This is a copy of the email I sent to my US Senator. I started it, put it in draft, and came back to it.  I warmed to the task and got hot under the collar!

Hello Senator Toomey,

I just called your Allentown office to register my discontent with The Affordable Health Care Act which is anything but affordable for many people. I understand that I am joining the growing list of discontent, if not anger at something that is being foisted on this country.

I am one of the people who is loosing my health insurance on 12/31/'2013. Enclosed is a copy of the termination notice and a copy of my latest insurance bill for the policy which will expire (a reasonable $156.00 per month). This policy was serving me well. I am healthy. I only began to take daily medication for high blood pressure at the end of 2012. This medication is around $20.00 a month. Before this, I would rarely darken the door of my primary doctor. I have some sporadic need of lab work (perhaps 1-2 times a year and sometimes less). I have had an even lesser need of the hospital or ER. (I have not been admitted to the hospital since the mid 80's and only 1 or 2 visits to the ER in this time.)

Knowing that I would need to find insurance, I tried and have continued to try to make an account on -- to no avail. // I was able to fill out an application over the phone during the second week of this month. I have yet to receive a paper copy and/or e-mail copy of the completed application. I have called twice and have been to8ld that a copy of the completed paper work is making its way through the system to me. (The people @ the call center for the AHCA have been great. These people deserve a thumbs up big time.)

Here is the rub. I had to stop working for health concerns @ the end of December 2012. I am now healthy again , and I have not been able to find work to date -- thus no real income for 2013. Obviously, I do not know what my income will be for 2014. // As I began to look and talk with the call center for the governmental web site and my insurer, Independence Blue Cross, I have found that do not qualify for any subsidies to pay for the health care. Worse yet, I do not qualify for Medicaid. I have some savings. Also, as I live with my Mom, who is all but 88, Medicaid wanted a copy of her 2012 income tax return! That isn't happening!!! // After talking with my insurer and looking for health insurance, I have found a "bargain" deal for $390.00 +. (The man, Curtis, who helped me did a great job too.) I am enclosing a summery of my perspective health insurance for 2014. // By the way, if I were working this year and next and made the income that I did in 2012 (approximately **,***), my monthly premium for this policy would be around $88.00. Excuse me. Something is backward. I am not looking for a government hand-out. I am looking to take care of myself and pay my own bills – not mine and others. Right now, that isn’t easy, and the AHCA isn’t making things any easier.

I feel that I am being penalized for thrift, clean living, and being healthy. // I understand that you are doing your best to ameliorate this mess. Thank you for your efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Carol Singer

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Outstanding letter, Carol! I am tweeting this out on twitter! Thanks for sharing and posting this!

I don't know if you did Tweet it, but if you haven't please check for a repost.  I edited it a tad.  // Thank you for the comment.  If I am careful, I can normally express myself well with a pen.  

Carol, Excellent letter and I feel very bad about your situation. Unfortunately,  you and many other Americans, are finding themselves in the same predicament.   

To the socialist in charge, your sin is that you are one of those who tend to listen to your body, to be independent and to be self-reliant.  He can't tolerate that, it doesn't fit his model for the transformation of America.





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