Folks, I don't know what is going on, but is this happening with any of you? Read on... I love that Massena Electric!  Ya just don't mess with their poles! ~ JG

Law enforcement officials refuse to identify who installed 'mystery' cameras on utility poles throughout St. Lawrence County


Some area law enforcement officials apparently know who is installing the mysterious camera boxes on utility poles around St. Lawrence County, but they’re not saying who it is.

The boxes, with a window for cameras to peer out of, have popped up in Norwood, Raymondville, DeKalb Junction, Waddington, Massena and Canton, according to witnesses.

Law enforcement officials at local, state and federal agencies agree the boxes contain license plate readers that take snapshots, and are not video cameras that send live feeds. But none of them are willing to identify what agency the cameras belong to and who is operating them.

The cameras appear to be identical to license plate readers advertised on web sites as containing a visible light camera, infrared camera and an infrared light source. The cameras can read plates on passing vehicles, record the plate number, date, time and location, send it to a database for storage, and alert law enforcement if it detects a vehicle or driver being sought.

They are similar to vehicle-mounted units that St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells says his department has been using for 10 years.

But about the pole-mounted cameras, Sheriff Wells says, “They are not mine.”

A spokesperson from National Grid, the major electric distributor in the region, said the company periodically agrees to requests from police agencies for placement of such devices on utility poles, but they are not permitted to reveal any details about whose cameras they are or where they might be.

National Grid’s Virginia Limmiatis, a senior media relations representative in Syracuse, said their policy “authorizes the user to plug into our system. Under the agreement they are required to install and maintain their own equipment.” The user will get a bill for a usage fee. But she couldn’t say whose cameras these are.

Meanwhile, a box Massena Electric employees found on one of their poles was turned over to the Massena Police Department. “We didn’t even know it was a camera,” said Superintendent Andrew McMahon. “We called the village police to pick it up.”

Massena Police Chief Timmy Currier said he returned it to the owner, but wouldn’t say how he knew who the owner was, nor would he say who he gave it to.

A Border Patrol operations officer in the sector station in Swanton, Vt., said he had no knowledge about the use of the cameras. He referred questions to an investigator apparently associated with Franklin County law enforcement, who said he knew about other cameras, but didn’t know about deployment of license plate readers, and wouldn’t discuss it further.

State Police Lt. Kevin Boyea of Troop B said he has no knowledge of the cameras, their origin or their purpose.

However, not all police agencies were aware of the boxes. After discussing it at a periodic meeting of police chiefs from around the county this morning, Wells said, “none of the local chiefs were ever contacted about the existence of these cameras.”

Several of the law enforcement representatives said use of cameras – license plate readers and surveillance cameras – is increasing, and while we might not be used to such scrutiny in the North Country, each cited reports about how people living in cities should expect to be on camera at any given moment.

“Any time you travel in an urban area, you will see lots of cameras,” said Sheriff Wells. Many, he said, are designed to record drivers who go through red lights, and there are many other uses. “They’re designed to assist police. They are a tool for investigators.”

But any law enforcement agency that wants data stored by the cameras can have access to it if they need it and can show why. But they can’t tell us who they send their requests to.

McMahon, the superintendent at Massena Electric Department, said one of his crews found a box on one of their poles and took it down because “it was in the electric space,” the top tier of wires on the pole above the telephone and cable TV wires, and whoever put it there had taken a chance with electrocution. He said they had never received a request or been informed about its placement.

McMahon said whoever put it there might have thought the pole belonged to National Grid, and that it wouldn’t be the first time a mistake like that had happened. He said National Grid themselves had once replaced a damaged Massena Electric pole without knowing it.

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Any organization that requires anonymity regarding their property used in civil society is an organization whose motives should be suspect.

I agree, JB.  That is why I posted it here.  A lot of the residents.. Dems and Repubs both are upset!

Whole lot of I'dnnno going on.

Hi JG, Haven't seen anything like this in my area! Yet!!!!

JG,  I have a fix for your dilemma.  When there is total denial for something in a free society then there is total deniability for countermeasures to correct a clandestine intrusion.  I can draw you a schematic on how to build a "Tater Ejector".  It is pretty well silent and pretty effective.  Cheap to operate.  You can build it out of hardware from Home Depot.  Whooosh and these things are off the poles.  If no one knows where they came from maybe no one will complain when they are gone, eh? LOL..  We wished we had them in Indonesia to take out the loud speakers on the tops of mosques, so we wouldn't have to listen to that monotone shrill 4 times a day.  Especially at 4:30 in the morning.  I guess we have to make a stand somewhere.  This is as good a place to start as any.  I would start by covering the pole owners with paper work and animated protests until they are gone or the group that put them there is put out in the light of day.  This "I dunno" bs doesn't work in America. If they don't have the gumption to stand up to the deed they have done than the deed needs to be undone.  Get a court order.  This is not Moscow YET.

I love the way you think Homer. You are correct in saying that if nobody is taking credit for them then it stands to reason they will not make much of a fuss when they are taken out because of the fact that they obviously do not want anyone to know what they are doing there and for WHOM they serve. JG... get yer Tater Gun and have some fun! Just do not get caught LOL

I use to own a pub, Goober, and when you are in that business you hear it all.  I had a drunken agitator that would come in during the day and start trouble and my customers would throw him out for me.  He would go home, clean up and change clothes and try to get back in after the shift changed.  I was setting with some customers drinking a birthday drink and the fool came through the door again the same day.  I stood up and ordered him out.  He said, "Why, I haven't been here at all today."  I said, "Then you won't mind not coming in again, today, now get out."  I guess he thought he had deniability because he had a new suit of clothes on.  You see, you can't have it both ways.  And NO one in America can have it BOTH ways.  Not even the government.  We are the sovereigns; they are the servants.  It is just that there are so many of them now that we lose track of who is who sometimes, especially on their part.  Every once in awhile there comes along true Americans that stand up and remind them of who they are and what they can and cannot do to us.  People like us here in the RF.

Update, Norma, and it is CBP who finally admitted to installing the cameras, and the story made Fox news this morning.  They say it is to catch 'smuggling' as we are so close to the Canadian border.  Gee, do they do this down south at the 'other' border too?

Not that anyone knows about.

So why here?  It sure makes me wonder.  Our smuggling problem is worse here than on our southern border?





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