Well they have announced the moderators for the upcoming presidential/VP debates.

I though it might be interesting to see what kind of questions you might come up with.

I'll start - I understand IBM is launching a research center --- in Kenya. Do you think they will find the birth certificate there?

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Mr Biden, would you say that naming Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate is a Big F-in Deal???

Mr. President, Why can't we see any of your records? What ya hiding? Hummmmm???  

Mr President, What's it like to have a communist mentor like Frank Marshall Davis?

Mr President, Is it true?  Dog tastes like chicken?

Mr Romney can you list any mistakes, that you know of, made by President Obama? Please limit your reply to two hours.

Ok, I have to do this! I keep saying it in my head and it has to come out!

Mr President, Who's your daddy? 


Carry on, that is all! LOLOL

Mr. President, I do not share your vision of America, please explain to me why you believe I need to share my prosperity?

Mr. President, Is Jesse Jackson, Jr. really bi-polar or just part of the Choom-Gang?

Mr. President, Did you lie and say you were a foreign student to receive the scholarship, or is it true that you are a foreigner?

1) "President Obama, why did you say at the GOP retreat on healthcare you're not an ideologue, agree with the GOP that you can't insure 30 million more Americans and have it cost nothing, only to later admit your entire focus is ideology by your immediate attacks on Paul Ryan as the ideological leader of the extreme right of the Republican party in Congress for making a budget that saves government programs that are darlings of the Democratic party?"

2) "Why did you tell the American People that the Individual Mandate penalty is not a tax, while knowing full well the IRS was the enforcement agent for it, and that the Justice Department would immediately defend Obamacare claiming it is use of a lawful taxing authority?"

3) "Did you know or direct Stenny Hoyer to circumvent Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution requiring Obamacare to be reviewed by Ways and Means, just so your "Affordable Care Act" would hit the Senate floor as an expense to be "reconciled" against education?"

4) "Why did you invoke executive privilege over the information being asked for by Congress, as that appears to suggest that an international incident, possibly even war, could erupt between the United States and our Southern neighbor Mexico over some aspect of the information about Fast & Furious that is known to you and being denied publicly?"

5) "Why shouldn't the Congress bring you and all others involved, up for impeachment on the basis of what your department of energy did in illegally subordinating the loan to Solyndra, and your Justice Department, as well as Treasury Secretary, in not making sure to stop the loan from occurring based on their recommendations not to make it?"

6) "In your 2009 budget you proposed cutting the charitable contribution deduction in half and that this would generate 500 billion dollars in revenues over 10 years, that along with the 500 billion dollar cut in medicare, these amounts would fund universal healthcare, and isn't it obvious by the current projected cost of Obamacare that such acts of government to just deprive an American Citizen of either their benefits, or the use of their property to help causes they believe in, are a direct trespass, and silent new tax, upon the American People without any foundation, that this even undermines the legitimacy of the United States government in their eyes?"

7) "Mr. President, according to an article, Obama Man of The World, that was published in 2007 in the New York Times, you recited the Muslim Call To Prayer, and I quote, "with a first rate accent."  Would you mind publicly reciting this Prayer, as the article was something your campaign appreciated, as they even posted it on the ObamaBiden 2008 website after long denying you had ever practiced the religion of Islam."

Just a few questions that come to mind.

As a follow-up, Mr. President, I heard you recite that Muslim prayer. It was beautiful. Can you possibly recite the Lord's Prayer since you claim to be Christian?

OW!!!! That's going to hurt!

Mr. President, I notice that you like "beer summits" and you bought a round of beers and said you would have yours with your pork at the Iowa State Fair. Since just the night before Michelle told our Gold medal winner Gabby that she should not have an "egg McMuffin", do you realize that bacon and pork both come from a pig? Are you sending a mixed message? Do you solve all national problems over a glass of beer?

Mr. President, since you are shutting down the coal plants, where will Volt owners charge up their batteries for that trip down the block?

Senator Ryan, Thank you for giving the first coherent explanation of your plan for Medicare in your interview with Bret Hume. Could you please use a blackboard and do the math so the liberals might also understand? They don't have that many fingers and toes.

Mr. VP, how many index cards did you need for this debate?





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