Hello everyone,


I just wanted to bring an item to your attention.  It is a small folding stove called 'Firebox'.  More information regarding this stove can be had via their website found here:  http://foldingfirebox.com/


The following is a picture of the Firebox showing it both open and folded:


The following is a photo showing a size comparison of the folded Firebox in relation to a pen:



The following caption is a description of the Firebox from their webstite:

The Firebox is a multi-purpose Super Tool for fire. It’s a Multi-fuel Cook Stove able to utilize wood and other fuels found in nature, solid fuel tablets, alcohol burners, gel fuels (Sterno), wood pellets or charcoal briquettes. The Firebox’s larger size and sturdy construction makes it stable enough for a large dutch oven yet it can be used with cookware as small as a camping cup. The Firebox is also easy to set up. It effortlessly opens into position, and when it’s time to go it folds flat – ready to slide into your pack.”

This video advertisement illustrates much of the Firebox's versatility:




The Firebox's specifications are as follows:


Dimensions:  5” X 5” X 7.5” open, 5” X 3/8” X 7.5” folded.

Weight:  2.2 lbs.

Material: 18ga. Stainless Steel


If there is a con to the Firebox, it would be the weight when compared to some other options available. However, the material used (18ga. stainless steel)  and the design make this a very strong, sturdy, durable, portable and versatile option that will not warp when used.  This more than makes up for the added weight, at least for me.  However, it is something people should be mindful of when putting together their perspective kits for camping, hiking or for a  B.O.B.  The Firebox can easily be slipped behind the seat in a truck, or even under the seat in a car as well.  In those instances obviously weight would not be a concern.


The structural integrity of the Firebox is well-illustrated by the following video:



They currently have a Youtube channel with well over 50 videos showing the Firebox 'in action'.  Their Youtube channel can be found here:




I purchased the following:


The Firebox which has the ash pan and two 'Fire Sicks' that come with it.

The upgrade kit which includes the Grill Plate, the Boil Plate and an extra set of Fire Sticks.

Their heavy duty cordura carrying case that has a D-ring.


I am thrilled that I ran across the Firebox, and am very happy with it.  I definitely thought it was an item that deserved to be shared.  I hope this post has been both informative and useful.


God bless,



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Bringing back the the front for new members! 

For those of you who have either purchased or are thinking of purchasing a folding firebox, these are a couple great accessories to consider adding to your folding firebox:

5" Extended Grill Plate http://www.fireboxstove.com/accessories/5-inch-extended-grill-plate

5" Adjustable Fire Grate http://www.fireboxstove.com/5-inch-adjustable-fire-grate

Fire Grate Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwAS3YBM8pI

Olicamp Space Saver Cup http://www.fireboxstove.com/space-saver-cup


Thought I would add this review video by Chris from PreparedMind101 on the Firebox Stove for all to see how well it works! 

Firebox 5" Folding Campfire Stove: First Impressions and Use


Made in the USA! 

Hello Robin,

Decent video.  Chris seemed to be pretty impressed with it.  He's done quite a few stove reviews, and seemed astonished by the efficiency of the Firebox.  He doesn't go into a lot of the functionality and versatility of the stove though.  People should really visit the Firebox Youtube channel to get a gauge on all of that.  I certainly like the removable ash pan for extended burns on the Firebox, and the added versatility it provides over the B.E. copy of it.  I just got the Firebox Nano, and I think it is easily the best small or "EDC" version of a stove on the market.  Unless you solely use Esbit tabs, it is definitely the way to go.  Also it is worth noting that the cedar discs are nothing short of amazing, and work great as a fuel storage for apartment dwellers.  Have a good day!

God bless.

Definitely decent video from Chris! I agree that the removable ash pan and the whole design on the Firebox is far superior to the others! The Nano is excellent for EDC and it's just so cute! LOL I am impressed with all the items from Firebox! Plus it's American made! Steve is a pretty nice guy as well! 

Take care,

Robin ;)  

Thanks to both of you for the support, Robin, Rahthrae. It means a lot coming from you guys.

I'm real happy with Chris's review! He seemed real impressed with the amount of power the Firebox is capable of producing for use as a contained campfire. 

That's really why the Firebox is made of thicker material than most stoves. To handle the higher amount of heat the Firebox's design produces. More air = more heat.

I think sometimes people get the idea that the Firebox is heavier for no reason. Not so.

Take care and god bless!

Hi Steve!

So great of you to stop in and leave such kind words! We are happy to support you and your great products! That it why I tweet it out so often! We love them! 

Take care and stop in more often.

Robin :) 

Think I'll bring this back up and tweet it out. ;)





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