EPA crew at Standard Mine above Crested Butte triggers waste spill

An Environmental Protection Agency crew working at the Standard Mine above Crested Butte triggered a wastewater spill into a creek that flows into the town water supply — a small-scale repeat of the Gold King incident this year.

Only an estimated 2,000 gallons spilled Tuesday, amid efforts to open a collapsed portal. The impact on town water is expected to be minimal.

Critics pounced.

Read more: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_28940776/epa-crew-at-standard-min...

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Yeah, the EPA has often done more damage than good. There is this situation that you describe here, and also of course the similar previous one. But there is more -

  • Wind farms with giant dangerous propellers near ground kills many birds including some dangerous species. Some types (not all) of solar farms also kills birds and small animals. This information is of course downplayed in the press or not in there at all.
  • The BP oil spill I would blame on environmentalists. Why? Well, anyone who understands industry would ask why this oil well was so far out that it was not even repairable? Industry people are not rewarded for spending money they do not need to nor taking risks they do not need to. The answer was that during the Bill Clinton admin I understand that a law was passed giving tax breaks to oil wells if they went further off shore. Since I do not think Bill was an idiot, I suspect environmentalists demanded it. Of course when the "oil hit the fan," there was of course total silence of who really caused that danger. If the oil well had been near shore, it would have fixed rapidly with little damage to the shore.
  • I understand that California water drought has much to do with environmentalists and that 50% of CA water just runs into the ocean and is not tapped since that is what environmentalists want.
  • Also irrigation to Middle California was stopped since it interfered with the Delta Smelt fish, some environmentalist said. And I understand not only were many CA jobs lost and revenue to pay their bills, but that was one seventh of the US food supply ... gone. So fish yes, humans no.
  • As for the whole CO2 thing, calling it a poisonous gas when humans breath CO2 out and plants breath it in is nonsense. Without CO2 there would be no plants or humans on earth and instead of "going green" earth would be a desert.

The EPA is out of control.

It almost seems like they are doing this on purpose, Gris! Then I think, it's the government and they don't do things well. 

More EPA crap.

ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AGENCY: Feds Violated State Law at Spill Sites

We were surprised to learn during the congressional hearings — and very little shocks us– that the EPA does not employ licensed, professional, mining engineers to oversee mine cleanups.

According to the National Society of Professional Engineers, that’s a violation of Colorado law.

Well, now that’s two violations.

Guess we’ll also be holding our breath for the EPA to be held accountable by Gov. Hickenlooper.


Guaranteed private companies could not get away with this.


Report Reveals EPA ‘Running a $160 Million PR Machine

Under the most transparent administration in history.






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