DOJ, says Hillary Clinton is off the hook.  Wait and see, Bill Clinton will escape the Epstein Lolita Express scandal, Obama will never be charged, John Brennan, James Clapper and Comey will all walk.  I'm afraid I doubted the Big "Q" expectation right from the beginning.  Frog walking politicians and Obama appointees will all skate.  My opinion, mine alone.  Some poor low level schmuck will do some time.  I hate to say I told you so, but you know I told you so.

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Add the Black Panthers and Lois the top of my head.

Meanwhile, the jails are overcrowded with these criminals (source: my county jail):

failure to stop and render aid
false reporting - misdemeanor
disturbing the peace
civil non-support in violation of a court order
interfere with a public service company

Equal justice for a lie.

Amen, Jodi, amen!

Jerome, I still have faith! Call me optimistic, but, I still believe in the end they will face justice! The swamp has run deep for so long, it's going to take time.

I admire your optimism Robin, I truly do.  I also hope you are proven right, very much so.  I'll put all my faith in God.  I have little or no faith in this Republic's corrupted justice system.  A total acquittal of our president in the Senate in the coming weeks, will reinforce my faith in about 200-250 people in our elected government, that's pretty sad considering they were all elected to work for the people and preserve the Constitution.  The majority of our duly elected representatives are there to solely represent themselves and preserve their ability to power grab, pad their pockets with tax-payer money, and will do both even it means destroying the Republic by destroying the Constitution.  We have God, who gave us Donald Trump, without God we lose our souls, without Trump we may very well lose our Republic within the next 6 years.  The Left needs to be stopped.  This will not and cannot happen unless Leftist deep state corruption is stopped and the truly guilty are punished, so far that is not happening.  

I'm inclined to agree Jerome. One man can only do so much, and he wont be in office forever. Corruption abounds, not only in our political system but in our culture as well. My hope ultimately isn't in men or our political system.Nothing short of a religious national awakening is truly going to change things.

I agree with everything you said, Jerome! I put my faith in God and it will be stopped.





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