Thu Tids 3/19/20 TOP TID Trump Secures GOP Presidential Nomination With Tuesday’s Primary Victories

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Trump Secures GOP Presidential Nomination With Tuesday’s Primary Victories

Tonight, President Trump officially became the @GOP presumptive nominee!

Setting a record for turnout for an incumbent president.


‘Immediate Use’ — Trump Waives F.D.A. Regulations, Allows Chloroquine And Other Drugs To Be Used For Coronavirus Therapy

Great news.

Trump considers mobilizing National Guard for coronavirus response

The administration is considering mobilizing the National Guard and Reserve at the federal level to help combat the coronavirus, Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced Tuesday, while also preparing hospital ships to treat patients.

Trump announces he is invoking Defense Production Act to fight coronavirus

The act ensures the private sector can ramp-up manufacturing and distribution of emergency medical supplies and equipment. The move gives the White House the authority to increase production of masks, ventilators and respirators, as well as expand hospital capacity to combat the coronavirus.

Legislation Introduced to End U.S. Pharmaceutical Dependence on China

Trump admin HALTS refugee arrivals over coronavirus…

For 3 weeks.

LIVE UPDATES: Here’s What Every State In America Is Doing To Combat The Spread Of The Coronavirus


Crisis Socialism: No Bailouts for Open Borders Globalists!

A Commentary By Michelle Malkin

No. No. No. No. No. The answer from the American people across the political spectrum to the airline industry's plea for a $50 billion taxpayer-subsidized bailout in the Age of WuFlu must be "Hell, no!" times 50 billion.

Why should working-class American citizens being laid off from restaurants, bars, grocery stores, ports, gyms, entry-level service jobs and gig economy contracts rescue one of the beltway swamp's most powerful corporate lobbies -- backed by the planet's third-richest mogul, Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway multinational holding company owns massive stakes in American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and United?

Reminder: Berkshire Hathaway walked away with $10 billion after the 2012 AIG publicly funded bailout. How much more in private wealth will Bailout Buffett reap from a federal flight fright freakout? This exploitative campaign to "stabilize" U.S. passenger carriers is about shoring up globalist profits, not patriotism.

After the aviation industry's last $15 billion shakedown of taxpayers following the 9/11 terrorist attacks (a hefty combo of direct cash assistance and loan guarantees plus civil liability protection), airline stocks soared as oil prices plummeted, carriers crammed more passengers into tinier seats and customers faced new and higher charges on everything from carry-on baggage to Wi-Fi to peanuts. High-flying American, JetBlue, United and Southwest splurged on megastock buybacks and dividend hikes for shareholders. In fact, Bloomberg News reported that the top airlines plowed 96% of their free cash flow over the last decade on buybacks.

Now, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is playing the world's smallest violin, crying that the COVID-19 pandemic "is worse than 9/11" for an airline industry unprepared for catastrophic disruption. Well, boo-hoo-hoo. Or I should say: Wu-hoo-hoo. If 9/11 wasn't enough of an incentive to plan ahead and crisis-proof their companies, then these big biz beggars deserve to fail.

Don't misunderstand. My heart is with the 1 million employees who work in aviation. If this bailout were meant to take care of workers vital to the U.S. economy, then take the proposed $50 billion, divide it by 1 million, and cut $50,000 checks for each of them and their families. Instead, key Beltway GOP leaders are lining up to help shepherd through $29 billion in federal grants for both passenger and cargo carriers, plus a reported $29 billion in zero-interest loans or loan guarantees, and suspension of federal excise taxes on fuel, cargo and airline tickets for an undetermined period.


Kudlow Says Government May Take Equity Stakes for Company Aid

The White House’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said the administration may consider asking for an equity stake in corporations who want coronavirus aid from taxpayers.

“One of the ideas is, if we provide assistance, we might take an equity position,” Kudlow said Wednesday at the White House, adding that the 2008 bailout of General Motors Co. had been a good deal for the federal government.

But Kudlow cautioned that the idea was just one of many, and that the ultimate form of the coronavirus stimulus legislation would depend on what emerged from negotiations with Capitol Hill.

“This thing is one day at a time,” Kudlow said.

Kudlow also said the administration could “up the ante” beyond its $1.3 trillion stimulus proposal if the economic impact of the coronavirus is worse than anticipated.

“We’ll do whatever it takes,” he said.

Kudlow’s comments about the GM bailout contrast with his assessment in 2009, when he called the Obama administration’s rescue of the automaker “an attack on free-market capitalism.”

“Call it Bailout Nation or Ownership Nation, it’s an unprecedented degree of government command, control, and planning, all in the name of a tough economic downturn,” Kudlow wrote on CNBC’s website.

Rich Socialist Restaurateur Lays Off Hundreds Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

A socialism-themed restaurant chain in Washington, D.C., run by a multimillionaire former mayoral candidate laid off hundreds of staffers this week due to the city's coronavirus restrictions, according to reports.

Andy Shallal, a restaurateur who unsuccessfully ran for D.C. mayor in 2014, said he was forced to let go hundreds of waiters and other employees at Busboys and Poets, his chain of six restaurants and bookstores across the city, according to DCist. Shallal, a longtime advocate for mandatory paid sick leave and minimum wage hikes, has hosted events at his restaurants for former convicted Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, former U.S. Communist Party leader Angela Davis, and a Venezuelan government reception honoring the legacy of Hugo Chavez.

"This is dramatic. This is not a joke," Shallal told DCist, adding that he is applying for loans from the D.C. government to keep the business afloat. "How's that going to play out?" he asked the outlet. "It's going to break the bank, but someone needs to come through."


FLASHBACK Jan. 14: WHO Tells Everyone Don’t Worry Because China Says Coronavirus Isn’t Contagious

Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.— World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) January 14, 2020

Thanks, Communists, for infecting the world.

Abortion Advocates Call On FDA To Remove Restrictions On Abortion Drugs Over Coronavirus Crisis, Push Abortion Telemedicine

Abortion advocates expressed fear that access may be impacted by the coronavirus crisis, suggesting the Food and Drug Administration should remove protections on abortion drugs and increase access to abortion telemedicine.

These advocates said access might be hindered as abortion doctors fall ill to coronavirus, leaving communities with few to no abortion doctors, and called for donations to support the organizations and providers still offering abortions. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) drew on the coronavirus pandemic and called for donations Wednesday.

“We are working tirelessly to ensure that everyone (except the baby) gets the care they need, and to advocate for policies that protect and expand our health and rights — but we need your help,” the email stated above a “Donate Now” button.

Whose Public Safety? During COVID-19, Some Cops Stop Arresting for Assault, Manslaughter, Theft and ...

This week Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced that local cops will not arrest people who commit a crime for which there's a $50,000 bail or less. He told reporters that he wanted to keep criminals out of the jails to protect the inmates from spreading COVID-19.

We're only really just beginning to appreciate the threat posed by COVID-19. This is no small thing, as you know. We understand it to be an existential threat to a large populace of our country. This is a governmental effort the likes of which we haven't seen since teaming with Winston Churchill to save the world in WWII, collecting as much brainpower to achieve the moon landing, and responding to 9/11 and the terrorist threat.

For many Americans, however, the thug on the corner who doesn't care about socially distancing his gun from your head to steal your money or your car is more of an existential threat.

Young and Stupid: 20 Percent of COVID-19 Hospitalizations Are Age 20-44

No, all you stupid college kids cavorting on Florida beaches for spring break, swapping spit and other bodily fluids. You are not invincible.

What's more, the CDC announced that COVID-19 is more of a threat for younger people than originally thought. It turns out that up to 20 percent of hospitalizations for the disease are those aged 20-44 and 2-3 percent in that age group end up in intensive care.


It's so simple even a brainwashed, indoctrinated college kid should be able to figure it out. You can play Russian Roulette with your own life if you want, but have mercy on the rest of us and do as you're told: stay away from crowds and party at home.


Medical Device Company Company Threatens To Sue Hospitals Who 3D Printed Valves For Life Saving Equipment…

The company literally can’t produce them fast enough and the best case scenario is months, not days or weeks. What’s the issue?

A medical device manufacturer has threatened to sue a group of volunteers in Italy that 3D printed a valve used for life-saving coronavirus treatments. The valve typically costs about $11,000 from the medical device manufacturer, but the volunteers were able to print replicas for about $1 (via Techdirt).

A hospital in Italy was in need of the valves after running out while treating patients for COVID-19. The hospital’s usual supplier said they could not make the valves in time to treat the patients, according to Metro. That launched a search for a way to 3D print a replica part, and Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Ramaioli, who work at Italian startup Isinnova, offered their company’s printer for the job, reports Business Insider.

However, when the pair asked the manufacturer of the valves for blueprints they could use to print replicas, the company declined and threatened to sue for patent infringement, according to Business Insider Italia. Fracassi and Ramaioli moved ahead anyway by measuring the valves and 3D printing three different versions of them.

NBA Teams Catch Heat For Using Private Companies For Coronavirus Testing As America Experiences Shortages

Government Wants Your Phones Location Data To Fight Corona, Google And Facebook Might Actually Give It To Them…

That’s a BIG nope.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government is in active talks with Facebook, Google and a wide array of tech companies and health experts about how they can use location data gleaned from Americans’ phones to combat the novel coronavirus, including tracking whether people are keeping one another at safe distances to stem the outbreak.

Public-health experts are interested in the possibility that private-sector companies could compile the data in anonymous, aggregated form, which they could then use to map the spread of the infection, according to three people familiar with the effort, who requested anonymity because the project is in its early stages.

Analyzing trends in smartphone owners’ whereabouts could prove to be a powerful tool for health authorities looking to track coronavirus, which has infected more than 180,000 people globally. But it’s also an approach that could leave some Americans uncomfortable, depending on how it’s implemented, given the sensitivity when it comes to details about their daily whereabouts.

Multiple sources stressed that – if they proceed – they are not building a government database. In recent interviews, Facebook executives said the U.S. government is particularly interested in understanding patterns of people’s movements, which can be derived through data the company collects from users who allow it. The tech giant in the past has provided this information to researchers in the form of statistics, which in the case of coronavirus, could help officials predict the next hotspot or decide where to allocate overstretched health resources.


GOP Wins Three Pennsylvania House Races, One in District That Voted Hillary +9

Democrat Voters Vote Out One of the Few Remaining Pro-Life Democrats

Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski, one of the few remaining pro-life Democrats, lost to progressive challenger Marie Newman Tuesday night by two percentage points.

While Lipinski was backed by pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, which launched a five-figure campaign to support the incumbent, Newman was backed by pro-abortion Emily’s List as well as Justice Democrats, which “helped make” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“This isn’t just a loss for one incumbent,” Justice Democrats said on Twitter. “It’s a defeat for machine politics and big corporate donors who want to stop our movement for ‘Medicare for all,’ a Green New Deal and reproductive rights.”

Tulsi Exits Presidential Race, Endorses Biden

Bernie Sanders Erupts at CNN Reporter: ‘I’m Dealing with a F**king Global Crisis’

Bernie Sanders when @mkraju asked his timeframe for a decision: "I'm dealing with a fucking global crisis."

"Right now I'm trying to do my best to make sure that we don't have an economic meltdown and that people don't die. Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?"

— Eric Bradner (@ericbradner) March 18, 2020

Sanders’ blow-up comes after he said that he is reassessing his campaign after another round of losses against former Vice President Joe Biden in the Democrat primary. Biden swept Tuesday’s three-state primary in Arizona, Illinois, and Florida.

Bernie Sanders announces he may be dropping out soon…


ICE to scale back arrests and avoid healthcare facilities during coronavirus pandemic

"To ensure the welfare and safety of the general public as well as officers and agents in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will temporarily adjust its enforcement posture beginning today, March 18, 2020," according to a statement from ICE, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security.

ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations officers will prioritize arresting people who are residing in the U.S. without permission and who are deemed "public safety risks" or who have a serious criminal record. The latter of the categories is legally barred from being released once in custody. It is not clear how significantly the scaling back of arrests will affect the number of people taken into custody. In fiscal 2019, ICE arrested approximately 143,000 people within the country.

ICE will not attempt to make arrests at health facilities following complaints from Democratic lawmakers and immigrant activists who said some might be afraid to get medical help because federal officers may be present.

"Consistent with its sensitive locations policy, during the COVID-19 crisis," ICE said in the statement. "ICE will not carry out enforcement operations at or near health care facilities, such as hospitals, doctors' offices, accredited health clinics, and emergent or urgent care facilities, except in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Individuals should not avoid seeking medical care because they fear civil immigration enforcement."

Off-duty Border Patrol agent stops mass stabbing inside Texas Sam’s Club. Where’s the media?

The incident took place at around 7:30 p.m. that evening, when Gomez allegedly stabbed two children and two adults inside of the store.

One of the victims was an employee of the store who’d approached Gomez after catching wind of customers being stabbed.

The off-duty agent, who has been reported as Agent Bernie Ramirez, intervened. Agent Ramirez drew his weapon and managed to disarm the 19-year-old suspect and detain him until police arrived.


Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims Increased to 281,000 Last Week

Gun Background Checks Surge 300% – Creating Massive Backlog

NYT: Coronavirus-Fueled Spike in Gun Purchases Will Lead to More Deaths

IRS To Delay The April 15 Tax Payment Deadline By 90 Days

Here’s what we know about the 112 people who’ve died in the US with coronavirus


WATCH: White House reporters keep asking Trump why he calls it “Chinese Virus” after he’s already answered the question!

ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega

Vid (:49)

NBC News Correspondent Says Coronavirus ‘Is A Bat Virus, Not A China Virus’

Vid (:51) A comment: Chinese Bat Virus it is, then.


FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Claimed 'China Is Not Our Problem'

MacCallum Calls Out Biden Advisor Trying To Score Political Point On Coronavirus: “Let’s Be Serious"

Vid (2:40) This is good.

Biden Adviser Praises Communist China’s Response To Coronavirus…

Vid (:16)


Dem Gov. Cuomo: President Trump ‘Has Our Backs’ On Coronavirus…

Ilhan Omar Praises Trump’s “Incredible” Economic Response to Coronavirus

CNN’s Dana Bash calls Trump ‘remarkable,’ says he is being the leader America needs

Which Horseman of the Apocalypse Is This? Joe Scarborough Praises Trump for Wuhan Response


'We’re Going To Need Those Beds': Baltimore Mayor Urges Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other As Coronavirus Spreads

Las Vegas Strip Club Offers Nude Sanitizer Wrestling And Another Bold Business Idea During Coronavirus Pandemic

Rick Wilson unleashes “MAGA fury” after he wishes Melania Trump to “Be Infected” with coronavirus

Anti-Trump leader Rick Wilson actually tweeted that Melania Trump “#BeInfected” after it was reported that she would appear in public health PSAs for coronavirus


Marvel Is Introducing New Characters ‘Snowflake’ & ‘Safespace’ — NOT A JOKE

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I love that some of them are admitting he is doing a good job with this virus response!

It makes me laugh when I see them admitting it too! LOL When you see Cuomo NY Governor and CA Gov Newsome giving him praise, it does my hear good to see them!





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