It's been really quiet since the phony inauguration on Jan 20th. Where is everyone?

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The big "SCAM", it's all been a lie.  Please check out "Nuremberg 2.0" on you tube and decide for yourself, that is if it hasn't been removed.  

Thanks for the information Duke. Your post is the first notification that I have received from FR in months. Hope to see everyone back soon.

Hey Duke...I looked at this.  Pretty crazy stuff (tinfoil hat on!), but...

Weird how anything you find on it isn't a mainstream or alternative site.  Guess we'll wait and see what the trial brings.

Reminds me of another 'conspiracy theory' that was only discussed on no-name sites called Agenda 21.  Yeah, I took off that tinfoil hat a long time ago.

To much crap going on out there, probably just distraction from all the commies in charge. I hope these election audits prove the truth. Obiden and Kamala "the ceiling needs paint" Harris and the whole admin. are bunch of unqualified morons. I hope we get the house back in '22 and a majority in the Senate or we can kiss the country and our freedom goodbye. I, and millions of others, fought wars against everything these idiots are putting in place, scares the crap out of me, but, when it gets down to it, I'll do it again.

Life is tough, it's even tougher if your stupid. Duke

Still here, but haven't seen anyone other than the few posting here in months. 

I Am but I  haven't seen  anyone else for quite a while.

I'm from NJ and their going to start door to door canvassing to "find out"  why you didn't take the Vaccine.  I'll greet them with a club!

I, for one, think it's time to come out of our Covid caves and get noisy.

The Coming of Strong Man Populism and the Power of 'No!' 

Get ready for Strong Man Populism. The bad guys - the soft elite who think it can hold onto the societal power it inherited, but did not earn, through petty oppressions - will call it “authoritarianism.” Of course, they like authoritarianism when they are the authority - that’s why they feel no compunction about remaking our country and culture without bothering with obtaining our buy-in. But history teaches - not that they would know it, because they have never been taught it - that a backlash is inevitable. 

We’re going to turn to someone who won’t be deterred by cultural caterwauling, who will not be satisfied with a status quo ante that is deeply anti-American, who will ruthlessly use his power to reclaim our society for us, and who will wreak vengeance on our enemies.  

That last one is important. They must learn never to do this again. 

We’re going to elect a Strong Man Populist because the current crisis is intolerable, and because we understand that the Weak (Wo)Man Caucus - think pliable puffball Jeb! and Chamber of Commerce-curious squishes like Nikki!, Kristi! and Asa! - don’t know what time it is. 

It’s time to smash the ruling class - an odd thing for conservatives to want, but then we’ve never quite had a ruling class that sucked so much.


“No” is the weapon of the Strong Man Populist; it is our weapon. It is a rejection of elite hegemony, and the ruthless use of power to enforce it. And it is coming. 

The establishment should have heeded the warning that was Donald Trump. But if it was smart enough to do that, it never would have botched its cultural curation so spectacularly that it made him necessary. 

The best part of the coming Strong Man Populism will be watching them cry. 

keep reading


Many are around, mebbe just not so active. It has been nice of late seeing emails again from FR come to me, interesting conversation txt deserves a look. Which is why I'm here this am.

The pseudo election was the equivalent to what could only be described as an adult version of writing a letter to Santa Clause. The masking by ken's & karen's throughout America is not only disgusting but really frightening. As I prepare for what may be on it's way for America, I find no time for idle chit chat as we (or many of us), share the same ideas/ideals. It then IMHO becomes redundant.  

I daily ask myself how did we get here? As I ponder the whys, whats, and hows, the day ends. Thus there is just no time left,

(*left <---- no pun intended)...

It’s good to see you, Ed!  We value the input of all our members, so I do hope you’ll continue to share your thoughts with us.  God bless. 





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