The Times We Live in Today! Be Aware of Your Surroundings, Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

Hi Folks,

After watching quite a lot of the Zimmerman trial and now seeing the aftermath of violence, I would like to share my feelings and some things I have said to my family members.

We know that what we witnessed with the Not Guilty verdict, was our Justice System working. We also know that we are not living in a country run by people that actually love this country or that care about the citizens. When a man is found not guilty by a jury of his peers, after all evidence is presented by the state, and now the lawless DOJ is considering bringing charges on him for Civil Rights violations, we are living in very scary times.

The FBI already found that Zimmerman had no racial bias. Eric Holder is one of the radicals running the country, led by the radical President. The thing that concerns me is, this could happen to any of us in the future! Think about it.

We also have the likes of the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. All who feed off the racial divides they can create. It is how they make their money. They live off the backs of their own people, while pretending to actually care about them. Keeping their own down is their lifeblood.

Add radical groups like The Black Panthers and now the CPUSA and we have a horrible mixture conjuring up what appears to me, as the way to fuel race wars. The radicals need chaos to further their agenda. To "Fundamentally Transform" a Nation! They have also set race relations back 50 years in the process.

The reason for my post is to just remind all of you that we need to be aware of how dangerous this can be. Coming from my career background, I have seen things such as the violence and rioting that took place last night in California. What seems to be a small disturbance can quickly turn into a total disaster. I have dispatched while this has happened. It starts small and then before you know it things are being set on fire, things being hurled at the police and innocent people being hurt or killed.

Please, if you can avoid it, stay out of any city. Be always aware of where you go. When you do go out, check your surroundings before you get out of your vehicle. If you have a CCW, carry your weapon. If you don't have a CCW, carry your legal size knife, mace or pepper spray and don't be afraid to use it. Purchase and carry/wear a loud whistle. Do not put yourself in a bad situation at any time. If you have to go to a city, don't go alone. If you see big crowds, do not stop or get out of your vehicle. Basically, what I am saying is use common sense and just protect yourself from becoming a victim.

We truly are living in some very different and scary times!

Take care,

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Good advice Robin. This is not the world we lived in during the '50's, '60s, '70s or even the '80s. Never assume all the people around you are rational, thinking people.

It is truly terrible to have be 'on your guard' any time you are out of your house.

I've always been on my guard wherever I go. I saw way too much while working. Very ugly things that people do to other people.


...GOOD ADVICE, Robin... these are scary times, and I fear this is just the beginning.  I'd like to add, IF you know like minded who live nearby, now is the time to talk with them about forming a "group" that can quickly band together should "things" get worse... those who may not have been receptive to such an idea a week ago, may very likely be receptive now.



Agree with that Tom! It is just the beginning. People need to talk to their kids especially and family and make sure they are prepared and be smart about where they go. Conversations with neighbors as well.

Excellent Advice.

I would add that if one plans on carrying a knife for self defense you had better know how to handle it as a weapon. If not get some good training and PRACTICE.  A knife is very easily taken and used against you if you aren't committed to using it and don't know what you are doing. Also a knife is a close quarter, one on one weapon and you need to know where and how to strike and not be squeamish about it. Best to not even tip your hand in a situation where a knife may be your self defense. If you don't know someone trained ( like military friend) then check out  martial arts schools. They should have an instructor who would give private lessons

2nd thing to add - Mobs attacked cars that were stopped due to the protestors stopping traffic...avoid any areas that would be targeted by protestors/marches. Take round about ways of getting to destination if you absolutely have to travel in cities. In Oakland the protestors occupied a major consider that freeways my not be safe to travel within cities either.

Safer to avoid those areas all together. Better to defend your family and yourself in your home than exposed on the street or in a stopped car when mobs are the issue. Shotgun is worth consideration in home.....with large animal ammo ;)

Above all, everyday out in the public or at home...Common Sense, Awareness of Your Surroundings -Have a Plan in Mind, you know, the What If  ....and What could I do IF......scenarios) and Trust Your Gut  - if something or someone doesn't feel right  then it isn't right and deal accordingly to keep yourself safe.

Get some training...even a few women's self defense clinics with hands on practice help you to get a feel for hwo to be aware, gets your mind thinking and gives you a few physical and mental tools to use and keep in mind.


"Common Sense, Awareness of Your Surroundings"

...EVERY training course I've taken or read, stresses the exact same thing... be aware of your surroundings, who's in it and what's happening...


Great additions Justfolk! That's why I did this post. To get feedback and get everyone talking and thinking. Thank you so much!

Good post, Robin...when seconds count, be assured the police are just a few minutes away.

An old friend (sheriff) taught me a long time ago to ALWAYS pay attention to your surroundings....always.

Thanks Jodi! Thank goodness for old friends. Good advise to live by.

Good advice Robin. As a former victim, I am always vigilant when it comes to my surroundings.

Thanks, Kwic! Sorry you were a victim in the past. That affected the rest of your life for sure.

Yes it does affect you Robin. I thought that I was so vigilant, and the few seconds that I let my guard down, left me vulnerable to attack. I am a lot more observant, never turning my back to anyone.





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