A Question Arises in Wake of Benghazi: ‘Is President Obama a Racist?’

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A Question Arises in Wake of Benghazi: ‘Is President Obama a Racist?’

by Chip Jones on November 19, 2012

Over the last few weeks, very subtly, a pattern has emerged. It goes without question that a President who is willing to say, “We will do everything to protect our citizens abroad,” just scant months after he sat idly by in the White House Situation Room and allowed four of them to be murdered by an Al Qaeda group, cannot be held in high esteem for his honesty.

But a pattern seems to be emerging, as we publicly inspect the facts surrounding that fateful day, September 11, 2012.

That Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were afforded completely ineffective-security for their activities in Libya is unquestionable. One only need know that they had asked 120 times for reinforced security, only to have their Special Forces detail taken away, to forge that assumption. It is clear that President Obama’s administration, and the normal flow of pertinent information through subordinates was lacking, if one were to assume that protection of life in a dangerous area was important.

But let’s compare this concern for human life to that which goes on daily when certain staff people go out in public and/or travel. Let’s take Valerie Jarrett, long time Obama friend and confidante. In her role as Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls, Valerie Jarrett gets a full Secret Service detail.

What visible difference can you see between Ambassador Stevens and Advisor Jarrett?

Let’s move to the President’s most recent Press Conference (as an aside, I’ll note that this is the first formal Press Conference he has offered in eight (8) months). During this Press Conference, the President’s most vehement and emotionally charged response was to the question about Ambassador Susan Rice giving inaccurate information, regarding those who perpetrated the attacks on the CIA compound, which led to Ambassador Stevens’ death.

Obama not only affords Ambassador Rice a ’round the clock’ armed-American-detail, but he also provided her strong verbal protection from criticism. Yet, Obama denied Ambassador Stevens his requested Marine detail on more than 100 occasions.

What visible difference can you see between Ambassador Rice and Ambassador Stevens?

Finally, let’s look at the reports of ‘actionable intelligence’ that came out of the administration in the time frame subsequent to the Benghazi attack.

We were told, by Rep. Peter King that former CIA Director David Petraeus testified that he was aware that the attack was a coordinated attack by terrorists from the beginning and that a briefing was prepared for the White House that included the word “terrorists.” He also apparently testified that it was subsequently removed in reviews by other agencies in some amorphous review process. As it turns out, that revision was made by the Justice Department, headed up by Eric Holder.

Why the Justice Department would have purview over an intelligence briefing, this writer will never understand, but that begs the question pertinent to this article.

What visible difference can you se between General Petraeus and Attorney General Holder?

The difference is clear to me, and the implication is startling. It forces an objective observer to ask the question: “Is President Obama choosing to value people of color over Caucasians?” And if the answer is persuaded by these visible facts, we, as a country, need to do some deep soul searching again, as we have for a century and a half.

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Comment by RNhunter on November 21, 2012 at 12:41am

Some good comments.  I agree with much of this.  The media, which I find to be great liars and evil at the same time, have convinced the brain dead that only whites can be racists.  That is nonsense that has zero to do with both logic and world history.  Slavery was world wide, and one of the absolute worst was Africa who took white slaves by raiding European and British towns for both slaves and women for their harem - and also Black slaves.  Note that one must now capitalize Black but whites can go to heck.  Slavery in Africa was so lucrative many believe they never stopped and may be even going on to this day.  It seems to me that Obama, the UN and US media are extremely racist.  And if you believe that only whites are racists.  I believe that the list of whom is highest on the Obama and UN roster are in order starting with the highest:

  1. Muslims
  2. Blacks
  3. Hispanics including Illegal Aliens
  4. Asians
  5. Whites including Christians
  6. Jews

Proof I find easy to find .. if someone just looks.  Some cases:

  1. Muslims are the worst imperialistic force since the beginning of the world, but no one, except me, seems to say that.  People think of England, Spain and others as imperialistic.  But England lost the US, and has mostly set India, Canada and Australia free.  Spain no longer owns Mexico.  Even the Soviet Union died and those countries are no longer with it.  But Muslims recall did not even exist till about 600 AD - since Mohammed died 632.  At that point in time, the known world was already occupied.  Therefore Muslims conquered about one fourth of the world and still hold it via the violence of Sharia Law and just Muslim thinking.  No one cares.  Everyone lies about this.
  2. Jews were in the Middle East about 1500 years before Muslims were invented, and yet hold I think less than 1% of the land.  The racist Obama and the UN say this is too much and Muslims should have more, more more !
  3. Muslims practice genocide often against non Muslims, recently against Coptic Christians in Egypt, many Muslim places versus Israel, and even attack Buddhists now I hear.  No one cares.  Not Obama, not the UN, not the US Media.  Muslims being the chosen people are allowed to kill.
  4. We hear that 96% more of Blacks vote solely by skin color - and we are told that somehow that is not racist.  Yes, if you are brain dead.
  5. Black Trayvon Martin who was 3 inches I hear taller than the older Zimmerman seemed to be in his rights to kill Zimmerman while smashing his head on the sidewalk.  Well, Zimmerman who is 50% Hispanic, and 50% maybe white is a level 3 at best and level 5 at worst in the cast system.  Trayvon was a level 2.  If a Black person wants you dead, you are not allowed self defense.
  6. Egyptian Muslims were killing Coptic Christians and burning their churches and they get federal aid and the UN wants there to be a resolution saying no one can say anything bad about them.  But a Coptic Christian who made a movie in protest was thrown in US Jail for almost a month by dictator Obama total ignoring US freedom of speech and totally ignoring past history of US standing behind the downtrodden.
  7. I understand that in colleges that Blacks and Illegal Aliens are preferred and sometimes get lower prices.  Asians with sky high scores and White people with decent scores can go get lost.
  8. Blacks take zero responsibility as we have seen in Washington.  If Obama makes a mistake and someone complains, they are racist.  If a Black Congress person makes a mistake and anyone mentions it, it is racist.  I say, why have Blacks in power if they refuse responsibility and are cry babies?  And yes I know that many including Allen West (who lost his election) DO take responsibility.  But the idiots who keep getting in .. they do not.
  9. I have been to 35 countries or so.  I would never think of marching with a US flag or telling other countries to take down their flags in their own country on US holidays.  I would instead ask "Are you insane?".  But this is considered fine for illegal aliens in the US.
  10. Illegal Aliens from Mexico are just fine.  However, Asian immigrants, those from the Philippines, those from Europe, have to play by the rules.  Why?


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