I found this interesting.. your thoughts, patriots?  Hat tip, Joe Eisele

Collapse of the Petrodollar System

Lou Ciriello·


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I think it's part conspiracy theory part Anti-American propaganda. America is portrayed as war mongering baby killers, waging wars just to to prop up the US dollar. Of course he has no evidence for this, just connecting dots to fit his narrative. If anything I see evidence to the contrary, that the "powers that be", Obama included, are intentionally trying to destroy the US dollar and bring American down as a second-rate power. He believes Government is bad and revolution is good, even armed resistance.

if you recall prior to the Iraq war Saddam threatened to ally with other Arab states to create an oil Embargo against the Unites States. Such a move would have devastated our economy and skyrocketed gas prices. Coupled this with the fact that everyone believed Saddam had WMD's, not just the United States but well-informed observers from other countries as well. After all Israel had bombed a nuclear facility in Iraq in 1981. This is what led to the Iraq war.

Of course the popular motto is "Bush lied, people died." However there was good reason to believe Bush was right. Saddam's former General, Georges Sada, claims WMD were transferred to Syria before the war. Syria coincidentally has the largest stockpile of chemical weapon in the world. Also audio tapes from the 1990's have surfaced where Saddam talks about acquiring weapons of mass destruction and preventing the U.N. inspectors from finding out. Saddam and his senior aides discuss the fact that U.N. inspectors had uncovered evidence of Iraq's biological weapons program -- a program whose existence Iraq had previously denied.

I have seen the video he uses of General Wesley Clark before and it's convent that the general comes out about this information after the facts. Why didn't he say this back then? In 2002 he was singing a different tune testifying before the House Armed Services Committee and said "There's no question that Saddam Hussein is a threat. . . . Yes, he has chemical and biological weapons. . . . He is, as far as we know, actively pursuing nuclear capabilities, though he doesn't have nuclear warheads yet. If he were to acquire nuclear weapons, I think our friends in the region would face greatly increased risks, as would we."

In Libya the country was already destabilized by the so-called Arab spring. Chances are Gaddafi would have been ousted rather we got involved or not. Rather our involvement in Libya was good or not is another matter but the point is we didn't start it.

On Iran he says "Why is United States government so intent on taking down Iran? In spite of the fact that Iran hasn't attacked any country since 1798?" Could it be because we don't want them to have nukes? Iran is far from innocent they are the biggest sponsors of state terrorism in the middle-east including supporting Hezbollah and Hamas.  They have helped to kill US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Interesting post.  However, I think the world and the US is far, far more complex than what this person says.  Many people look for "what is the one thing going on".  This may be well one of the things going on, but it clearly is not the only thing.  Some pros and cons.  He gave many pros.   I will give one more.  But as for me believing everything is oil, oil, oil, too much evidence does not fit.

PRO:  I still find it odd that 53,000 are dead in Mexico right next to us, but no one cares, but we go hysterical when a few thousand die in Syria a third of a world away.  That argument is on this person's side.

CON:  A few things:

  1. The superiority of America is not just currency.  It GDP - gross national product has been number one in the world for some time.  China is trying to catch up.  No one else seems close. Japan has issues.  Europe has more issues.  While we all like to talk about this or that, the US economy is the biggest bear in the forest - about $16.5 trillion a year.  That is not hayfeed.
  2. In recognition perhaps of item 1, I have traveled perhaps 2 million air miles and been to 35 countries.  Most countries in the world know that if you want to be in business, speak English.  I once tried to compliment a Brit on English being the language of business  but he told me what I already knew.  He said "They are speaking American not English"  Quite right old chap.  After I have lived in the UK for three years, even I know the difference.
  3. The pot of gold at the end of the oil rainbow in this film is the value of the US currency.  The current president is doing far more to damage that currency than OPEC.  My analysis says 20% of the US economy has already been killed by Obama - that leads to the unemployment, the low GDP, the lack of taxes flowing into the US causing the majority of the deficit.  If the pot of gold so desired is the value of the US currency, why just 12 years after Bill Clinton ran a profit is Obama killing the US economy, creating huge trillion to 1.6 trillion a year deficits, printing money, and clearly trying to kill its own currency?  This person says the Obama direction is the same.  How can that be if the end goal is the safety of US currency when Obama is its single biggest threat?

And so, my point is, things are not quite as simple as oil, oil oil is equal to US currency and all of Washington is in sync.  I will not say that the US is not focused on the Middle East.  It is.  But there is far, far, more going on than this single minded rabble rouser speaks of.  Obama is NOT on the program.  I am not clear that Bush was on the program.   Bush tried to fix the US economy by his tax breaks in 2001/2003 that by 2007 had RAISED US income by $1 trillion dollars.  Even though no one but me says so, Bush was quite close to break even in 2007 and if no 2008, he might have even turned a profit in 2008.  So Bush was quite internally focused as well.  The arguments here are sort of an illogical "after, therefore because of".  No, there are many things going on at once. Certainly the US is trying to control the Middle East, at least to some extent, and they seem to care less about Mexico.  But why if the issue is the value of US currency does not anyone in Washington nor the press give a darn about the damage Obama and his team are doing to it?  It does not add up.

Let me say what I really think.  I think the world is far, far more complex this this one direction radical says it is.  I would have a hard time guessing, but I would believe the world has at least 5, 6 major chess games going on at once, that we will never be told about and that the press will never report.  Let me guess at a few.  Let us say that this Opec Dollar game is one.  But another is the Obama becoming US dictator game, the Putin becoming dictator game, and the China coming to power game, and the Iran and N Korea "Do not tread on me" game.  This item may be one of them.  But unless we know what is going on with the others, knowing one may actually get in the way.  This person in fact worries me as an ideologue that tries so hard to fit facts to his pet theory.  Best case, he has identified one of the world's 6 chess games.  I will not sign on his team.  It explains too little of the real world around me.

Well said, you put it in better words than I could.

This seems to be a one-dimensional analysis of what drives societies and the world.  While there are many correct elements included in the video, I have no confidence they have been properly and accurately assembled to represent what is actually true.  The author claims that there is an objective to take down no less than seven countries in the middle east.  Interestingly, those countries all appear to have populations that primarily practice Islam.  This is a dimension that is not even considered.  So is the petro-dollar the real driver or is it just a useful tool? 

There are many, many dimensions to a society that have apparently not been considered -- religion, culture, history, geography, natural resources, industrialization, agriculture, ....  All need to be considered when explaining why the world is as it is.


Thank you all for offering some clarity and additional perspective on this issue. I knew I could count on the folks here to do just that! ;) JG





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