I just read the following in the Omaha World Herald:

Gavilon's new downtown headquarters could produce development ripple effect

Gavilon's plan for a new world headquarters is moving forward, with a tax-increment financing request to the City of Omaha and a groundbreaking ceremony slated this fall at 14th and Dodge Streets.

The grain and commodity trading firm, which has outgrown leased quarters at the downtown ConAgra campus, hopes to have its five-story, 131,225-square-foot office building ready by December 2013.

Featuring a state-of-the-art trading floor and glass exterior, the project's estimated price tag is $44 million.

City leaders are praising the investment.

“It's a big deal for downtown Omaha to have another corporate headquarters, and to have a vacant property filled,” said David Brown, president of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. “Once construction starts, I wouldn't be surprised to see other lots around it develop, too.”

Calling Gavilon one of the city's key projects this year, Brown said officials launched an enticement campaign as soon as they heard rumblings the company was seeking to expand from its 48,000-square-foot space. Among the public assistance Gavilon hopes for is $3.94 million in tax-increment funds generated by the increase in property taxes resulting from the improvements.

“We normally think of commodities, futures, being in places like Chicago, Hong Kong, San Francisco, London,” Mayor Jim Suttle said. “This is the kind of international connectivity that Omaha needs, and it will benefit us tremendously with spinoffs.”

Referring to former World-Herald publisher Henry Doorly, who was credited with establishing the newspaper's role in civic involvement, Omaha World Herald CEO Terry Kroeger said: “I imagine he would find this very progressive.”

The Denver-based Open Studio Architecture and Perkins + Will of Chicago are designing the structure. Olsson Associates of Omaha is the civil engineering firm.

Under an arrangement with 13 Capitol LLC, a wholly owned affiliate of Minnesota-based Opus Development Corp., Gavilon will rent the facility long-term and Opus will be owner and landlord.

Since Gavilon became a private company in 2008, it has completed 13 acquisitions and 14 Greenfield projects, doubling its employee base to 2,000. Among the acquisitions was Kansas City-based DeBruce Cos. in 2010, which expanded the company's agricultural operations and positioned Gavilon as the third-largest grain handler in the U.S. by licensed storage capacity.

This past May, Marubeni Corp. of Japan announced a $3.6 million plan to buy Gavilon. The combination of Marubeni's global trading network and Gavilon's strengths in North and South America was expected to help the combined companies move into areas of growth more swiftly and with lower risk because of the company's scale.

Gavilon retained its name — adapted from the Spanish word gavilan, or hawk — and recently introduced a new logo and branding. Now a shield and the words “Thrive On” accompany the Gavilon name.

The above are excerpts from the article.


Just last week, I sent out this reminder:

George Soros owned Gavilon quietly purchasing our food

April 3, 2011

My brother-in-law is a wheat farmer and reads websites daily about wheat prices, grain news and agri-business in general. He read a story last week, that he since can’t find and I can’t find when I googled it, which makes me wonder if the story was scrubbed, about George Soros purchasing grain elevators in Nebraska. These particular elevators are apparently the last stop before the wheat is shipped out of the county.

Please read on. I did find some interesting stories about Soros and his acquistion of other grain and grain elevators. The name of his company is Gavilon and according to several agri-business sites, it’s the 3rd largest business, now just behind ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) and Cargill. Last fall he also purchased a huge amount of the grain business in Australia. This from Agrimoney.com in December:

AWB [Austrailan wheat] was in talks to sell a stake in its domestic grains handling business to US-based Gavilon before the Australian group became a takeover target.

Gavilon, which is backed by George Soros’s Soros Fund Management has since unveiled its own expansion plans in Australia, the southern hemisphere’s top wheat-exporting target.


So I started checking on the companies in the article:

Opus Group


Marubeni Corp

Marubeni Corporation has been recognized as a sustainability leader by the globally famous CSR research and rating company SAM


Marubeni Corporation has succeeded to renew the status of an index component of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) 2011/2012.


Marubeni Group's Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

Marubeni Group, aware of its responsibility as a good corporate citizen, will do its utmost to preserve the environmental well-being of the Earth, while striving for the harmony and prosperity of human society.

Basic Policy

Considering the global nature and diversified business activities of the Marubeni Group, basic policy in connection with global environmental preservation related to Marubeni Group's activities shall be established as follows:

1. While undertaking business activities, environmental impacts will always be considered and efforts to reduce environmental risks, protect the environment and prevent pollution will be made.

(1) International environmental guidelines and environmental laws and regulations related to the country concerned and local self-governing body and other subscribed environmental requirements will be observed.

(2) At the time new investment and business is commenced and new equipment introduced, the reduction of environmental impacts will be considered. This will be especially true for resource development projects where the preservation of the natural ecosystem and regional environment will be given great consideration and care.

(3) In daily office work, green procurement, energy savings, resource savings, reduction of waste and improvement of business efficiency will be carried out.

(4) Efforts to create goods, services, and social systems related to protection and/or improvement of the environment will be made.

2. In line with the spirit of this Environmental Policy, efforts toward and continuous improvement of the environmental management system of the Marubeni Group shall be made.

3. All directors, employees and all persons working for the Marubeni Group shall be notified of this Environmental Policy and this Environmental Policy will also be made available to the public.


Acquisition of Gavilon Holdings, LLC – May 29, 2012


Open Studio Architecture

Uh oh....snag. 

I “bing-ed” Open Studio Architecture and was asked to enter those freaky number things…with a response: 

Why do I need to do that? 

Typing the characters in the picture above helps us ensure that a person, not a program, is performing a search.

Why is that important? Some programs perform repeated searches for malicious purposes.

Preventing those automated searches ensures that everyone else has faster, more reliable search results. Your computer, or another one in your network, has done so much searching lately that we're concerned an automated program might be at work.

My computer telling me I've done 'so much searching lately'?  I search all day, every day.  I wonder why these searches are different?  Hmmm....could they have 'something' in common?

Weird, huh.  Guess I'll have to search Open Studio Architecture, Perkins + Will and DeBruce Bros. later.  But I'm sure I won't be surprised at what I find.



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Comment by NativeCollector on September 5, 2012 at 7:15pm

This is an incredible amount of information you have gathered!  It is very disturbing to know that just a few huge companies control the bulk of the grain produced worldwide.  If Obama is re-elected, this Agenda 21 will implementation will escalate even further!

Comment by Robin on September 5, 2012 at 7:47pm

Jodi, Posting this for you in case you didn't see it yet!

GOP Rejects UN Agenda 21 As Threat To US Sovereignty


Comment by Robin on September 5, 2012 at 7:57pm
Comment by Jodi180 on September 5, 2012 at 11:22pm

Thanks Robin...for the links.

Always sounds good on paper, but....

I wish someone....a reporter with some nads....would just look.  Like I did.  Doesn't take a genious...just a regular 'joe'.

Just want people to look.


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