Why do leftists hate and vilify white people? Why do they go on about white privilege? The short answer is because whites have been too successful and they don’t like it. Let me explain. At one point in time in history China was set to be the dominate world power. But something happened in the early 15th century. Chinese attitudes began to change during the Ming Dynasty and trade to the outside world was abruptly ended. China stagnated as they cut themselves off from the outside world that lasted until the 19th century. World power then pivoted to the West.

While China is accredited with many inventions, it was the Europeans that came along and perfected them. Europeans soon began to make huge technological leaps and economic growth far past the rest of the world. This led to the West becoming the dominate world power for the next 400 years. The king of the Western powers was Brittan. At its height, the British Empire controlled a whopping 24% of the earth’s total land area and 23% of the world population. As the British Empire waned the mantle was passed on to its once former colony, the United States. The United States become a super power after the end of World War 2 and became the world’s sole super power after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The left has seen how successful the West has been. How it has dominated and advanced far past the rest of world in science, medicine, technology and so on. But it is because of this success that they hate Western culture. Why? There are two primary reasons. First, they believe the West’s success is due to colonialism. In their eyes Europeans got their wealth and success at the expense of others by plundering less civilized nations. I’ve already addressed these allegations in a previous article, which you can read here, so I won’t retread old ground again.

The second reason is because they are Marxists and Marxists are big on equality. That the largely white Western nations should be so successful and have so much more than the rest of the world offends their Marxist sensibilities. This is why they hate the West, and by extension anyone with European ancestry. It doesn’t matter if none of it is true. It’s far easier to play the victim and vilify someone else.

But why was the West so successful? I can offer a few reasons below:

-Disunity. In the 16th century, Europe was broken up into hundreds of city states. But it was this disunity that created competition and economic growth that was unrivaled anywhere in the world. It's what drove the West to advance technologically far faster than anyone else.

-Christianity. Europe had a single religion, Christianity. This created a certain unity and homogeny among Europeans despite having different cultures and languages. And even though Europeans still fought and competed against each other, having a common belief system also allowed them to come together and collaborate when needed, such as during the Crusades.

-Science and education. It was Christianity that also opened the doors to universities and universities open the door to science. With science came an understanding how things worked, which in turn led to technological advancements. Technological leaps also lead to improvements in arms and shipbuilding. Two things that allowed Europeans explore and conquer previous unknown territories with relatively ease.

-Intellectualism. Going as far back as ancient Greece, the West has a long tradition of philosophy and intellectualism.

This are just a few reasons why the Europeans excelled. It’s not that the Europeans were superior to anyone else, only that they had better ideas. Ideas that transcend skin color and ethnicity. They were ambitious, driven, and were willing to put themselves in harm’s way to explore the world. That’s a far cry from today’s leftists. Theirs is an ideology built upon envy and victimization. They tear things down instead of building them up. There is, in fact, no white privilege, but we are all privileged to live in a Western country where the standard of living is high and for the opportunity and freedoms it affords.

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Comment by gary m norris on October 27, 2019 at 9:05am

Sir, Extremely well written and concise article. You are (imo) a very good instructor.

Comment by Watchman on October 27, 2019 at 11:31am

Thank you Gary, I appreciate it.


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