World Health Organization: 10,000 NEW EBOLA CASES PER WEEK BY CHRISTMAS

This person that calls himself President had BETTER stop flights from these countries, IMMEDIATELY! If he doesn't, then the military needs to go drag his sorry ass right out of the White House! This is total insanity! The CDC Director is a lying mouthpiece too! I do not believe one single word they say about anything! 

Tuesday in Geneva, WHO assistant director-general Dr. Bruce Aylward said the outbreak in West Africa could possibly grow to 10,000 new Ebola cases a week by December.
The World Health Organization also said the current Ebola epidemic is officially "a high mortality disease," which now has a death rate that has risen to 70 percent.


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10,000 per week sounds low.  It accounts for some preventative measures, I suppose, but it also seems to ignore geometric progression.

I think you may be right, JB! This is insanity! The CDC has no idea what they are doing either!  They need ONE HOSPITAL and take any person suspected of having this to that hospital, and THAT hospital alone! Our hospitals in this country are not set up for this!  They need assigned staff for just this, that sign up to stay for say, 3 months at a time, and not go home to their family or into the neighborhood to spread this disease. Once their time is up, they stay for 21 days before they can leave as well. They need decontamination rooms that the staff go in and be decontaminated BEFORE they take off the hazmat suits! The people running these agenices are morons and they are going to wipe out millions if they don't do this right! I am no doctor but, dayum!    

Logic & common sense!  Robin for Director CDC!  :)

LOL, JB!  

Thoughts on this? 

CDC Patents Ebola Virus

Oct 10, 2014

Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man diagnosed with Ebola at a hospital in Texas, passed away on Wednesday leaving many with questions of what will happen next with the virus.

After arriving in the US from Liberia on September 20, Duncan quickly became ill and made the trip to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital seeking treatment. Sent home with antibiotics for his fever, vomiting and abdominal pain, Duncan wasn't admitted to the hospital until his symptoms worsened three days later. It was then that he was screened for the Ebola virus and quickly quarantined.

Since then, officials have been keeping a close watch on the Dallas area, in particular the 48 people who had contact with Duncan. So far, none have showed symptoms of the virus, but a close call with a local sheriff's deputy hasn't helped squash the fear that the virus will spread.

Rumors are also stirring that the US government would profit from a potential outbreak because of a patent that it holds on the Ebola virus. While the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions does hold a patent on a strain of Ebola, it doesn't appear to be the particular strain currently at large.

Though there have been headlines out there claiming the government is out to make billions off an upcoming "epidemic," the CDC claims that there is no conspiracy. Government officials have stated that while they do often patent strains of viruses and microbes out there, it's simply to keep it in the public domain so that further research and technology can be developed and kept available to all. Any patents that the government holds on this virus are to be used for the public good and will keep commercial companies from patenting the strains themselves.

For more information check out

Everyone needs to read this! 

A Doctor on the Virology of Ebola


RUSH: Here's Thomas in Washington, DC. Thomas, you're our first call today. It's great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Longtime listener first-time caller. I really appreciate what you're doing.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to make a statement that I think the American people need to hear. (huffing for air) Sorry, I was just out jogging. The... (gasping) I'm a physician here in Washington, DC. I used to be in the military.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I do understand a little bit about viremia and infectious diseases. Before a virus can become contagious and secrete bodily fluids, et cetera, whichever way you're going to catch it, it has to start replicating and develop a viremia on your body. Before... (panting) Excuse me. According to the guidelines on the CDC, they state that 21 days is the incubation period, so to speak, and before the viral entity in your body gets large enough before it becomes contagious.

And a lot of studies have shown that it can be secreted greater than 100 days even after an antibody response has been made out of secretion. So no studies -- zero! Studies that show that a viremia can be spread prior to 21 days have not been vigorously pursued. Meaning, there's not enough data out there to disprove the fact that it can be spread prior to you getting symptoms.

RUSH: Hey, Thomas? Do you have some time to hang on? Because I've got to take a break, and I'd like for you to catch your breath.

CALLER: Yeah, I'm sorry.

RUSH: And go through this when you aren't so time constrained. Do you have time to hang on here?


RUSH: Good. He's a doctor in Washington, out for the morning jog. He didn't expect to get through, I'm sure. So we'll let him catch his breath and we'll get back to him as soon as we can on this.


RUSH: Viremia, ladies and gentlemen, is a medical condition where viruses enter the bloodstream and thus have access to the rest of the body. Viremia is what Thomas, the doctor jogging in Washington, is talking about. We'll hold him over and we'll get to him as soon as we come back and the next hour of the busy broadcast kicks off.


RUSH: We welcome now back to the program a doctor from Washington, Thomas, who called us and got through. He was dialing and happened to get through in the middle of a jog. So he paused and caught his breath, and we welcome you back to the program. I had to go hunt a term you were using, "viremia," and here's what I found. You tell me if this is pretty close: "A medical condition where viruses enter the bloodstream and thus have access to the rest of the body." That's what viremia is, right?


RUSH: Okay. So your basic premise is that we're not being really -- I don't know -- told the truth or they're not shooting it straight on how this disease is spread. Is that your basic point?

CALLER: Well, they are clear on how it spreads through bodily fluids in close contact. What's unclear is one point, based on what you just said. We're not sure if this is... Studies in the past have shown that this is direct contact. Whether it's gone airborne is a question right now. But more to the point, before a virus can become contagious, it has to infect the host body and develop a sufficient level of viremia before it starts getting secreted in the saliva, bodily fluids, et cetera. What they're not telling us is based on studies done in 1995, we do know that a strong viremia occurs out from 21 days and out from 100 days --

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. What does that mean, "a strong viremia occurs out from 21 days"? Twenty-one days from what?

CALLER: Meaning the virus is in high titers [concentration]. When they check for it, they check for extremely high titers out from 21 days. But studies that show that titers can be high and transmissible prior to 21 days. Studies don't disprove it because they haven't been done. Vigorous studies to show this have not been vigorously pursued. So the virus can come up to a high titer prior to you getting very sick and through close contact -- either through kissing or sexual contact or the secretion in the tears or saliva or other things. You can actually catch the disease prior to getting sick. But what they're not telling us is the titers can be high enough for transmissibility prior to you getting a fever.

RUSH: Wait just a second. I'm trying to keep up here. You can catch the disease prior to who getting sick, you or the host?

CALLER: Just, for instance, somebody comes into contact with somebody with Ebola and the virus now replicating in the host body, in the human.

RUSH: But the host may not know it. The patient may not know that he's contagious yet.

CALLER: He has no idea.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: If you're in an infected area or high-risk area where it's found, you should be concerned about it. But if you're around somebody, say, in an airport and they're shedding the virus and they're asymptomatic you have no idea. What I'm saying is the virus can reach elevated levels prior to 21 days, prior to sickness symptoms and be shed through close contact prior to the patient getting sick. So if we're just leaving it as a litmus test, "Oh I'm sick;l therefore I shouldn't be on a plane," or, "therefore I now can transmit this disease," that's wrong. The viremia prior to getting sick can be shed even though it may be smaller but it's still infectious.

RUSH: So let me... So what you're essentially saying is that when we are told, "If a patient is not showing symptoms, you can't catch the disease," that may not be true.

CALLER: That may not be true. Like I said, studies to prove or disprove this have not been made.

RUSH: Wait a minute. If there had been no studies, Doctor, why are they telling everybody, "Don't worry! If you don't see anybody with any symptoms, you can't get it." On what basis are they promising that.

CALLER: Because from a statistical point of view, that's probably true 99% of the time, for the majority of the time. But the virus is replicating in the body prior to it getting to a high enough titer where they can get sick. But prior to the symptoms occurring, the virus can still be spread or shed from the body that has been infected prior to actually having symptoms. This is what people need to know. We cannot be allowing people to come into America even if they're asymptomatic, because the virus can be shed prior to symptoms. Prior to a level of the virus actually hurting the body, the body can be shed in the same manner prior to sickness. It may be statistically low, but it can happen.

RUSH: Well, but that's not going to happen. It's very clear that this regime is not going to institute a protocol like that.

CALLER: Well, they're hurting us. Our own health care workers are at risk. Our patients are at risk. You look at what happened down in Dallas and you'll realize that our facilities are ill equipped to handle an outbreak more than maybe a patient or two. We're not equipped to handle this. We should not be allowing patients to come in from infected areas without like a 31- or 40-day waiting period.

RUSH: No, no, no. Doctor, as has been stated by a number of people now -- particularly when it comes to Liberia and Sierra Leone -- we cannot turn our backs on those people because it was slavery in this country that was responsible for those countries being set up and established so that slaves in this country could escape and have a place for freedom. Now if they're getting sick, we can't turn our backs on them. We can't close the borders. That isn't going to happen for political reasons, among many others.

CALLER: Well, that's illogical. It bares no common sense, and from a national security point of view --

RUSH: Maybe not, but there is common sense if you have different objectives.

CALLER: Well, again, yes. But we can't allow this to happen because we're hurting our country. We're hurting our healthcare system. It's ill equipped to handle this at this point. If you look at the guidelines at the CDC and the way they handle such a virus and the suits that they put on and don and the way they take them off, it is totally different from the way they did down in Dallas.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: It's like Frieden is learning himself day-by-day. We can't allow a retroactive policy to be made based on, "Oh, well this isn't going to work." We have to know what we're dealing with first. We have to have our borders closed to anybody that can spread this disease into this country because it can have horrible repercussions to our health care system.

RUSH: I'm sure you've heard. You mentioned Dr. Frieden and he's one of many. Anthony Fauci at the National Institutes for Health and others have said, "We can't keep people from those countries out. Why, that would defeat the whole effort to control the virus and to control the outbreak, and it would be profiling and it would be almost bigoted! We can't do it. If we shut down those countries and isolate them, we can't get healthcare workers in and out," they say.

CALLER: We can. But again you can't put a political agenda ahead of a national crisis that could occur if we allow this virus to spread unchecked in the United States. It would devastate our economy in the long run, if it gets that bad. We can't do this. We can't handle this.

RUSH: I agree with you. Don't misunderstand. I don't think that way of thinking is prevalent in the highest levels of government. I don't think it's that way at all. I have other worries about that. All you have to do today is take a look at the lead headlines on The Drudge Report.


RUSH: It's a ready-made recipe for authoritarian figures to start dictating all kinds of controls on the people of this country. Not African countries but people of this country.

CALLER: Any thinking person would have to wonder is this by design, as Ben Carson said a couple of weeks ago on national news. You know, this is a recipe for disaster. There may be civil unrest in the next year or so based on the way our administration is handling its crises. We're not handling them well. Either by design or by nefarious inactions, it's showing it can't adequately handle its own national security issues from outside or from within. It's scary.

RUSH: What do you think about the proposal -- I have it in my Ebola stack today -- to establish in every state Ebola-exclusive or specific hospital where only dedicated Ebola hospitals sought after the nurse's infection. This is from Bloomberg News. "US and local health officials want to set up dedicated hospitals in every state for Ebola patients, part of a new emphasis on safety for health care workers."

CALLER: That makes good sense.

RUSH: That does make good sense.


RUSH: This is after the nurse caring for Thomas Duncan has tested positive for the virus. But remember now, Doctor, it was just two weeks ago that Dr. Frieden at CDC assured us that virtually any hospital in the country can do isolation for Ebola.


RUSH: I mean, they're all over the ballpark on this, Doctor.

CALLER: That's not true. We're not even following the same procedures that the CDC uses. When I say "we," from what I gather from the news and from the news clips and watching what's been going on down in Dallas, you can't just put on a suit -- you know, a hazmat suit -- and think you're going to protect yourself against the virus and not really follow the same procedures they're using at the CDC. The CDC is using a totally different procedure. They're putting on an air-positive suit with no seams. They're washing it down prior to taking it off with a bleach solution. As far as I know, they're not doing that in Dallas. They're putting those health care practitioners at risk by not following the same guidelines they're doing at the CDC.

RUSH: Let me ask you one more question. I have an article in the New York Times from 2000, and I've kept it aside here. I referenced it yesterday but I've not delved into it because it's now 15 years old. But the purpose or the point of this article is that Ebola could, in fact, infect non-symptomatic patients via transfusions or sex and maybe even air. It could be. This is 15 years ago they reported it could be airborne. Now, in light of what all you've said, is that even conceivable?

CALLER: Well, yeah. The first two are definitely. As to airborne? (sigh) Again, I don't know if any good study has been done to actually prove or disprove it. Until we know otherwise, I can't say we must assume, but we should assume the worst and act accordingly. Otherwise, we're going to have a very sick nation.

RUSH: Doctor, thanks for the call. I appreciate you taking a break there after your jog and letting us get back to you here in the extra time that you spent. That's Thomas, a physician from Washington weighing in on this.





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