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It’s stuff like this that gives more credibility to position that it’s all a ‘witch hunt!’

I fully agree.

I would not want to make money the way Manafort did it, but the fact is, Congress passed the laws which made his business legitimate.  He was required to complete a myriad of government forms in order to be in compliance, and therefore, it's always possible for prosecutors to seize upon some technicality, and file charges over it.

However, in Manafort's case, it appears he has already faced such scrutiny, even at the hands of Rubenstein, who recently authorized Mueller to put him on trial.

Rubenstein is, therefore, criminal in my view.  It's easy to estimate that by jailing Manafort in solitary confinement, and further threatening with life imprisonment,  Rubenstein/Mueller hope Manafort will fabricate some condemning testimony concerning the President.

We'll just have to wait and see if Manafort calls Rubenstein to testify at trial.  It's also reported that Manafort is attempting to sue Rubenstein/Mueller for their misconduct.

Absolutely, JG! Rosenstein could be called as a witness. The judge is none too happy with this trial at all, blasting the prosecutors at times. He should throw the case out. 

"Should throw the case out"---suggesting it should never have been accepted for trial, but it was.

"Judge is none too happy"---suggesting the trial was scheduled, even though it should not have been.

Unusual connection of Rubenstein---occurs with an unhappy judge, who accepted a trial he could have rejected.

My estimate---the judge presides over a trial he could have rejected, so he will have means of rebuking Rubenstein/Mueller.

It does not seem likely there will be conviction, or that it will stand if it occurs, so why else conduct the trial?

I'm not "suggesting" anything! Simply stating my observations on what I have heard and read. Yes, He should throw the case out since he knows it's all a ruse from Mueller to get Manafort to flip on Trump. Manafort can't flip if he has nothing on Trump.

In using the term "suggesting", I'm trying to figure out what the meaning of the Manafort trial could be---however, I don't think I'm going to make sense of nonsense.

Nothing Rubenstein has done, or is doing, makes any sense to me.





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