Trump Says Coronavirus Response Is Working, Taps Pence To Lead Fight

President Trump told Americans not to panic over the coronavirus Wednesday, saying he’s taken the reins, U.S. patients are recovering, and his decision to defy critics and restrict travel from China is working.

“It turned out to be a very good thing,” Mr. Trump said. “Because of all we’ve done the risk to the American people remains very low.”

The president also announced he is tasking Vice President Mike Pence with leading America’s fight against the new pathogen.

Mr. Trump adopted a rosier tone than his own officials, who one day prior said the virus that’s sickened thousands elsewhere is all but guaranteed to spread in U.S. communities, so Americans should get ready.

Flanked by his government disease-fighters, the president said he doesn’t think flare-ups are inevitable.

“Whatever happens, we’re totally prepared,” he said. “It may get a little bigger, it may not get bigger at all.”

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World Health Organization Coronavirus, now dubbed COVID-19, is 'public enemy number 1' and potentially more powerful than terrorism

The first vaccine targeting the new coronavirus could be 18 months away, and the outbreak could end up creating a global threat potentially worse than terrorism, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned.

Key points:

The novel coronavirus is now known as COVID-19

A British "super-spreader" is being held in quarantine despite making a full recovery

More than 1,000 people have died and more than 43,000 people have been infected
WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters in Geneva the vaccine lag meant "we have to do everything today using available weapons" and said the epidemic posed a "very grave threat".

"To be honest, a virus is more powerful in creating political, economic and social upheaval than any terrorist attack," Dr Ghebreyesus said.

"A virus can have more powerful consequences than any terrorist action.

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of 1,017 people in mainland China, where there were 42,708 cases.

Only 319 cases have been confirmed in 24 other countries and territories outside mainland China, with two deaths: one in Hong Kong and the other in the Philippines.

Dr Ghebreyesus said the virus had been named COVID-19, explaining that it was important to avoid stigma and that other names could be inaccurate.

He urged countries to step up measures to detect and contain the virus, especially in at least 30 countries with weaker health systems, where it could "create havoc".

"With 99 per cent of cases in China, this remains very much an emergency for that country, but one that holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world," he said.

He referred to "some concerning instances of onward transmission from people with no travel history to China", citing cases this week in France and Britain.

Britain's 'super-spreader' speaks

A British man dubbed a "super-spreader" of the virus spoke for the first time on Tuesday (local time), saying his thoughts were with those affected as he remained quarantined in a London hospital despite fully recovering.

Steve Walsh, 53, unwittingly infected 11 other people with coronavirus after catching the disease in Singapore before travelling to a French ski resort, and then returning to his hometown of Hove on the English coast.

It is believed six of the eight cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom are linked to him.

In a statement released by Guy's Hospital in London, Mr Walsh thanked the National Health Service for its help and care.

"As soon as I knew I had been exposed to a confirmed case of coronavirus I contacted my GP, NHS 111 and Public Health England," he said.

Entire article here

Also saw that the WHO said it can spread via handling money! So much we do not know yet!!!





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