UPDATE 12/2/2020 On Things At My Home and my being absent! Ref: Rick's Cancer

Hi Everyone!

Just an update on things in my neck of the woods. It's just easier to post this here.

1st let me apologize for not being around. Our country is on FIRE and we all need to band together to save this Republic! I will try to be on much more now that all these pre-op tests are over with.

Now, on top of Rick having Non-Hogkins Lymphoma for the past 10 years, he has Colon Cancer! People with Non-Hogkins Lymphoma can live for a very long time if you stay on top of it and have good doctors. I think Arlen Spector, Congressman, lived with it for over 25 years. That being said, NHL can spread to other organs and the bone marrow as well. Well, it has in Rick's case.

I have been running Rick for test after test in the past weeks. Rick did a Cologuard test which came back positive for Colon Cancer. Next, was the Colonoscopy, which showed 3 cancerous lumps in his colon. Next, was a Sigmoidoscope for the Surgeon to go in and look all around. Yesterday was a Cat Scan, bloodwork and urine tests, all for the surgeon.

Rick MUST have surgery! The Surgeon wants to make sure he has NO SURPRISES when he does the surgery. We sit down with the Surgeon in his office on the 18th to go over everything. From my understanding, this is a very dangerous surgery. If things don't go right, Rick could end up with a Colostomy bag, which the Surgeon is doing everything in his power to make sure that doesn't happen.

Rick has a team of 5 doctors that are involved in this surgery. His cancer doctor, Surgeon, Infectious Doctor, Urologist, Pulmonologist. Needless to say, this has been a scheduling nightmare for me so far, and, going to all of these appointments with this Virus and the mask BULLCRAP is a nightmare as well. I've been stressed beyond words and totally exhausted most days.

I will know that date of surgery after the meeting on the 18th. Once it is set, he will be admitted to the Hospital. He will be knocked out and the Urologist will 1st put in protection around his kidneys, so they don't get nicked by accident. Then, the Surgeon will perform the surgery. He will be in the hospital barring any complication for up to 5 days. I WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE IN THE HOSPITAL. Because his doctors love me, and because of his NHL, he will have a private room!! And, I get to park in the Doctor's Parking Lot once he is admitted!!! YAYYYY Rick says it's my wit, charm, and, personality! I love how he still has his sense of humor through all of this!

I just wanted to check in, let you know what's gong on and tell you all that I pray you are all well, and, I MISS YOU ALL!

Love to you all and God Bless,



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My thoughts and prayers are w you both. Been there.

Thanks for the update Robin. I know this is a tough time for you and Rick, and you have nothing to apologize for! I will be praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery for Rick and God's strength, comfort and peace for you both. 

Prayers for Rick and you, hang in there

No need to apologize for your absence Robin, that would be enough for anyone to handle. I'll say a prayer for Rick.

Sounds like you and Rick have not just full plates, but overloaded ones.  I can only imagine your stress levels.

But there's no doubt in my mind that you're up for this challenge.  I just bought a shirt that says, "Underestimate me...that'll be fun".  You need one, too!

All the hugs and prayers are headed your way.  Attitude is everything and it appears you and Rick have that part covered.

Stay strong and keep us posted!

Robin we all understand that Rick's health must always come first. I'm continuing to pray for both you and Rick and have asked for prayer help from friends at church. Please try to take care of yourself so you have the strength to continue fighting for him.  God Bless You Both.

Robin, God bless you both!  I have you in my prayers, and will continue!  You are an awesome caregiver, and you always find the strength to keep doing the next right thing for you both!  Love you tons!  <3

Thank you everyone for all your prayers. After a multitude of tests for 4 different doctors just to be cleared for this surgery, It is FINALLY scheduled for Oct 6th! They said he would be in the hospital for up to possibly 6 or so days. I can NOT believe all that they put him through. I know this surgery is dangerous, but, OMG this has been horrible. I can't wait to get this behind him and me.

Thanks again!
Love you all

Thanks for the update Robin. Keeping the two of you in my prayers. 

Does anyone know if Rick was operated on yesterday& if he was are both Rick & Robin ok.

I've been praying for God to Bless them with a good outcome.

No, he did not have it. Surgery was canceled as soon as they took Rick back to get him ready to go to the operating room on the 6th, Ruthie. He was immediately admitted because his oxygen level was dangerously low. He spent the last week in the hospital. They found he has a bacterial lung infection. He was then given massive doses of IV Steroids and 2 strong antibiotics. This infection in his lungs is most likely due to wearing masks. This turned into a total nightmare. Now, he has to go through ALL the prep tests all over again. We go back to see the surgeon on the 21st and it starts all over again. The prep is a lot and detailed. About 7 things he will have to do again. Im taking care of him at home to get him stronger. It's been quite an ordeal.

Thanks for caring!

Love you!

I keep Praying God will give you and Rick a GOOD break. I'm just glad they caught the lung problem before the surgery. God Bless and protect you both.





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