Gas Prices - The Unintended and Unseen Consequences

    There are way too many areas to mention to cover all of the fallout from the rising price of gas,  but the recent tragedy causing the death of a young man by a community watchman will cause many negative reactions from the usual suspects,  has to be addressed and a strategy formed to combat the army of Black Reverends,  ACLU lawyers and progressive politicians with all their tools.  With apologies and condolences to the victom's family and friends,  this has to be addressed.


   Not many people in the private or public sector realize what the cost of gas increases have done to local police patrols nationwide.   The maintenance and fuel for the cruisers is causing administrators to make hard choices in priorities.  Many of these end up in losing much of the emergency responce capabilities they had a short time ago.  None of these choices seem to effect the administrators themselves,  but that is fodder for another war.   It would be a crime unto itself if Obama's energy policies had as much to do with the death of this young man as anything.


   The frustration and despair heard in the voice of this community watchman in his last statements, " They get away,  they always get away ", is going to open the floodgates for progressives,  from gun control freaks to local polioce departments,  to complain and even successfully campaign for gun controls and the deminishing of many of our rights,  granted us by the Creator.  This one short statement of truth,  if not said aloud,  would not have caused the pending looting and violence about to become epidemic.  But the fact is,  it is true,  they do almost always get away.   As a victom of a home invasion,  which cost me my life savings,  my inheritance and a large chunk of home equity,  I can empathize with this man more than most.  That does not in any way diminish the fact that it sounds as if the police had a history of adaquate response times in situations which had a chance of a violent crime soon to happen,  this man would not have entered into that scene with a " Brave One " attitude.   I can testify that in many instances,  gas prices had little or no influence on the poor responce time - it is just bad policework.  The work ethic and omnipitent attitudes of police officers has gotten exponentially worse with the progressive Justice system making their life and death decisions worthless.   So I can empathize with them as well,  but not to the point of not upholding your oath to uphold the laws of the land.   Our public servants have to be held to a higher standard because of this oath.  This is a social compact between the community,  the officer and the Lord.   Sorry for the off-point tangents,  but they are all connected.


    Many questions should be asked of this watchman.  Did he have the training to be carrying a gun ?   Has this type of behavior been allowed to fester in this community watchgroup ?  Where there warning signs this man had drawn his line in the sand so deep that this was inevitable ?  AND - how many times has this watch group called police and received inadaquate responce times,  allowing a perp to escape to terrorize again ?  If I was on a jury,  even with my experiences with criminals,  I would have to find this man guilty of at least manslaughter if the kid had no weapon and he could not prove he was attacked first,  just on those last few words.  The damage this ( apparent ) overreaction will have is not measurable at first glance.  Things such as this have a residual effect,  and will effect decisions and / or the ability for neighborhood watch programs to do their job or even exist.


   It would be irresponsible of me if I did not mention the insincere Black Reverends and their four lane highway to this individual case.   I have not heard a case like this ever,  in relation to an organized watch group.   That same night,  at least a dozen other young Black men were killed,  but by other Black men.  These stories will never make it outside the local news area.  Reverend Al's travelling circus will not be showing up in those towns.  According to FBI statistics,  85% of Black murders are committed by Blacks.   The Brady Bunch will also be revived from the crypt to take on this singular act.  If only guns were illegal,  they will once again bemoan.  Once again,  disreguard all the annual FBI stats saying guns prevent 20 crimes for every one they commit.  Forget the fact that the 1% patch on the bikers jacket is there for a reason - only one percent of the population will use a gun for offensive purposes.  This does not include domestic abuse,  but kitchen knives are usually responsible for those as well. The police response as a policy of non intervention by citizens is as unamerican and unproductive as a policy gets.  " When seconds count,  the police are only minutes away ".  That is the way I will continue to live my life.


After all this,  if the price of gas was the same as it was in '08,  how many crimes would be averted ?  How many criminals caught in the act by the people paid to do so ?  The Police can't go around saying their patrols have been gutted,  it would be a green light for criminals of every ilk to roam without fear - except maybe from a community watch member or just an average citizen with a gun.  The fact is,  the criminals already know this,  almost as fast as the cops.  All of us have a responsibility to attend local town or city councels,  who will be undoubtedly talking about this situation and the possibilty - no,  the guarantee of a lawsuit pending if they act in such an irresponsible manner as to protect their own property,  families and way of life.   We must not let this tragedy throw the baby out with the bathwater !

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Comment by Jerseygal on March 21, 2012 at 6:57am

John, I have read a few personal musings on this particular incident, and quite interesting.

The race baiters will keep this one alive for as long as they can, to stir up the racial issues for a few reasons.  The main one being that there is presently no excitement for Obama like there was in 08.  The other one, is that race baiting and racial issues are a way of life for some, some like Sharpton and Jackson, have made their fortunes promoting racisism as something 'they' are needed to 'fix' the situation.

Good post, John.  I am sorry about that home invasion.  An incident such as that leaves scars that others do not see.  God bless

Comment by John Tripp on March 21, 2012 at 1:10pm

I have a picture in my head - Reverends Sharpton,  Jackson et all,  sitting in their rocking chairs,  eyes glued to the television and ears to a police scanner,  with a back packed and at the ready to slap down the race card whenever possible.  The NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus has a jet warmed up and at the ready within minutes of them where-ever they are vacationing at the time.  These users and enablers live like royalty while never holding down a real job.  Has anyone ever seen either of these two deliver a  sermon in a real church ?


Taking Thy Lord's name in vain pales in comparison to these transgressions.  There will be a special place in Hell for these blasphemers.

Comment by Doug Fox on March 21, 2012 at 1:18pm

using God's name to promote YOUR agenda is the definition of using God's name in vain. And yes, John, God does say that He has special rules for these guys.

Sharpton & Jackson both need to have racial division in this country to be able to hold onto any perceived power that they possess. They must keep the fires burning by fanning the flames.

Comment by John Tripp on March 21, 2012 at 1:53pm

And they are fanning them with hundred dollar bills which could be used to help the poor urban people they claim to represent.   These two are the poster children for real racism and anti-Semitism in this country.   There are 20 Whites living in poverty for every Black person in America - where are these reverends and their Christian compassion for them ?  You will find nothing but distain for poor whites by these bigots.  They can't see that these people are nothing but modern day slaves to the government - the Pharoah with enterage.   There are blinders and then there are blindfolds.  Tunnel vision versus no vision - just ask the good people of Hymietown,  outside of Harlem,  what they think of these two.


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