This Time We Have to Lead From the Front!

Robert Mueller, who seems to be just as corrupt as the Democrat Party leaders and the other leaders of the FBI and the Dept. of Justice, used his power to carry forward the illegal investigation of President Donald J. Trump with an open invitation to Congress to do so. Thus, he was able to (hopefully) save his own reputation while continuing the invidious attack against President Trump.

Though he had to acknowledge that Trump was not guilty of Collusion, Mueller refrained from the necessary acknowledgement of him being not guilty of Obstruction. He was found innocent of Collusion. Therefore, how could he be guilty of Obstruction? The only way he could be expected to act was to fight back.

Anyone with a non-partisan, open-minded curiosity, looking at all the evidence in the Mueller Report, has to be aware that everyone involved in conducting this investigation is guilty of criminal, if not traitorous behavior. The entire investigation is corrupt; therefore, they are corrupt traitors in their efforts to destroy a president who was legally elected by the American people.

He is a leader who has fulfilled almost all of his promises in only two years of his administration. Those promises that he has not yet fulfilled have been obstructed by not only the Democrats, but by the RINOs in the Republican Party, the Elitist career politicians who are devoted more to their own power than to America, and to activist judges who believe that they have the power to rule. As for all those who do not share the Founding Fathers’ goals in their Constitutional mandate, they are, instead, creating a failed Globalist state that will be doomed to failure.

The greatest political scandal in our history has consumed the past four years, and it was started during the administration of former “President” Obama, who had politicized our justice and investigative systems. In hidden Instructions from Rod Rosenstein to Investigator Mueller, he had directed how the investigation could succeed in the Democrat’s goal to “take out” President Trump. The following article in the April 19th edition of the Washington Examiner, explains how:

In spite of how much the American people are disgusted with the partisan politics we have endured during the past years, I am reluctantly convinced that the only way we can be sure to save our country, and “Clean Out the Swamp” is to call in another “Special Investigation” of all those involved in the past one.

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Comment by Jerseygal on April 23, 2019 at 6:33pm

Edie, as one of the site owners, I respectfully disagree about FR as not being a venue for political activism.  We designed FR as such, along with space for discussions of current issues, and an exchange of ideas among patriots.  Please don’t feel you need to discuss your efforts off the site.  You are an inspiration, and your efforts may just inspire others from our small group.  You are welcome to share your ideas and efforts here.

Many Tea Party groups and 912 sites faded into nothingness over the years.  I have some ideas as to why, but that is for another post.  Robin and I keep FR going, and Robin, her little group, and a few others post news stories to keep us informed.  I’m glad you’ve joined us with your insights!

My pet project is always ‘Local Matters.’  I feel strongly that the most successful movement will be built from the local level, and spread from there.  I believe that we should all elect conservatives to our town and city governments, and from there focus on county and then state representation.  That’s my belief in how we achieve our most powerful voice.

Comment by Edie Boudreau on April 23, 2019 at 7:07pm

Thank you very much for relieving my mind that Jerome and I were intruding upon your hospitality with our back and forth conversations. We are facing a breakdown in communications with the politicians and TV commentators I want to reach, because they all live in a bubble, surrounded by "handlers." If any other FR members know of a site that offers contact information, or can suggest a way to solve the issue, I welcome any advice. Now I will free to share some of my communications here.

Comment by Edie Boudreau on April 23, 2019 at 7:36pm

To members of - a letter to our President:

April 16, 2019                                     

 To:  President Donald J. Trump

 From:  Ms. Edie Boudreau

I have several subjects to approach you about. I have worked pro-bono for more than four years--first for Dr. Ben Carson's 2016 Committee PAC (as his Nevada Publicity Director) and then as an activist for his presidential race until he dropped out. Since Dr. Carson endorsed you, I transferred my efforts to your campaign. I have recognized that you are the only candidate who could have--not only win the election--but also have the strength, will, and thick skin to stay and put up with corrupt attacks from almost every politician in government.

 I am a senior lady with >35 years of experience as a writer/editor/producer/ investigative reporter in all the communication media, as well as nine years of college (earned during 30 years of night school classes while working full-time and raising five children). I also consider myself a warrior for justice. I sent a package of several political blogs from social media to you by snail mail within the past month. It included my resume, because I wanted you to know that I think I am qualified to presume to stand for those without a voice.

It seems obvious to me that your key promise to achieve is to “Drain the National and local Swamp,” not just in Washington D.C. You will not be able to accomplish the rest of your Agenda until you do. That means ending corruption in the judicial system as much as of politicians at every level—national, state, county, and district. It means exposing who RINOs really are and not supporting re-election for those facing election; and firing all Obama appointees. It means forcing schools to be non-partisan if they get govt. aid.

But during the same period, you have the ability and support to build the steel-slat Wall by the end of your second term as President. The majority of Conservatives want the security of the Wall. Use your supporters to lower the costs and the construction times, and have more contractors all along the border. However, the Dems also have to be forced to reform the immigration laws so that the crises will end.

I am actively promoting your Agenda for the border wall, and I am especially interested in the fight against human trafficking, drug cartels, corruption, and the danger of illegal aliens changing America into a one-party Globalist mirror of third-world countries. I have three websites on which I write and copy powerful articles to expose the Democrats’ corruption. One of them is dedicated to building the Wall. One of them was designed 11 years ago as a combination educational/ communication site. That is the one I want to donate to the president and the HUD secretary, as well as a group of Conservative Strategic Partners, as it is a major web mall, but it is still a skeleton site.

Other basic requirements to be enforced are: 1) “Voter ID” in every area; 2) activate E-Verify;” 3) Term Limits for every politician and judge in the country; 4) Tort Reform; and 5) a mandate for every State to launder its voter registration rolls to delete the dead, duplicate addresses, and illegals.  If necessary, promote joining the Convention of States (COS) to accomplish these goals, through Constitutional Amendments.

The web mall,, is a priceless gift for either or both you and Dr. Ben Carson to use in order to give the people a Voice to enable Conservative American People to reach their republican representatives and the rest of the world. The educational segment of the site is the most important for our citizens to be informed of the truth behind our political issues. The Executive Summary details the architecture of this segment.   

This skeleton political web mall was created 11 years ago when Obama came on the scene.  I have kept up with the expense and work on by myself all this time, as it has the potential of being as big as Amazon. 

However, putting it online needs either the funds to hire or of contribution of the skills, experience, and dedication of IT specialists, writers, marketing talent or management experience to keep this multi-level site active in order for all of you to be aware of what the People expect.! You can go to the site and click on "About This Site" to find the Executive Summary that explains the goals, principles, and how to use this site for each member to be able to reach hundreds of thousands of Americans within 30 to 60 minutes of time, and not a penny of cost.  You can call me or send me a letter to receive more information, and I will be happy to do so.

I have sent you ~20 emails since you took Office, but I have never received a response.

So far, I have been one of your biggest supporters as President, but you need to get out of your bubble and be accessible to all of your supporters, not just the ones who step forward at your Rallies.


Edie Boudreau

Comment by Jerome on April 24, 2019 at 9:34am


Fundamental Refounding is a very good venue for us to post, and discuss Conservative matters.  There may not be very many members who contribute, but I believe that there are many who read what is posted here.  I'm sure your opinions and ideas are as welcome here as are mine.  It wouldn't surprise me if there are some influential people who have an ongoing interest in this forum.  I will be honored to contribute my musings, ideas and opinions on "ItsYourIssue".  We as a group of Constitutional Conservatives and Patriots would be and should be encouraged to pass along "Fundamental Refounding" to the few influential people we do know, especially those in local politics and business.  I am honored to be a contributing member of FR...And of course Edie, welcome aboard.

Comment by Edie Boudreau on April 24, 2019 at 11:55am

Jerseygal, Robin, and Jerome, I am happy to include Fundamental Refounding in our discourse about IYI, I just felt conversations about problems were an intrusion on RF's hospitality. I welcome any positive input that can possibly forward our progress. The web designer was/is in Canada, and I do not have access to its internal, back-door contents yet, though I have maintained its domain name, and even filed a provisional patent on it. I am not an IT person--I am a Constitutional Conservative creative writer/thinker. I will soon be 84 years old, and though my motto is 55 4 ever, immortality is unlikely; and this project is #1 on my Bucket List. I am determined to donate IYI to Ben Carson--and Donald Trump if he is interested--as I know they have the capability to complete it and make it the positive force that it can be.

In response to the US educational system's success over the past three or four decades in indoctrinating most of the US  students--from K to grad school--into becoming radical liberals, my newest goal is to add an additional independent level: an alternate educational source. I started by thinking of adding subjects and assets for "home-schoolers" to access, by-passing Common Core, and becoming credit-worthy. If we can help to change the attitudes/actions of enough high schools, colleges, and universities before the socialists have absolute control of our government, we can stop at the 8th grade. Do you think that is a pipe-dream?

Comment by Jerome on April 24, 2019 at 3:27pm

Not a pipe-dream, but certainly a monumental task. Not near as monumental as trying to reach the already indoctrinated 3 generations of young people, who will soon be teaching and indoctrinating the next 3 generations. However, it's like fishing "one must get their line wet if they expect to catch fish." Your ideas a worthwhile endeavors, and will have far reaching effects if they come to fruition. Let's do what we can, and pray God blesses the effort.


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