President Obama’s detractors often accuse him of excessive narcissism, pointing out that the narrative surrounding him always seems to be “historic” or “fundamentally” transformational.  After being elected in 2008, Obama famously told a captivated audience: “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal…”  Twitchy further remindedthat the White House actually altered the biographies of previous presidents to insert references to Obama, and he has a history of honoring others with photos of himself.

It appears to have happened again.  To honor the 57th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on a bus, the White House posted a photo of President Obama on the same bus, seemingly deep in thought.

What a poseur this dude is!  

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Ha, ha, ha!  Ah, he's just incredible ... he'll stoop to anything!  He certainly has "transformed" the respect for the office of POTUS.

That man is so unbelievable! If you were to look up narcissist in the dictionary, you will find obama's picture next to the definition as the example.

Oh, but I am sure that his ancestors suffered from slavery. Probably held in slavery by another African tribe. Of course, his tribe could have been the slave holders. A practice that continues in Africa to this day! Funny, we don't hear much about that! I trust all of us are feeling sufficient guilt about that!

We do not hear much about the slave holders being black Molle, because as we know, according to the liberals, only whites are the racist. What a crock of crap those people are!

Talk about revisionist history! It was black ship owners from Barbados that brought the first black slaves over here. I am sooo sick of hearing it. And I was NOT raised that way! I was raised in a multi-ethnic,race,and religious neighborhood and we all got all along just great! It wasn't until the late 90's I began to hear that I was, by virtue of being white, a racist!

Judging by the past two elections and what we have seen from the White House.......I'm pretty sure I know who the REAL racists are!

No truer words were ever spoken!

I lived in a mostly black neighborhood from the time that I was born, until I was in my teens. I did not see skin color, until it was pointed out by the liberals, that being white, that I am a racist.

It enrages me to have someone that does not even know me call me a racist. There are racist, and they are called liberals.

Good Post.  Yes the whole Obama BS on US slavery I find extremely offensive.  Let me see here.  Obama says that White people like myself are guilty, even though my ancestors did not come to the US till 1900 long after slavery and must pay retributions to him when his Black ancestor was from Kenya and also had nothing to do with US slavery.    Perhaps his ancestors had something to do with African slavery which I hear was huge and very money enriching.  But his Black ancestor was not associated with US slavery.

At some time I think some African Americans should also turn on this fraud.

He never misses a golf game, an expensive night out, or a photo op.... another four years of this.... stab me in the neck now.....

Everything is always about him.





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