As I watched the first day of the Republican Convention, my mind kept jumping back in time to the final day of watching DNC's amateurish production of what I can only refer to as moderately mediocre but painfully boring. The entire 4 long days of watching speecifier after speechifier whine and complain about America's systemic racism, which in my opinion is non-existent. The hour's of ongoing droning about how we as Americans need to reexamine ourselves and America. Because according to BLM and Antifa all White Americans are born systemically racist, and only the election of Biden and Harris will absolve us of our sin. Sin, what a strange word, Democrat/Leftists don't believe in God, yet the Devil himself is condoned and encouraged throughout their incessant anti-American diatribe. At the DNC convention, not a single mention of the evil happening in cities and states being run by Democrat leaders, I wonder why that is? Accusation upon accusation of how President Trump is the one, the only most evil man, and he is the sole cause of unrest, and division in America. One thing I can say regarding the DNC's convention, it was a sure cure for my insomnia, within the first hour of the first day, within minutes of the first speech, I was yawning uncontrollably. I did however, force myself through the next 3 vitriolic nights, my only sigh of relief came when, at last it was over. Here's the best thing, the Democrat speakers were so riveting, so poignant, so eloquently presented that till this moment, I can't remember anything that anyone said. The feeling leaves me at peace, because if I can't remember a single point of a single speech, then I know in my heart that none were relevant or important enough for me to take note of. The gist however, was: "Trump Bad", "America Racist".

At the beginning I mentioned the first night of Trump's RNC Convention, I listened to real people, tell of real experiences about a real President. A real man, a President of true love for his country, of love and caring for the American people. The entire night was uplifting, patriotic and cheerful. The production and list of speakers made the DNC pale as though dead in comparison. Speeches were positive, forward looking and most of all, they came from honest, everyday people like all of us. At the end of the evening, I was disappointed that it ended so soon, but I was also left with pride and anticipation for the next night. I am looking forward to watching, and if tonight and the ensuing nights are anything like the first night, my yawns will not come, my sense of American pride will course through my veins, my heart will continue swell with a patriotic feeling I haven't experienced since Donald J. Trump and Melania came down the escalator on that first night, to announce his intention to run for President. The relief I felt when when Donald Trump won the election in 2016, has been strained and challenged by the amount of grief that bitter Democrats, Obama Leftists, and the ever evil and demented Democrat congress has heaped upon our President over the past 3+ years.

So, you ask how does this opinionated opinion of mine correlate to the title I've chosen? Maybe you didn't ask but, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Many and I mean many years ago when I was literally just a lad with an inspiration to play professional baseball, I would run home from school, watch an hour of the Three Stooges and then grab my bat, my glove and some extra league balls, and off to the vacant acreage behind the local church where I would meet up with easily 20 kids my age, we'd chose teams, and begin to play a game, the full 9 innings of what folks now refer too as "sandlot" baseball. Because there was no fence or walls to stop missed ground balls and the very few missed outfield fly balls from running into the weeds, where a search would ensue, sometimes to no avail, and no recovery. Also, time was not on our side, as we didn't begin play until about 6 in the evening, so daylight wasn't our friend either. These circumstances would eventually lead to some understood rules. The first was: When the outfielder in any field could no longer see the ball due to darkness, the game was called and ended regardless of inning, regardless of score. Rule two, is pretty much a standard rule for today's sandlot, playground, open field baseball games, it was deemed for the purpose of saving daylight, "FOUR FOUL BALLS, YOU'RE OUT. This is the baseball analogy that relentlessly ran through my head last night after enjoyably watching the first night of the Republican Convention. I compared the DNC to the RNC and decided that the entire four night DNC added up to 4, count'em 4 obvious foul balls, and I as umpire in my editorial, I officially called the DNC with a resounding right-hand thumb "You're......OUT". Knowing full well that with the number of home runs and a couple Grand Slams I witnessed at the RNC last night, there is absolutely no possible way the DNC could rally, as they've already blown their last raps and are scoreless! The Trump RNC is still at bat, and their lead will be insurmountable. So far, this is the bottom of the ninth, RNC has 10 runs, the bases are loaded with no OUTS.

That's the way I see it...

J. Francis Roth

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Comment by Robin on August 27, 2020 at 7:46pm

The contrast between the DNC and the RNC Convention is light years apart! The RNC has been amazing and inspiring. Makes me proud to be an American!


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