I’ve watched as social justice warriors (SJWs), aka cultural Marxists, have slowly taken over the entertainment industry from games, to comic books, and now movies. Over the years I have observed their methods and tactics. The way they think and the way they act. I’ve come up with seven ways how to spot an SJW movie:

1) A strong emphasis on feminism
Lead characters are often portrayed as feminist. Ironically, they often have very masculine traits. The women are always strong, aggressive, and courageous. They are what’s been termed Mary Sues, they have no character flaws and are good at everything, even beating up men twice their size without breaking a sweat. Conversely, male characters are often portrayed as weak and inept so as to not overshadow their female counterparts. 

2) Identity politics
Politics have always been in movies, though generally not real world politics unless it was integral to the story. However, what’s changed is the focus on identity politics, which is pandering to specific groups based on their gender, race, sexuality, politics, etc. to the detriment of everyone else. Identity politics are added to SJW movies rather it is integral to the plot or not.

3) Politics before profits
SJWs will always put politics before profits because they are anti-capitalists. The most important thing to them is not how much money they make, but using movies to push their agenda and spread their message. To that end, they attach themselves to franchises that are already successful, because otherwise they know no one would buy what they're selling.

4) Bolshevik marketing
Bolshevik marketing is when they give the audience what they think they should want, and not what they actually want.

5) Gender, race, and sexuality swapping
The gender, race, and sexuality is often changed in long established characters to pander to various groups, even though they don’t represent the core audience. Hence, there is a strong emphasis on diversity. It’s gotten so bad that even characters set in medieval Europe are portrayed by black actors. This also highlights the use of revisionist history in SJW movies. 

6) Attacking the audience
The old adage the customer is always right is no longer true. When an SJW movie is rightly criticized for identity politics or for just being plain old bad, the writers, directors, producers, even actors are not above attacking their own audience. They routinely call their fans racist, sexist, or whatever ist and phobe they can think of.

7) Enviable decline
With the emphasis on political correctness, originality and creativity take a back seat. Is it any wonder then we see so many sequels, prequels, reboots, and remakes. SJWs are incapable of creating good content. Combined with alienating and attacking their own fan base and decline is enviable. The saying get woke go broke is true. When an audience is disenfranchised they will seek out alternatives. An example of this is the once flourishing comic book industry, which has been hijacked by SJWs to the point where it is on the verge of collapse.

What is happening in movies may seem trivial at first. But in many ways the decline of entertainment is a reflection of the decline of Western civilization. It’s not just movies either, but it’s apparent in our art, music, architecture, and culture at large. Movies are just the latest front in the culture war. It’s important because as the late Andrew Breitbart pointed out, “Politics is downstream from culture". The cultural Marxists understood this, which is way they have infiltrated every influential organization including academia, media, entertainment, and politics. The best thing we can do is to not fund them, and find alternatives. This is especially true when it comes to SJW movies.

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Comment by Jerseygal on August 15, 2019 at 6:24pm

Well said, Watchman.  Even thirty and forty years ago, television sitcoms portrayed fathers as bumbling and inept while with the family, and mothers as the grand multi-tasking cross between superwoman, loving but smart-ass wife, and soccer mom.  Kids were portrayed as overly precocious, wise-cracking wonder kids who had all their ‘issues’ resolved by super-mom in a half hour episode. 

The liberal agenda has infiltrated dramas as well, as the cultural issues like gay adoptions and police targeting find their way into many storylines.

Comment by Luis522 on August 16, 2019 at 7:07pm

Yo!  It's Fried-day!  Today its  Mich's & Stoly shooters! 

Wait...OMG!!!  I must be a Russian-collusionist, right?! 

Anyways...hi, granny! 

I was reminded of an old WB cartoon:



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