Hello everyone,


I just wanted to bring an item to your attention.  It is a small folding stove called 'Firebox'.  More information regarding this stove can be had via their website found here:  http://foldingfirebox.com/


The following is a picture of the Firebox showing it both open and folded:


The following is a photo showing a size comparison of the folded Firebox in relation to a pen:



The following caption is a description of the Firebox from their webstite:

The Firebox is a multi-purpose Super Tool for fire. It’s a Multi-fuel Cook Stove able to utilize wood and other fuels found in nature, solid fuel tablets, alcohol burners, gel fuels (Sterno), wood pellets or charcoal briquettes. The Firebox’s larger size and sturdy construction makes it stable enough for a large dutch oven yet it can be used with cookware as small as a camping cup. The Firebox is also easy to set up. It effortlessly opens into position, and when it’s time to go it folds flat – ready to slide into your pack.”

This video advertisement illustrates much of the Firebox's versatility:




The Firebox's specifications are as follows:


Dimensions:  5” X 5” X 7.5” open, 5” X 3/8” X 7.5” folded.

Weight:  2.2 lbs.

Material: 18ga. Stainless Steel


If there is a con to the Firebox, it would be the weight when compared to some other options available. However, the material used (18ga. stainless steel)  and the design make this a very strong, sturdy, durable, portable and versatile option that will not warp when used.  This more than makes up for the added weight, at least for me.  However, it is something people should be mindful of when putting together their perspective kits for camping, hiking or for a  B.O.B.  The Firebox can easily be slipped behind the seat in a truck, or even under the seat in a car as well.  In those instances obviously weight would not be a concern.


The structural integrity of the Firebox is well-illustrated by the following video:



They currently have a Youtube channel with well over 50 videos showing the Firebox 'in action'.  Their Youtube channel can be found here:




I purchased the following:


The Firebox which has the ash pan and two 'Fire Sicks' that come with it.

The upgrade kit which includes the Grill Plate, the Boil Plate and an extra set of Fire Sticks.

Their heavy duty cordura carrying case that has a D-ring.


I am thrilled that I ran across the Firebox, and am very happy with it.  I definitely thought it was an item that deserved to be shared.  I hope this post has been both informative and useful.


God bless,



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...DON'T forget to save the lint from your clothes dryer... IT makes GREAT tinder when starting a fire!


Quite correct---the stuff is highly flamable.

Hello Tom,

Yes, that can be used for tinder.  A lot of folks were/are probably unaware of that.  Vaseline or lip balm worked into a cotton ball is another good tinder that can be done right at home.  I have a couple different things listed on the Prepare page that can be purchased that have differing benefits as well.  Char cloth is another great tinder.  Now that I am thinking about it, you should do a post on this sort of thing.  I am sure the other members would really enjoy and glean benefit from your apparent knowledge in this area. 

Thanks and God bless,


Hi Rahth,

Great review of this gear item! The Folding Firebox looks awesome and extremely durable. It is so helpful to have your insight into items that you have researched and purchased, for people such as myself. What sold me on the Firebox was the video showing those 4 cast iron pots filled with water stacked on top of it and it didn't crumble. Also how easy it is to carry, set up and use. I appreciate everything that you do! Also, If the shtf, I'll be at your house. Haha!

Thanks Rahth

Robin ;-)

Hello Robin,

I am pleased you enjoyed the review.  Some perhaps miss the intent of these item reviews.  My intent is to help people weed through the pleothora of crap gear that is out there, and point them to something that might work well for them.  My intent, when doing a review, is not to come off as a 'survival expert' because I do not think there is such a person. 

I would suggest people do everything they can to become experts in their own survival.  Survival is a way of life, pun intended.  It is a pass or fail test.  The goal for everyone should be to transform what would normally be a survival situation into something merely less than optimal.  One does this by acquiring the proper knowledge, skills and gear to make this possibility a potential reality.

As much as I am happy for people to tell me what they know, I wish they would take the time to demonstrate their knowledge to others via the tool for communication and education that is this website.  I know you get this, and feel much the same way as I do.  

God bless,


Hi Rahth,

I did enjoy the review, as I do all the reviews that you post. I have learned so much from you and for that I am forever grateful! I look forward to your next gear review as I know you have spent a lot of time researching gear and take survival seriously. Yes, I get this and feel the same way as you do. I am very happy with the things I have purchased and learned how to use. I will be doing a review on my new SOG Bluto knife soon. I love it so much. Thank you for finding it for me. 

Robin :-)

As an individual, and in concert with the spirit of Refounders, I consider the ultimate "firebox" to be a Franklin Stove. I just finished installing one, and now operate a total of four.  For the winter season, these stoves will process a total of aprox. 16 ricks of wood.  Like all the other precepts of our Founders, I am hard pressed to understand how such original design can be equaled or exceeded.  That's not to say some improvement cannot occur, but that I'm quite satisfied with the original. 

Hello Kurtis,

Some of those are very attractive.  I imagine they might be a little difficult to fit in a backpack though.  :-)  Perhaps you should do your own item review on these for the preparedness category.

God bless,


I'll locate the Franklins in an isolated location, and hope for the best.  Otherwise, I have constructed a simple metal stove which can be easily transported---however, it will not fit in a backpack.  The firebox you have previewed seems to be excellent.

Hello Kurtis,

I did a Bing search for them, and looked at some images of them.  I am not sure if what I saw was necessarily what you are speaking about.  Some of the ones I did see were quite attractive though.  If they burn wood more efficiently than some others, take less space so as to be included in a small cabin, or even heat better etcetera, they might be a good thing to post in the Prepare category for people to consider adding to their homes.  Resources may become scarce if things go poorly in the coming months.

I am happy you like the item I reviewed.  I take these reviews very seriously because I know there are many like me with not too much money or time to spare.  I understand that my job in a post is to help them discern if they are going to spend their money on the item I review or something else they may need more, or will better serve their families.  To the best of my ability, I hope I aid people with those decisions.

Thanks and God bless,


I truly appreciate the "firebox" you have previewed---it looks excellent.  In addition to operating four Franklins, I have been able to construct a new heat treat oven for my swords and knives, as well as a huge outdoor hickory smoker.  Over the years I have been able to construct three or four small, outdoor portables.  So I think I know a good stove when I see one, and that is why I think the "firebox" is an excellent idea.  I think it's a good idea to have some type stove available at all times, and the "firebox" would be good for emergencies as well as camping.  The great thing about it is, it collapses and would not take up a lot of storage space.   Franklins tend to be about as effecient as they come, but installation matters greatly.  I always use a double 90, 8" single wall flue pipe, routed through the wall, not the roof.  That arrangement maximizes interior heat, and greatly reduces probability of a flue fire.  With practice, taking down the flue and cleaning is no big deal.  Thanks again for your preview, and opportunity to share ideas. 

Hello Mangus,

Yes, it is a very well thought out item to be sure.  It also makes for a great preparedness item as well which is more the reason I made this post.  It allows you to store, use and carry a variety of solid fuels, and can make use of most anything that happens to be on hand for a small, efficient and effective cooking source.  This and the proper metal container can boil water probably a lot nicer than dropping hot rocks into a small hole.  :-)

God bless,






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