No wonder so many ridicule the reformers in the GOP.

Fear is one of the greatest tools on earth, often used by huge tools…. If not for fear, we wouldn’t have troops all over the planet, especially the Middle East, stirring up a hornet’s nest. They wouldn't be overseas in our hour of greatest need – when our greatest threat comes from within. There would BE no rumors of Russian, UN, or Chinese troops invading us and preparing a Red Dawn style takeover. We have allowed FEAR to undermine us, to destroy us. The powers that be manipulated us, like a group of 5 year olds, into sending away our defenses, they manipulated us into stretching our armed forces to the breaking point. They manipulated us into looking for boogeymen in the backwoods of Afghanistan, when they are in the well of Congress. And like idiots, like CHILDREN, we let our fears of RETRIBUTION (yes, admit it or not we KNOW we have NOT been ‘righteous’, we have NOT been a shining beacon on a hill. We have been BULLIES, TAKING what we wanted and FORCING other nations into compliance. So we have FEARED retribution. THAT’s why we get so upset when someone tries to tell us we’re wrong – because we KNOW it’s the truth and we’re unwilling to take responsibility, we’re unwilling to correct our mistakes, because we’re unwilling to admit them.) And now all that pride and fear have proven our undoing. Not yet, but it’s very close now. The ONLY thing that can save us IS RIGHTEOUSNESS - meaning we have to HUMBLE ourselves and ADMIT that we ARE fallible, that we HAVE made some mistakes, and that we DO want to correct them and do what’s right. ONLY then will our conscience be clear enough to move forward with righteous heart and fight for truth and the future of mankind. That is impossible with a heart filled with fear, anger, or guilt. You, we all know it’s true.

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Comment by RNhunter on September 25, 2012 at 11:07am

???  I found that hard to follow.  Was that perhaps... the point?

I believe that most Americans deep inside are isolationists.  That and TV movies 2 hours long are why Americans think no conflict should last longer than 2 hours, or certainly not longer than 6 months.  The item that I may agree with is that I see little progress in the Middle East with us as policemen.  I would bring our troops home and try to talk with the heads of Mexico about if they need help with 53,000 dead.  And I would support Israel and our allies, something our head Muslim does not wish to.

As to what to do with the Middle East?  My real feelings?  When the police get tired of an area where gangs just go out and kill each other, they sometimes refer to it as a "self cleaning oven".  We could preserve Israel somehow.  Then we could build a wall around the Middle East and let them nuke themselves.  Then when there are only palm trees and camels left we can open it as a resort.

I say, the choice in November is to vote Republican or vote Muslim.


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