Knowledge is Power! Some of my thoughts on being prepared!

We all have been watching the disaster of the rollout of Obamacare since October 1st! We know millions of policies are being canceled, doctors are either quitting or retiring early. Those considering a career in medicine are now looking to another career path instead. That leaves us with a doctor shortage with millions of new patients to be seen.

One would think that the most powerful nation on earth could at least get a web site correct! I'm thinking it may have been designed to not function properly at all in the first place. Keep the web site not working properly from the outset and just wait for the millions of cancellations across the country. People will have no choice but to sign up for Obamacare in the end. There will be no private insurers left to turn to. In the end it will be a single payer.

The government is increasing taxes on us every way they possibly can to pay for their spending and to pay for Obamacare. Policies under Obamacare are double and triple what they were. They have to get the money from somewhere to pay for all the people that didn't have insurance.

For those that have been involved from the very beginning of the Obama presidency, and the launch of the 912 project, with every passing day we saw the need to prepare for the coming disaster unfolding in front of our very eyes from this administration! We have felt a greater urgency to prepare ourselves and our families, to be able to take care of ourselves if things collapse. The government certainly can't and won't do it. Nor, do I want them to help me.

As the Fed prints more and more money, or dollar loses more of it's value by the day. Eventually, our dollar will be worth nothing. The Unites States will be the Weimar Republic.

It is crucial for everyone to really pay close attention to what you spend and why. Do you need something, really need it, or is it just a want? If you ask yourself that question and take the time to think about it before you purchase an item, you may just realize it is a want and not a need. If it's a want, put it back!

Being prepared is very important. Finding the money to buy your prep items now becomes even more crucial.

People are finding it harder and harder to pay for just daily living expenses. Everything is going up at an alarming rate. Food boxes are shrinking and the cost of that same item is increasing. I have never been a coupon clipper, as it drives me insane. It is time I start clipping those coupons and buy things on sale.

I also have books on medicinal herbs and plants that I am reading. What if you can't get an appointment to see a doctor? What if there is no doctor to see? What if you are sick and need a remedy fast and that remedy is right outside your door, in the form of a plant or tree? These are the thing I think about. These are the things I am learning.

I already know CPR and first aid, as I had to have that knowledge for my job. I know how to stop bleeding, how to dress a wound, how to help a person choking. I feel good about that!

I have also been learning bushcraft. I can now with confidence, start a fire to stay warm, boil water & cook food. I can process my own wood through batoning with my knives. I have all sorts of survival gear as well that I have purchased over time.

Take stock of what medical supplies you have in your home and your bug-out-bag and purchase the things you think you may need, for your personal situation and health issues, so in the event of an emergency or survival situation, you will be able to act quickly. Keep a survival kit in your vehicle as well.

Start a medicinal herb garden if you have the space. Get some books on herb gardens and home remedies as well.

We also know that there may come a time that our dollar is finished and we have to barter. Having medicinal herbs and plants, even having a food garden will be of benefit. You can always barter with those things.

Also, every time you shop, try to stock up on over the counter items such as Tylenol, etc. Those things that we take for granted every day, like they will always just be at our fingertips.

It gives me comfort having these things and having the knowledge I have now. There are many things I have left out of this post that will come to me later. I have so much crammed in my head at this point, that some days thinking about all of this makes me dizzy.

I would advise you all to read the post by Rahthrae on "Survival Basics", and his other posts, and take the time to watch those videos. Also, Jerseygals post on "How to can meat" is very useful as well. All of the "prepare" and "how to" posts are under those categories in the site. I am blessed to have Rahth and Jerseygal as friends! I have known both of them from the very beginning of the 912 project, and I learn from them both every day! I also want to thank all of you as well, that come here and share with me every day. Sharing our knowledge and opinions is what has kept us all going and able to survive this nightmare of an administration for the past 5 years!

I will be doing another post on all of my gear that I have acquired over time, once I take the pictures of it all.

Knowledge is power!!

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Comment by Kristy Lonestar on November 8, 2013 at 2:56pm

Great post, Robin, thank you! I need to start preparation as well, so thank you for stirring up the bee that's been in my bonnet, lol!

Comment by Robin on November 10, 2013 at 12:26pm

Thanks, Kristy! Buzz buzz. I'm always stirring up the hive! :)


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