America Fails The Entire Free World

September 29, 2013


No longer ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ but the Free World

Once again the American sheeple are being subjected to Obama administration sleight-of-hand, threatened government shutdown due to the Conservative House of Representatives. To hear this administrative charade portrayed in the media, one would think that America has been working with a balanced budget for the past 6 years. Well, surprise, Obama hasn't worked with a government budget for even one year, let alone his entire presidency. Believe me, if Obama Care is allowed to be fully implemented, there will be more horrific details in the mix than a temporary government shutdown. How does a total government and American financial collapse strike you? Look, we already know that the Democrat controlled Senate has sold their souls to the devil, we also know that many, many Americans are eager to sell their souls to the devil too. It seems unfathomable to me that more Americans can't see that this administration is bribing them with their own tax dollars. It's almost surreal when I think of so many millions of Americans on the government dole, and yet they never ever wonder where the money is coming from. The fact is, there isn't an endless supply of monetary funds, only an endless supply of green ink, and rag-paper to print a seemingly endless supply of worthless Federal Reserve Notes.

Don't look now, but the United States has been invaded and, is in fact under the occupation of extremely evil and sinister forces, whose entire and ultimate goal is to collapse America and devoid it of all it ever stood for. There have been so many false flags from this White House, it's difficult to believe not very many have noticed them. Just for my own peace of mind I have to ask people if they ever noticed, when Obama tells them about the wonderful economic recovery happening all around them and about all the jobs his administration has created, that they are still jobless? I don't understand how so many of the college graduates can support this administration even though their Masters degrees are now qualifications for a minimum wage position with little or no future or promising advancement. Then of course I remind myself that this America, is not the America I grew up in, and it hasn't been for quite some time. The graduating young adults have been indoctrinated with so much Liberal/Progressive brainwashing that they fully believe things are supposed to be this way. It occurs to me that there will be college grads with six years of so-called higher education that probably will not have to pay back student loans. They will not be required to work in their chosen field of endeavor because there will be no jobs in their chosen field of endeavor. But, they've been taught that it's all okay, because the government will provide all for your welfare, and all you have to do is keep supporting the people that supply the free ride. Now that's independence, or is it "dependence"???

Back to Obama, the magnificent prestidigitator. The master of lies, the man who can shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time. Sometimes I liken him to Brutus and America being Caesar. Caesar didn't expect the stab in the back, and there are so many unsuspecting Americans that can't see the stab coming either. Caesar wasn't looking for it, and neither are the distracted millions of Americans.

Research tells me that there are some chinks in Obama's armor. He has had a setback in Syria because his Benghazi debacle has been exposed. By now, Obama would have had Assad of Syria out and murdered, and the Muslim Brotherhood in. It will still happen, however not as quickly. Needless to say, Obama and his minions are visibly upset with the exposure of Benghazi, and they are angry at the roadblock they're facing arming terrorist rebels in Syria. We owe Obama's negative exposure to conservative media, both radio and TV. Without them, the truth of Benghazi would have been swept under the rug in the Oval Office. Up until now, Obama has been a straw man, all the arrows have passed though him, and nothing has been sticking thanks to mainstream media. Make no mistake, we haven't gotten the best of Obama yet, and we aren't anywhere near to stopping his agenda, we've just slowed down the process and the progress.

The American people need to understand at least this one thing: We are being lied to by the President and his minions every single day, every time they open their mouths.

Contrary to what our government is telling us, we as a nation are not "alright"! America is broke, we are bankrupt, and not by accident, but by design. That's right, America's lack of liquidity is part of the plan being perpetrated for our national demise. A week or so ago, there were some 18,000 die hard Yankee fans who stood in line for hours to claim a bobble-head of retiring baseball heroes. At the same time, their government and the elitists were looting their pensions and retirement accounts. Americans are so easily distracted, can you imagine? Really, 18,000 people, and probably more than half unemployed standing in line to get a free bobble-head. Sheeple, just don't know any better, do they?

I wonder if any one of those 18,000 realize that China and Russia are fully aware of Americas dire financial looming disaster, do any of them know that our enemies are and will exploit America's vulnerable shortcomings? Did even one of those people give a passing thought to the fact that a number of countries and so-called religions are vying for control of their very lives? There is no camouflage covering up China's intention to dominate the world financially. Perhaps it just doesn't matter, as long as the bobble-heads are free.

Is anyone concerned that Russia and China are conducting joint war exercises? Or that the 2008 battle simulation pitting the U.S. F-35 fighter jets against the Russian Su-35 heavy fighters, resulted in America's F-35s being beaten like a red-headed step child in every aspect of the exercise? We do know that China and Russia are aligned with Assad of Syria, and that both of those countries have their own military presence in the air and sea off Syria's coastline. Let's face the fact people, America isn't frightening to any nation large or small anymore, not since Obama took over as President. I'd say Commander In Chief but using that term in the same sentence with the name Obama, really makes me want to puke.

Right now, the American dollar holds the title of World Reserve Currency, but that title is on very shaky ground at best. The dollar cannot hold it's value or it's status with America in these dire financial straights, so the end of dollar dominance is coming, and it's coming soon. There are many signs of economic collapse around this country. The bankruptcy of Detroit, MI. for one, and, New York City is teetering on the same brink. There will be many more municipalities across this nation that will soon be in the same position, which again, is all part of the plan for total federal governmental control of the populace. I believe there are some clues that people should be aware of, one of them being this: If Obama wants you to see it, it is a lie and it is a deception, but most importantly it is a distraction from what is really happening. Be vigilant!!! Be prepared! If you are looking in the direction the government points you toward, you are most definitely looking the wrong way, Brutus is right behind you, dagger poised.

Globalization cannot happen if the American people cannot be brought under control. The American people must be made to understand that the planned demise of our Republic began when our country declared it's independence way back in 1775. The process of our destruction has been long and the elitists have been patient. But no longer, they can taste victory, and they will destroy our nation from within, using our own laws and our own greed to an end no true American will like.

We are at war, don't kid yourself. Globalization has been a dream and a goal for literally hundreds years, and it's within the grasp of the elite. There are grand deceptions being used against us, i.e., "global warming"and "green house gas CO2". There is no global warming, and CO2 is not a dangerous gas, it is a necessary gas. Has it ever occurred to anyone that 70% of electricity is produced around the globe by "coal fired power plant generators"? If that's true, and it is, why is the government pushing the use of electric cars, while at the same time shutting down the coal plants that produce the electricity needed to charge the batteries of electric cars? Doesn't that at least give us Americans some pause to ponder? It is imperative that all Americans watch both of the president's hands all of the time. We are all familiar with the adage "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." It is time for us to put some of those old adages to work in our lives and in the decisions we must make.

This administration has weakened America as never before. We are weak financially, and militarily, we have few defenses left economically, and little defense left militarily, in essence, America is ripe for the picking, and without a doubt, our enemies are acutely aware of America's weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They will not hesitate to use them against us.

America's worst enemy occupies the White House this very minute, and this very minute he and his minions are plotting against us. The time will come when we must either pray and fight, or submit and die. As for me, I choose the former.

God help Us!


The Watchman

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Comment by Ruthann on September 30, 2013 at 9:29am

Jerome, MAN OH MAN!! You not only hit the nail on the head but drove it thru the board in 1 shot!

Comment by tom dodd on September 30, 2013 at 9:55am


"We are weak financially, and militarily..."

...WE'VE been reduced to "printing" funny money, making what money we have less than what it was... about a decade ago, I read that the USA was the only nation left in the world that could afford to fight a war on the scale of WW2, and we could only do it for 90-days... I doubt that we could do that now, not without borrowing from 'someone'...


"...we have few defenses left economically..."

...I DON'T think it would take much to topple our economy right now, what with all of the regulations that prohibit production of any kind... at the same time, it wouldn't take much to unleash our economy back into full production mode.  ONE of the good things about rising prices, is that the cost of doing business in America becomes more feasible WHEN the crippling regulations are removed... we could, with the right people in charge, reemerge into a 1950's atmosphere, with cheap energy, boundless hope, and an invigorated populace...

...WE NEED Sarah Palin and her 'can do' attitude!!


"...and little defense left militarily..."

...THE PRIMARY defense of America now is in the hands of We The People... 0 has spread our Special Forces all across the globe... read recently that we now have "SF advisors" in more than 20 countries, mostly in Africa... while I believe the biggest threat by AQ now is in Africa, unless we can come up with a COORDINATED PLAN, plus a sense of hope for those we're trying to help train, we're gonna end up with the same fiasco we found ourselves in in Afghanistan...


" essence, America is ripe for the picking, and without a doubt, our enemies are acutely aware of America's weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They will not hesitate to use them against us."

...THIS is what liberals don't seem to understand:  the USA is NOT like the rest of the world... the rest of the world doesn't operate the same... "out there," it is truly a jungle, and a survival of the fittest is the general rule... which is why I think we should adopt a policy like that of Israel, where everyone goes into the military right out of high school, but unlike Israel, these "draftee's" would spend the bulk of their 2 years overseas' experiencing what life is like outside of our borders...


Comment by tom dodd on September 30, 2013 at 10:02am


...WOULD like to add, that there are too many people in America who no longer can stand on their own two feet... a hundred years ago, definitely 150, Mother Nature weeded out the physically and mentally weak... that no longer happens, so we've now got tens of millions of "us" who need, for one reason or another, to be taken care of...

...THE MEN of the USA, generally speaking, have become feminized, fearful of their own shadow, and mentally incapable of standing tall in the face of adversity.  IF AQ ever brings the fight to America directly, mano v mano, I don't think our youngsters, for the most part, will be able to stand toe-to-toe with them in a winner take all fight... rather than fight, many will undoubtedly convert to Islam...

...SO, IF there's gonna be a confrontation in/on our streets, I suppose it will fall to the children of the Greatest Generation to show the youngsters how it's done!


Comment by Dennis Bartlett on October 1, 2013 at 1:57am

Our own "Greed" and "Law" will be used to undermine our Country and there is a remedy . The Tea Party and others are fighting a fight we cannot win .

We have no "Law" , period . My complaint is that "how can we win with no Constitution" ? Without it we have no law .  Does a corporation have to follow law? Only if it suits their agenda and that agenda isn't what we want or need . Our law has a foreign entity managing our money stealing our wealth and have since the early 20th century . All these NGO's (the alphabet agencies) have to be reigned in or abolished in favor of a workable solution for the people of America . Until then we are fools for the "Color of Law" which can be made up as they go along . That hasn't worked and will never work .

Comment by Ranchman on October 1, 2013 at 3:53am

I've read some of the same exact passages on other blogs over the last few days. Regardless, it's all true. Yes, America is not only at a crossroads, we've chosen which way to turn and it's turned out to be the wrong way. Remember all the talk about the Cloward-Piven Strategy? These 2 college professors in the late sixties or early seventies who came up with the plan to overwhelm the welfare rolls, thereby bankrupting the system? They succeeded in, I think it was New York State or City, or maybe it was New Jersey. Anyway, ObamaCare is Cloward-Piven on steroids, that's all it is. But the twist is, ObamaCare has the provisions built into it to take control once the bankruptcy is complete. ObamaCare has the provisions for Obama's million man private army, "just as well funded, just as well organized as the military." It has the organizational recruitment, promotion, staffing, and funding for his private the healthcare reform legislation! Obviously, Pelosi was right, we had to pass it to find out what was in it! You can easily do this little bit of research yourself, it's available for all to see on the government's own websites. ObamaCare also takes over the financing of all school loans and Pell Grants, to apparently control the degrees of students who are university bound. None of these things, school loans and the like nor Obama's private million man army, have anything to do with healthcare but, they're in the legislation! I believe it's a "be all, catch all" to bankrupt us by paying for everyone's healthcare and to physically control the people once they've succeeded in bankrupting us. The people won't sit still for it and they know it but, by then it will be too late.

I can be wrong on the exact scenario but, the agenda of this administration is to bankrupt us and usher in their one world government. Yes, Obama is evil and he will stop at absolutely nothing to realize his dream, that of taking America down. Hell, the German people even elected Hitler into office originally, didn't they? So what are we going to do about it? Is all the "extremist" talk of a coming revolution as the only way to restore this Republic true, or is there another way to bring back limited government, with the power in the hands of the people? Is this just a naive pipe-dream, one that's not even remotely possible anymore? Will it ultimately be totally impossible to fight back against the massive funding and organization of the Left? Has America already been effectively destroyed and we're just unable to either realize it or admit it?

One thing's for certain; the govt has been trying to disarm us while stocking up on billions of rounds of ammo, tank-like vehicles and all sorts of other military gear for a reason. They're obviously afraid of the American people for a reason and no doubt it's because we're not going to like what they have in store for us one bit. I only hope that we realize what their plan for us is before it's too late to exercise our Constitutional right to abolish this form of government and institute another in its place such as that will ensure our happiness and prosperity.

And that day is coming folks...something wicked this way comes.

Comment by tom dodd on October 1, 2013 at 11:12am


"The Tea Party and others are fighting a fight we cannot win."

...WE CAN'T WIN if we continue to play by their rules!



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