These are some of my major disappointments in life:

The GOOD HUMOR man was just never that funny

The AFFORDABLE CARE ACT is not affordable.

GENERAL ELECTRIC apparently never even went through boot camp in the normal approved manner. And then we learn ... even if he did, he would have to be plugged in and have a very long extension cord. This could be a problem... especially if he joined "airborne" and did some parachute stuff. (“I am very sorry Mrs. Electric … he became unplugged on the way down …. something we sadly did not foresee”)

OBAMACARE is an oxymoron in just a single word.

DRUG STORES - ever try to buy Marijuana or cocaine in them? Actually, neither did I.

LIFE INSURANCE only pays if you die. (WTF !!!)

LIBERAL is a strange term for an anal-retentive, freedom-hating, totally intolerant, non-communicating, dictator worshipper

APPLE COMPUTERS - ever try to bite one? exactly! Putting ice cream on top I have also learned is a bad idea.

PARACHUTE SAFETY - a parachute is clearly not needed to jump out of a plane. It is only needed if you wish to jump out of a plane twice.

REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER - how can someone living in the 17th dimension who thinks dictatorships as we had in the dark ages are the best way to go, be said to be "real"? I understand that even when Bill was younger, he was so awful, that even his imaginary friend left him in disgust for others.

WAL-MART - does not in fact sell walls

PUBLIC SERVANT - while indeed this title still works for our fine Military, police forces and firepeople (did not wish to say firemen) it seems to make no sense any more for politicians of either party. It is clear that many politicians see us as “their” servants. They do not seem happy with us by the way.

ATTORNEY GENERAL is truly ATTORNEY SPECIFIC since crimes are only punished of certain political parties, races or religions.

PRIORITY US MAIL - is slower than Express Mail that does not claim to have priority

FACT CHECK SITES - that are only verified by themselves and whom some days have logic problems that would make even a total fool blush and beg for forgiveness while covering his neck in fear

SILLY PRODUCT NAMES - When someone called me and said that their windows were frozen, I suggested them pouring very hot water on the windows. Then they wrote back "Computer is really screwed now...".

FOX NEWS is seldom about foxes. Well, they sometimes have foxes giving the news, but that does not make the news about foxes.

In the US, we drive on a PARKWAY and we park on a DRIVEWAY. (this one from my nephew who also says US football is a fraud since they use their hands).

PRO CHOICE is only pro choice if you choose to back and pay for as much abortion as we can possibly have out of your own money

BEST BUY - is not always.

WOMEN's FREEDOM is said to be in jeopardy by Christians. Not at all. Most Christian beliefs are based on free will, the very essence of freedom. Being a Catholic, I am quite aware that even many Catholics bought all kinds of contraceptives as long as my memory is valid. The true freedom issue is "forcing" someone else to buy you something - especially if it goes against their conscience. But if it is decided we can force other people to buy us things, I personally would like a new guitar...maybe a Gretsch Country Gentleman this time like George Harrison in the Beatles had. Oh, and I would like a new 200 foot yacht with a captive fully paid crew to take me anywhere and feed me Pina Coladas.

EPA - ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY - seems an oxymoron. As they get rid of jobs, energy, irrigation and more, the earth will no longer be a decent environment for humans.

THESAURUS - The name is confusing since it would seem to claim being the last living dinosaur. But alas, it is just a reference book.

DHS - Department of Homeland Security. Are you feeling more secure? Open borders, guns for self defense being taken away, NSA recording your every move, drones overhead with a double 0 license to kill, the IRS auditing those who do not worship at the correct voting booth, naked body scanners that do not work but likely are a big money maker of a US DHS porn site? This makes you more secure? You say you were suicidal before and you see this as an aid? - the people helping you at Amazon dot com are seldom 7 foot tall female warriors

GAY people - one would think they would smile and laugh more

FACEBOOK - Where many people show their entire bodies

and to top it all off.... I just learned that Major Disappointments was never in the Armed Services either ....

And to make matters still worse ... while thinking of these items... I was just standing around today doing nothing. But then when people saw me doing nothing, I was arrested for impersonating the president.

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Comment by JeansBrother on March 29, 2014 at 10:34pm


Comment by Robin on April 1, 2014 at 9:03am

Oh My Gosh, RN!  You are so funny! :)) Thank you and don't ever lose your sense of humor! It's great! 


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