P rotests Around the Nation Grow, as Americans Just Say 'No' to Government-Mandates of Vaccines

Protests Around the Nation Grow, as Americans Just Say 'No' to Government-Mandates of Vaccines

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

The Southwest Airline workers in Texas. California parents and school children. Parents from across the country concerned about their children’s education.

These groups of people have coalesced over the weekend, and today, to make their voices heard. They are standing up against overreaching and arrogant school boards, dictatorial government policies, and misguided employer mandates.

At the Domestic Terrorists’ Rally in Washington, D.C., a number of parents protested in front of the Department of Justice against Attorney General Merrick Garland’s attack on concerned parents. The Atty General slurred these parents as “domestic terrorists”, and chose to target vocal parents who express concern for their children’s education by participating in school board meetings and other educational forums.

From The Daily Caller:

Domestic Terrorists’ Rally,” a reference to Merrick Garland’s Oct. 4 memorandum that called on the FBI to “use its authority” in response to the “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.”

Garland’s statement followed a letter from the National School Board Association (NSBA) that asked the federal government to get involved in the alleged “immediate threat” of violence from parents against American public schools and education officials. The letter encouraged President Joe Biden’s administration to use statutes such as the USA PATRIOT Act to address actions that could be “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

Parents are expressing their concerns with how children are being educated, said Brian Schultz, a Fairfax County taxpayer and parent of a former Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) student, who he and his wife now homeschool. He believes children are learning things that are inconsistent with American values.

“They are forcing children to hate each other through CRT (Critical Race Theory), and they are also not listening to us when it comes to things like having porn in schools,” Schultz told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “We want that to end.”

Across California, and in other places across the country, parents’ groups have organized school walkout days to protest the vaccine mandate issued by Governor Gavin Newsom for school children 12 years and older.

Today’s statewide protest is the largest and most organized yet, as CBS 2 highlights:

A number of parents kept their children home from public schools Monday morning in protest of the state-wide vaccination requirements announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier this month.

Social media posts called for parents who disagree with the vaccine mandate for students to keep them home from school Monday, in a state-wide protest. There does not appear to be a formal group behind the protest.

Here they are wrong. There are several formal groups behind the protests, as our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar reported on Thursday:

Another Southern California public school parent and education activist, Jenniffer Jones, started organizing a student strike on October 15 for similar reasons. She’s now joined forces with a number of groups statewide who plan to keep their children out of school on Monday, October 18, and are holding rallies around the state – including on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento.

Here is video footage of a school walkout in two Southern California towns. One patriotic and articulate 6th grader talks about the damage Governor Newsom is doing to school children and their right to an education without discrimination and restrictions.

And on the Huntington Beach Pier, protestors line up, signs aloft, to show their solidarity and resolve.

In Northern California, this walkout in Redding saw over 4,000 students and parents walk out and protest the vaccine mandates.

From education to the very right to earn a living, the vaccine mandates are creating caste systems and divides where none should exist, and putting our economic and personal safety at risk.

In Dallas, TX, Southwest Airline employees, pilots, flight attendants, were joined by retired airline personnel, and even employees from other airlines and air transport companies. All came out to show their solidarity with the Southwest employees, and every American who is being swept under the weight of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. These protestors lined the street and gathered outside of the Southwest Airlines corporation headquarters to champion medical freedom.

As Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Brian Glenn reported:

“This is not about protesting the vaccine, this is about protesting the mandate for the vaccine.”

The law of unintended consequences is something that Democrats and the Left rarely factor in to their policies and decisions. Usually, it is the people they claim to be protecting that end up suffering the harm. However, this time the law is biting them in the hindquarters, and it is glorious to see. Their plan in shutting down the economy and locking people into their homes was to create a compliant and trained underclass, and they have been successful with this on some fronts. But what it has done to a greater degree is awaken the silent majority, who now are renewing the fight for individual liberties and freedoms.

Will the Biden administration and their ilk pay attention to the voice of the people? I doubt it. The very hubris that causes them to impose these sweeping vaccine mandates and try to force their version of science on America, is also the hubris that makes them tone deaf to what the American people are demanding.

So, look forward to more protests like these. They will continue to grow in number and in force, along with the lawsuits against a government that ignores the Constitution, and does its best to create a system that oppresses the weak, while enriching the elite.

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A new letter was issued by the FDA on 9-22-21 which clearly states several times that the Pfizer vaccine has NOT been fully approved and is still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. Here is just one part from page 13 of this letter which makes it crystal clear:

Y. All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that:
• This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older;

Here's the link to this FDA letter (pdf) https://www.fda.gov/media/150386/download The government, media, etc. have all been lying about this since August when they falsely claimed that the Pfizer vaccine had been given full FDA approval. This lie may have been to get more people to take the vaccine and also to give the administration cover to issue mandates. It's no surprise that they are NOT publicizing this newest letter. Please do whatever you can to spread this far and wide, feel free to copy this post to use as your own, everyone needs to know the truth!

This is important information that needs to be shared with anyone who is considering getting a Covid-19 vaccine or anyone who is already vaccinated and is considering getting a booster shot. It has been proven that the vaccine can cause ADE which stands for antibody-dependent enhancement. This means that if you contract Covid-19 or any other virus in the future, even the common cold or flu, you could experience a worse outcome than you would have if you were unvaccinated. The NIH issued an order that potential test subjects for any of the Covid-19 vaccines must be informed of this risk separately and must show that they understood this risk before they could be in the trial. They also said it was necessary to inform future vaccine recipients. That NIH article can be found at the following link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7645850/ It’s doubtful all of those receiving these vaccines are being informed of this very real risk much less having it explained to them.

Most people, vaxxed or not, could be taking the over the counter preventative products described below.
Covid-19 Treatment Protocol
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
Low risk patient - Younger than 45, no comorbidities, and clinically stable
High risk patient - Over 45, younger than 45 with comorbidities, or clinically unstable
Supportive care with fluids, fever control, and rest
Elemental Zinc 50mg 1x/day for 7 days
Vitamin C 1000mg 1x/day for 7 days
Vitamin D3 5000iu 1x/day for 7 days
Optional over the counter options:
Quercetin 500mg 2x/day for 7 days or
Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) 400mg 1x/day for 7 days
Elemental Zinc 50-100mg 1x/day for 7 days
Vitamin C 1000mg 1x/day for 7 days
Vitamin D3 10000iu 1x/day for 7 days or 50000iu 1x/day for 1-2 days
Azithromycin 500mg 1x/day for 5 days OR Doxycycline 100mg 2x/day for 7 days
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg 2x/day for 5-7 days AND/OR
Ivermectin (IVM) 0.4-0.5mg/kg/day for 5-7 days
Either or both HCQ and IVM can be used, and if one only, the second agent may be added after about 2 days of treatment if obvious recovery has not yet been observed.
-25 mg Elemental Zinc (1x/day)
-5000 iu Vitamin D3 (1x/day)
-1000 mg Vitamin C (1x/day)
-500 mg Quercetin (1x/day)
if Quercetin is unavailable, use 400 mg Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) (1x/day)
-25 mg Elemental Zinc (1x/day)
-5000 iu Vitamin D3 (1x/day)
-200 mg Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) (1x/day for 5 days, then 1x/week)
if HCQ is unavailable, follow protocol for low risk patients
Dr. Zelenko has treated over 7000 Covid patients of which 2300 were high risk. He has a very high success rate, only 3 deaths! The over the counter options listed above are readily available and could help. Quercetin has antiviral, anti-blood clotting, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (don't combine it with other blood thinners or NSAIDs and monitor TSH levels if you have hypothyroidism). It's also an ionophore that transports zinc into the cell. Zinc blocks a virus from getting into the cell so it can’t replicate and it dies. Vitamin C needs to be taken along with Quercetin to help it work and vitamin D helps boost the immune system. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and/or Ivermectin plus Azithromycin or Doxycycline are all prescription drugs but work well to treat Covid if you contract it. HCQ can be used as a preventative instead of Quercetin but it's not as readily available. Proven treatments are being suppressed or banned, perhaps because the FDA cannot grant an EUA to a vaccine if there's a viable treatment. If your doctor is not on board with these protocols, you can go to https://covid19.onedaymd.com/2021/04/find-a-doctor-who-will-prescri... to find one who is or https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/ will do a consultation and help you get prescriptions. Feel free to copy and share this.

Thank you for adding that info, dotdot. Feel free to do a post of your own!  Meanwhile, I’m proud of my hometown hospital recognizing NATURAL immunity! A friend told me it was on Tucker Carlson!

Just from today's Tids:

“You Can Have Me Or You Can Have The Mandate” – Dan Bongino Stands Up to Cumulus Radio’s Vax Mandate

“Have these companies ever thought of that? The countless numbers of moms and dads who are sitting at the kitchen table explaining to their kids that they may have to move out? That their dad may not have a job because a bunch of people in the C-suite thought it would be a good idea to sit around and play pretend Dr. Fauci for a second, and jam something into their bodies that they don’t want to take?” 

He reiterated: “I have no intentions of letting these guys get let go, get harassed, because they made a private and personal medical decision on only one of the biggest issues of our time. There is a real thing called natural immunity. There is an even realer thing called freedom and liberty. This is a constitutional republic. People have the right to make their own medical decisions.” 

Vid (1:11):  https://bongino.com/you-can-have-me-or-you-can-have-the-mandate-dan...


Chicago Police Union President Estimates More Than 3,000 Officers Defying Vaccine Mandate


INSANE: San Francisco losing nearly 80 police officers over vaccine mandate


California school "walkout" over vaccine mandates begins today


Country Music Superstar Cancels Concerts Over Vaccine Requirements, Mask Mandates 

“Any show I have booked that discriminates against concert-goers by requiring proof of vaccination, a COVID test, or a mask is being canceled immediately,” he added. “Many people are taking a firm stand against these mandates around the country, and I wholeheartedly support that cause. I have been extremely vocal against mandates since the beginning.” 

“This is a sacrifice that I’m willing to make to stand up for the freedoms that generations of Americans have enjoyed for their entire lifetimes,” Tritt continued. “There are plenty of promoters and venues around the country that appreciate fans and the freedom of choice in this great country, and those are the promoters and venues that I will be supporting.”


The vaccines do not work, because they are technically not a vaccine. Being a gene therapy, there is no clear evidence of the future damage this faux vaccine will cause to people who take it. 

One of my friends daughter and husband, both vaccinated, recently contracted covid. The husband had to be hospitalized with breathing problems. I believe they will both recover, but so much for being vaccinated.

During the 1970's, the fear was the swine flu becoming a pandemic that would kill thousands. The vaccine was rolled out as the only choice to protect oneself, and when  people contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome from the vaccine, the vaccine was removed as an option, unlike the covid gene therapy, that has maimed and killed thousands, and continued to be pushed by the fascist in government.

If the vaccine is to protect from covid, but fully vaccinated can still contract covid from unvaccinated, the vaccine doesn't work. Why are certain groups of people, congress and others, exempt from taking the vaccine?

It is so good to see people taking a stand against the tyranny of those that have absolutely no interest in our freedom or our lives.

I just want to go on record here, with respect to this Covid vaccine.  I personally know people who died from the virus, but do not know anyone who died from the vaccine itself.  Therefore, my opinion is that vaccines are a personal and/or parental choice, and my firm position is that mandates violate our constitutional rights.

That said, we are all welcome to post information here regarding treatments and preventative measures, as well as opinions on both.  I am suspicious of the CDC, which is more political than science (denying a dissenting opinion is not scientific) and of pharmaceutical industries which are now posting hefty profits (follow the money, right?).

Please, keep posting the information! 

I agree JG. I to know people that are vaccinated, and at least 2 of those people got covid, 1 hospitalized,  after they were fully vaccinated.

I know of at least one person that had severe reaction to the vaccine, experiencing bells palsy. Others I know that are vaccinated have had no issues at this time.

I also know people that died from covid related issues, weeks after they contracted covid.

Agency's like the CDC, that were created to inform the public of the truth have become so political, they are nothing more than a mouth piece for the leftist democrats.

Frontline Doctors are one resource, if anyone's interested in having more of the facts concerning covid-19, the vaccine, treatments for covid, as well as our rights when it comes to the mandates. Those Drs. have been fighting for our freedom of choice, as well as our health, and it has cost some of them their jobs. The link is just one of their links. I know some on here are aware of this resource. Just sharing if someone isn't aware.


Be aware google has begun to block or interfere with certain searches concerning any other research, that is not vaccine positive.  I use duck duck go to do a lot of my political searches, and haven't had any problems with the research on that search engine.

 It is about the money, but also about control. Bullies will always push their victims with intimidation and threats, until the victim has had enough and fights back. Our government are the bullies. Just wondering how far we will allow ourselves to be pushed before we stand up and fight back?

My opinion, this virus was released with purpose of de population and to put world under one agency. Start with Gates foundation George Soros who both want to curb human growth in world. Gates is largest farmland owner. Socialist democratic party wanting to spread wealth, illegal immigration, Fauci funding Wuhan lab with millions taxpayer dollars. Fauci statement that Trump would face a great disaster. All lies against Trump about Russia collusion. In all my years Donald Trump was best for America and Reagan second best. Over years other so called Republicans were actually RINOS.They only benefitted their own. We got into wars to spice up news so we could not see traitor Rino's dirty work.From JFK to today Trump and Reagan were only ones for America.





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