The Way I See It:
Did anyone catch these three stooges last night at the 1st Virtual DNC convention? I watched Andrew Cuomo change the name China/Wuhan Virus too the European Virus, I wonder how far into his personal toilet he had to reach to come up with that bald faced misinterpretation? I doubt that even his moron CNN brother could agree with him on that, although blood is deep and stupidity is too, so well, you know what I mean.
Michelle Obama, is she really eloquent or grandiloquent? When she was finished, talk show hosts on Fox couldn't say enough good things about her ability to lie, distort, skew facts, and exercise a truly bombastic attempt to hammer the non-audience with falsehoods, and do it with a straight face, too boot. And she say's she doesn't like politics, another lie, for sure. I was trying to discern if she was there to talk policy, support Joe Biden, or listen to herself speechify. I wonder why Michelle for that Kamala Harris was on the ticket, perhaps a bit of gender/racial rivalry there? Or was she there to just lambaste, insult and demean the best President we've had in many a decade? If she knew that Joe Biden was actually running for president, it didn't show, because I don't believe I heard her mention his name. Michelle still comes off like the same bitter Black lady whose been oppressed all her life by White people. You know, all of us White folks that kept her out of the finest colleges and universities and law school. Remember, she stated that she wasn't able to love her country until Barack was elected president, what an unappreciative harpy. I imagine she still feels oppressed in the $12 million dollar Martha's Vineyard Mansion, and she'll probably feel more oppressed in the new villa that Barack and her are building in Hawaii. With all that abuse from those of us White privileged working stiffs, it's amazing how she can still be so in touch with the little people.
As for Bernie Sanders, he'll always be the same Communist parasite that's been sucking off the same Capitalist system he pretends to hate so very much.
Last night was the full Monte' of hypocritical vile Socialist jargon except one, and I believe that AOC will be the one who "stick's" the landing tonight, as Dana Perino said about Michelle Obama's pompous oration. AOC, save the planet we've only 11 years left now, so we need to save the USPS too, by buying more stamps and making pen pals. No doubt that idiocy runs rampant in D.C. and it's not just Democrats either. John Kasich, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse, or is that (Ben's-asse?) are no slouches when it comes to dyed in the wool traitors.
I will probably skip it tonight, when AOC speaks, it usually make me throw-up, you know that little bit in one's mouth from a burning acid re-flux episode.
That's the way I see it...

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