Lunacy of the Left/Science's Sinking Ship

Dateline: Nov. 2, 1922   Washington Post  Headline:

"ARCTIC OCEAN GETTING WARMER; SEALS VANISH AND ICEBERGS MELT"  Now, this article is available if you take time to Google it, just as is.  My point being that global warming catastrophes have been predicted long before the very first "Earth Day".  So our parents and grandparents had their wits shaken by scientists, who by all intentions meant well.  But the stories begat the spark that evolved into the this multi-billion if not trillion dollar global climate change scam.

Dateline: 1977  Time Magazine Cover Headline:  "How to Survive the Coming Ice Age".  1973  Time Magazine Cover Headline:  THE BIG FREEZE.  1979 Time Magazine Cover Headline:  THE COOLING OF AMERICA.  Who would have ever thought that right around the birth of my son (Dec, 23, 1973) I was led to believe that it might be time to fit my newborn son for a parka and a pair of mukluks, convert my garage to a snow mobile shed, with room for the dog sled, not to mention turning our back yard into a large kennel in which to breed sled dogs.  Proof that my entrepreneurial spirit was not dampened by the news of the coming ice age.

Dateline:  September 2006:  Oh no!  The discovery of a hole in the OZONE Layer.  Until that date in time, no one ever heard of an OZONE Layer, let alone that it was possible to put a hole in it.  This is like one scientific calamity after another.  Okay, the earth's Ozone Layer has a hole in it, and the hole is a polar hole.  My, God what could cause a giant stratospheric hole to open above the South Pole, or North Pole for that matter.  Goodness gracious, we, the human being exploded this ozone hole by using aerosol underarm deodorant.  It seems as though the chlorofluorocarbons used in the pit spray traveled all the way from our bathrooms and bedrooms, out the windows and into the atmosphere and then began their long trek to the South Pole where they climbed into the stratosphere, gathered together and literally drilled a hole into the ozone layer.  Now, there's science.  Scientists have a way of saying things are happening, but not really explaining with facts why they are happening.  But it always assures the scientific community of increased funding in order to research why certain things happen, but they never really do explain it, do they?  Americans and people all around the globe were forced to put up with each other's body odor for decades to come.  A long story short the Ozone hole closed itself up.  Do you really want to know how?  Sure you do.  It is reported, once again from the scientific community that the, (are you sitting down?)  the warming of the Antarctic Ocean region.  It's a good thing the scientific community is never wrong in their consensus, isn't it?

Dateline 1970:  Biologist George Wald estimated that "civilization will end within 15 to 30 years unless immediate action is taken against the problems facing mankind."  

New York Times editorial after the first Earth Day, 1970: "Man must stop pollution and conserve his resources, not merely to enhance existence but to save the human race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction."

April 1970: Mademoiselle Magazine  Doctor Paul Ehrlich proudly declares "The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.  Because the population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases we make."

Doctor Ehrlich again sounding the alarm from the scientific community in an article in THE PROGRESSIVE: He wrote: "Between 1980 and 1989, some 4 billion people, including 65 million Americans would perish in the Great Starvation Die Off."

Also predicted in the 1970 Earth Day: "By 1985 urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks and the sunlight reaching the earth will reduced by one half.

Needless to say these and 13 or 14 other scientific predictions on that first Earth Day have been 100% wrong and did not come to fruition, not even in the slightest.  Every other celebrated Earth Day prediction since the first one in 1970 became more dire, more urgent and more money consuming, and need I say they have all been equally as inaccurate.

Pulling out of the Paris Accord which had no binding requirements, except that all nations should contribute huge sums of money to corrupt third world countries, to make them even more dependent on the huge contributions of money, from those nations who would actually be foolish enough to contribute huge sums of money, like Barack Hussein Obama's America. While all the other nations promised they would comply "voluntarily" but more than likely will contribute nil for the duration of the Accord.  I'd say President Trump not only saved the U.S. taxpayers trillions in redistributed wealth, but kept a campaign promise to those of us who voted him in.  Bravo Mr. President, Bravo!! 

Oh, and to the other nations who did foolishly sign on to this worthless Paris Accord, go and try to collect America's trillions of dollars from North Korea, France, Germany, Canada or even Mexico.  Trust me, you'll not collect a dime.

In my opinion, it would be safe to say that the world scientific community is motivated by two things, money and control.  Also, in my opinion, all sciences are the same in one single but very important aspect, they never have to be correct in their findings.  Science is a practice much like how your doctor practices medicine, that's their out, their excuse their alibi, if you don't have to be right then you'll never have to say "I'm sorry we were wrong."  Understand, the same predictions made nearly 50 years ago by the scientific community and entrepreneurial hypocrites like Al Gore are being used today to frighten the young folks who weren't 50 years ago.


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Comment by NativeCollector on June 12, 2017 at 7:04am

I must check in here more often!  Good post, Sir!

In my opinion, it would be safe to say that the world scientific community is motivated by two things, money and control. 

I couldn't agree more!  The leftbis comprised of many idiots.   They tell us it is settled science when it comes to global warming, yet scoff at the same science that proves humans have two genders. 


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