So I found this in a comment section of an article about Sidney Powell:
RED ALERT: Dems collude with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results in Pennsylvania and other swing states

This covert technology is called Operation Scorecard, and it was built by the CIA to surreptitiously steal elections in targeted countries. Now, that technology is being turned against the United States of America and is about to be activated on Tuesday to steal the election for Biden, explains Janda’s guest.


As McInerney explains in the video, after the closing of polls in Pennsylvania and other swing states, the voting machines will be intercepted and then altered using complex algorithms to alter the votes in a way that evades detection, handing a victory to the pre-designated “winner” (Joe Biden).

In the interview, he explains that a covert app called “Scorecard” steals votes by making sure Democrats always stay about 3% ahead of their Republican rivals. “Scorecard steals the elections by tampering with the computers at the transfer points,” he adds.

There's a 23 minute section of a podcast at the site that everyone needs to listen to.

The same commenter pointed to another article:
BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared “National Emergency” that set an Election Day trap for the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure”

Why is this relevant to anything we’re seeing right now with the massive election fraud carried out by the Democrats and the deep state? Because Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company. And Scytl is run out of Spain.

Here's the Executive Order, signed September 12, 2018
Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

I posted this discussion here in April 2012 and it should be re-read:
Is This How Obama Gets Re-elected?

So, did the Democrats and the Left finally perfect their rigged system in 2020?  And if so, does Trump's EO provide the remedy that will dissolve their acts of treason?

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Absolutely Stolen Election!

I believe from everything I have seen, this election will be overturned! Trump won this by a landslide, and, in the end he will have 4 more years.

Between Trumps legal team and Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, this is all being exposed.

The good guys were watching them do this in real time!

Col. Waldron Confirms US Has a Copy of the Election Night Data ‘Traffic and Packets’ Sent Overseas to Frankfurt! (VIDEO)

The US has a copy of the traffic and the packets of information that were sent to Germany on Election night!
Yesterday, the first expert at the Arizona State Legislature hearing with Rudy Giuliani was US cybersecurity expert Colonel Phil Waldron.

Colonel Phil Waldron spoke first at the Arizona hearing about the voting machines used in US elections. These are the same machines used in Venezuela by Chavez. The Dominion systems were connected to the Internet as well, despite Dominion’s claims to the contrary.

On Dominion pointed to as being “secure” because it doesn’t connect to internet:

Witness Col. Phil Waldron: These machines have many access points to internet. These machines ARE connected to internet. Dominion User Manual instructs how. Server traffic showed connections.

— Chanel Rion OAN (@ChanelRion) November 30, 2020

Time to get noisy with our 'representatives'.  Thanks to Rep. Brooks.

Mo Brooks to Challenge Electoral College Vote in January 

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said Wednesday in a phone call with reporters that he plans to challenge the Electoral College vote when Congress plans to certify election results on January 6. 

“In my judgment, if only lawful votes by eligible American citizens were cast, Donald Trump won the Electoral College by a significant margin, and Congress’s certification should reflect that,” Brooks said, according to Politico. “This election was stolen by the socialists engaging in extraordinary voter fraud and election theft measures.” 

Brooks, who serves as a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus, said he has had “indirect communication” with senators about teaming up and said GOP leadership did not give him a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” on the matter. 

In order for Congress to bring the matter to a vote, a member from both the Senate and House of Representatives would have to challenge the electorate.

Great post, Jodi.  Have I told you lately that you totally rock!

It’s really disturbing that these people appear to be getting away with stealing this election! I will never believe that Biden got all those votes without cheating.  I sure hope and pray that something will be done.  I think it may, as this works thru the courts, only take one bold, brave overturn in just one state, and a few others  may then follow.

The Dems Had No Choice BUT to Rig the Election

"This time they were ready -- because there was too much at stake."

Like Robin and Jerseygal, I will NEVER believe the demented old circus monkey won this election fairly.  As a thinking person who uses the brain God gave me, I choose to believe my 'lying eyes'.

What happened to Cankles could never happen again.  They thought their cheating methods were enough to steal the 2016 election.  When the Americans came out in force for less taxes, ending wars and swamp-draining, it was too much and the sheer numbers foiled their plans.  That's why ol' Killary didn't go to was already in the bag.

And the cheating cRATS had to go bigger this time and the above article explains it.

After reading so much about the cheating by the Dems, I now believe that President Trump won the popular vote in 2016.  They had to ramp it up to secure ‘win’ this time. I will take that sentiment to my grave. 

So, the Big Tech Iron Curtain is purging Trump and anyone that supports him off their platforms. Members in Congress are threatening to forcibly remove Trump before Jan 20th. Why?

Notice in Trump's speech he didn't say anything about conceding or mention Biden at all. He ended by saying "Our incredible journey is only just beginning." Read between the lines.

They know they have committed treason and are still very afraid of what he might do. The days to come will be very telling one way or another. But if anyone thinks Trump is going to go quietly into the night doesn't know Trump very well.

I agree with you.   The swamp is far deeper than we realized.  He has less than two weeks to deal with Big Tech, which is heavily protected by the media democrat swamp.  I fear it is not enough time

Not unless he does something radical, which I wouldn't rule out. He has exhausted all legal options, but he could play the ultimate Trump card and invoke the Insurrection Act. He could also expose all their dirty little secrets they have been hiding all these years. It's either that or let the country be taken over by communists, globalists, leftists, and all the other "ists". So I'm not convinced this is over, and I'm not convinced Trump plans on going anywhere. We are about to find out very very soon. But my hope is ultimately in God, and I'm thoroughly convinced He is working and America will be saved.

America WILL survive this.  I don’t know how, but as you said, God is working.

You might be right that Trump isn't going to go quietly.  I believe that's why they're in a rush to"25A" him...his cabinet is already abandoning ship.  Or impeach him, again, ASAP.  They know they would have the RINO vote to get it done the time.

They only have 10 days to strip him of his power to take them out.

Exactly Jodi. It's why the Media and Big Tech have been pushing Biden as the president-elect since the election. And it's why Biden said they should just inaugurate him now before Jan 20th. They are trying to push him into power as soon as possible because something has them spooked.

I think there's more going on behind the scenes than we are aware of. I don't think it's a coincidence that they restructured special forces to report directly to Christopher Miller. Also, in 2018 Trump signed an Executive Order to be able to seize all assests of individuals and companies that were complicit or aiding or covering up foreign interface in U.S. elections. Could it be Trump has more evidence than we are aware of and they are afraid he will pull the trigger on them?





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