OH NO: Senate GOP Planning to Delay Obamacare Repeal Until…Are You Sitting Down? 2020

Congressional Republicans’ dereliction of duty just keeps getting more and more surreal. Now Bloomberg reports that Senate Republicans are now considering a plan that would delay the repeal of Obamacare until — are you sitting down? — 2020.

Why? According to Bloomberg:

Republicans — in the early stages of private talks on the Senate plan — say they may first take action to stabilize premium costs in Obamacare’s insurance-purchasing exchanges in 2018 and 2019. Major insurers have said they will leave the individual market in vast regions of states including North Dakota, Iowa and Missouri.

A Senate plan is likely to continue subsidies that help low-income Americans with co-pays and deductibles, said third-ranking Republican John Thune of South Dakota. White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said Thursday the administration hasn’t committed to paying subsidies due in June — which would create additional uncertainty for insurers as they set rates for next year.

“There clearly has to be a short-term solution that works with the transition until some of our long-term policy changes can take effect,” Thune told reporters. “There’s got to be certainty in the marketplace.”

In other words, the GOP is terrified of the media narrative that they’d be taking away people’s subsidies. Never mind that the GOP had the better part of a decade to put together a real repeal plan, and that this attack and every other hysterical smear they’d get thrown at them for doing so was completely predictable. Never mind that the GOP spent years holding symbolic repeal votes under Barack Obama that apparently didn’t mean anything. Never mind that numerous Republicans introduced numerous replacement bills that got broad approval from conservative experts, so deciding on one and going with it should have been totally straightforward.

Never mind that they regained the House, the Senate, and the White House by explicitly promising a full and timely repeal.

At Conservative Review, Chris Pandolfo puts this nonsense in perspective by noting that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise essentially admitted this week that the GOP never intended to deliver the true repeal they promised. Pandolfo explains:

Here’s the problem — these so-called patient protections, mandated by the federal government, are causing the collapse of health insurance markets. These regulations are the reason that health insurance premiums keep increasing year after year. They’re why deductibles are so high. The expense of subsidizing health insurance for people who are already sick is forcing insurers to leave the marketplace.

When people complain about Obamacare’s affordability or its effects on their options, whether they know it or not, they are complaining about the patient protections Scalise says Republicans were never going to repeal.

The fact is, there have already been common-sense proposals to free the American people from Obamacare’s burden without taking anything away from the poor or sick, and they don’t require keeping people enslaved until the end of Donald Trump’s first (only?) term. And more importantly, nothing that’s worth doing on any issue will be immune to the Left’s fear-mongering. So unless they figure out how to confront and defeat it, we might as well hand the government back to the Democrats right now.

Finally, how idiotic would it be to put off fulfilling the GOP’s #1 campaign promise for another three to four years in the name of political expediency? They fear how the media will characterize them in the eyes of people who would never vote Republican anyway, yet are willing to risk going entire election cycles without delivering results for their own base?

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?


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Taking a logical look at things in D.C..  We can see that there is no Democrat Party, they have become fascist Communists.  Proof being the Dems urgency to remove all remnants of the Civil War South.  Typically they can't afford for folks to make the connection between the Democrat Party and the slavery era in America.  There is also not much left of the Republican Party, they have for the most part, all gone Progressive.  If one researches even just a little bit, they will find that Progressiveness is the fruit of the American Communist and American Nazi parties.  I consider myself a patriot, and I voted for those that I thought could and would turn things around, but none of them will, or none of them can.  If American patriots do not exercise their rights to the fullest measure under the 2nd Amendment and soon, our Republic will be lost forever, if it isn't already.  "The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots."  

Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial complex.  Perhaps someone will sound a warning about the financial-political complex which includes all of New York City and Washington D.C.

Our Senators and Representatives arrive in Congress with average means and leave the Congress quite well off.  In the meantime, the people who were enticed to vote for them were really only ratifying a decision by someone in a distant, smoke-filed room.

If repubs would be open and forthrighgt about exactly what is in theri plan maybe they would get more su[pport form the publuic. ALl I have been abl;e to discern is that I won't have insurance because I won't be able to pay the premiums and won't get much, if any subsidy to help. 3X the current premium would be over $2100 monthly and no way cna I or anyone else I know afford that.

I say Back to the drawing board Rinos! ...instead of government calling the shots on what levels and types of healthcare will be provided They  need to regulate the insurance companies and stop giving a pass to these corporate death merchants!

I am fed up with the RINOS and the DEMS...they are all demented, political gamesters and We The People have ZERO representation or protections in this debacle.

Healthcare isn't a right.  Healthcare is a privilege.  Health insurance isn't healthcare. That being said, we will end up with single-payer healthcare.  Healthcare costs money.  Health insurance companies and healthcare providers can't do it for free.  They do it for profit just like any other business.  There's only so much money lying around regardless of how much the Fed decides to print. 

Bottom line, regardless of what system we end up with, people are going to go without healthcare.  People are going to die.  That's the way it was before Obamacare.  That's the way it always has been.  That's the way it always will be.  If you don't want to pay for a healthcare service, you don't have to.  You're free to live and die without it. 

Before Obamacare, we had $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  Look at those two words: unfunded liabilities. Unfunded as in no money to pay for them.  Liability as in a responsibility to pay based on promises made that could not be kept that puts the entire country in a disadvantageous position.  Those problems weren't going away.  Those bills were going to come due.  Who was going to pay those bills?  The health insurance companies?  Tax payers.  Either that, or people were going to have to go without...healthcare.  People were going to die. So conservatives and libertarians can now sound like liberals and progressives because they want their healthcare to be covered by someone else. 

Car insurance costs more for a young driver with a history of accidents and speeding tickets and/or a DWI on their record than it does for an older person with a perfect record.  That older person would not want to pay for the younger person to drive.  You don't have a right to drive.  Pay it, or stay off the road.  Why does the insurance cost more for the younger person in the aforementioned scenario?  Because the likelihood that the insurance company is going to have to pay for something due to that young person's driving is greater, and the company still has to pay its bills, make a profit to pay its workers, and the owners must provide for their families. 

Health insurance operates no differently, but generally in the reverse where costs to purchasers are concerned.  Young people are generally healthier, and need less healthcare as a result so health insurance companies are less likely to have to pay out to hospitals.  This is exactly the opposite where older people are concerned.  If your healthcare costs are 100 times as much, the only shock should be that your health insurance is only 3 to 5 times as expensive as a younger person. 

Pardon the pun, but I know this is a difficult pill to swallow. We, as a people, have to decide what our priorities are.  Regardless of the waste, fraud, and abuses that occur, there is only so much money to go around.  We have to prioritize our spending, and realize that we're going to have to do without a number of things, and yes, people are going to go without healthcare services...one way or another.

God bless.

Well said, Rahthrae.  Health insurance isn't healthcare.  They are not interchangeable terms.  I'm old enough to remember the 'dawning of employer-provided health insurance.'  I also remember that many hospitals were 'for profit.'  Others were 'charity hospitals,' where you paid if you were able.  If you use their services, you got a bill.  My aunt mortgaged her farm to pay medical bills for my cousin, who had Tuberculosis.   That was in the 1960s.   I remember my doctor making house calls for my daughter as late as 1978, he left medication for her and charged me $10 (An office visit was only $7). The insurance I had then covered 'major medical' events.  It seemed pretty simple in the beginning.  Something changed....I think it was some law that said hospitals must treat everyone...I'm doing this from memory....so I'm not sure when that happened.

Here is what it reminded me of:

Mario and Frido both run pizza parlors.  Mario ran his parlor like a business, people paid for the pizza they got in his parlor.  Frido took advantage of some government deal where the government would subsidize his pizza for needy pizza lovers.  Frido got tons of business, and Mario saw a decline in his business. More than a few of Mario's customers realized that instead of being frugal, and enjoying the pizza as a payday treat, they became 'needy' and got Frido's free pizza on a regular basis.  As more and more of Mario's customers joined the pizza exchange for free and discounted pizza, he was faced with two choices.....go out of business or become part of the pizza exchange.  What is not mentiond in the pizza story is where the money used to subsidize the pizza came from.  It came from everyone who pays taxes, just like the health care subsidy.  Or worse yet, from the 'printed money.' 

Anyway, it was simpler in the 1960s.  Government can complicate a walk across the street.

JG, that is an excellent response with a perfectly provided case example with Mario and Frido.  Another difference in the 60's where social security and all the other eventually bankrupt promises that were made was the number of people collecting those benefits of services as compared to the number of people paying into them.  Thanks to more and better healthcare, people live longer which means more people to take advantage of those services provided even while the ratio of people that are paying into them is far less per person collecting.  Eventually the system would prove unsustainable, and people were going to go without.  It was always a matter of time.  The time has come.  It was always going to arrive. 

Your aunt had the ability to mortgage her farm.  Other people, in a similar situation, did not have those assets.  That means they had to go without healthcare.  Like I said above, it has always been that way.  Our nation is going to be confronted by hard choices, either through prioritizing via proper budgeting, or a complete collapse of our dollar that becomes more and more worth less perhaps until it becomes worthless.  I think it will take that collapse for people to realize that the laws of simple economics in budgeting do not stop at our shores.  It will probably take that complete collapse of our dollar because until then, no one will be willing to make the hard choices that are necessary. 

Again, excellent response. 

God bless.

Hiya, Rahth,

You really have a way of laying the truth out! For that, I appreciate you and your complete honesty! It is a hard pill to swallow for sure. I was one of those conservatives, that until you and I spoke on this at length, took what I had for granted and never thought about WHO was paying for my healthcare.

You know my story. I'll explain for everyone else.

My mother worked for the State of NJ when I was growing up. She had state health insurance, so, the 3 of us kids were under her insurance instead of my fathers, as hers was better.  I started working for the State of NJ myself at the age of 19 where my mother worked and then a few years later, took the test for becoming a NJSP Dispatcher. Got the job with the State Police and took my GREAT healthcare and seniority right along with me, never thinking for one moment about what I had and how fortunate I really was.

Until YOU explained to me around the year 2011, with me getting pretty mad at you, as you were enlightening me as to just WHO was paying for my cadillac healthcare that I have enjoyed my entire life until now. I was clueless! I admit it! I felt that I was working hard and that it was the States job, since I worked for them to provide it to me. I was "entitled to it".  I was entitled (because brainwashing even works on conservatives) Gosh, I got so mad at you. I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to admit to you that I was part of the problem.  

I had this great health insurance because of unions. I thought oh how great, I go to the doctors and I only pay a co-pay of 15 bucks. I get medications and my co- pays were 5 bucks and 10 for name brand. Never once thinking WHO was actually paying. Never giving it a thought.  UNTIL YOU!

It is the taxpayers of the State of NJ who are paying for my cadillac healthcare plan. Yes, I pay taxes too, but, certainly not what the State of NJ pays for my plan. 

Now, since Obamacare, my healthcare plan is being affected in a huge way. My state plan of BC/BS is feeling the effects of Obamacare right along with the rest of the people. NOW, it's affecting me and I am dealing with huge issues that others that do not have my government provided healthcare have been struggling with all along. 

In tax year 2016, I paid out of pocket 17 thousand dollars. I have NEVER paid much more than about a few thousand dollars a year out of pocket. I am being denied tests for Rick, who has cancer. Wondering when they will cut off Rick's transfusions as well. I need a CT scan and was just denied that for myself. They were denying paying my neurologist since January. My prescription medication co-pays have skyrocketed. 

I am right there with everyone else in this healthcare debacle. 

I will NEVER take anything for granted, ever again. 

I thank you so much for waking me up! I appreciate you! 

Robin :)))

You agreed to do work for the pay and benefits they said they would provide.  Tax payers elected officials repeatedly that made unsustainable promises to state employees.  You fulfilled your end.  Tax payers of NJ now have to prioritize their budgets to make good on those promises.  Going forward, they need to make less promises.  Going forward, they're going to have to ensure that politicians do not make promises tax payers can't keep.  Again, I don't see that happening until things collapse.  It's unfortunate, but true.  Then all promises will be broken.

I really wish you had a nationwide, public platform, to give the country a good dose of Rahthrae! 

The corporate health care business and  big Pharma are greedy and corrupt, absolutely focused on huge profits at the expense of the patient. There is no reason employed individuals and families should not be able to have reasonable costs for care.

I was in ahead on car accident a few years ago. The hospital bill, not including surgery, surgeon, trauma doc, anesthesiologist was in excess of $240,000. That was for ER  room, and 3 days in hospital before my insurance company transferred me to their hospital, where my share was over $15,000 - incurred for 21/2 days of stay. NO specialized care, warehousing primarily.... The 2 weeks in Convalescent- Rehab facility was over $900 a day and it was a hell hole. Only thing to recommend was the PT there.

If costs were reasonable  and not force people into bankruptcy, there would be NO need for or room for the insurance cartels.

If people would learn and take the time to eat healthy and clean and live a healthy lifestyle there would be a lot less disease in this nation. too many cram down the sugar, the processed foods and take pharmaceuticals like candy, live largely sedentary lifestyles.From personal hard learned experience I know the power of such action and am the healthiest I have been in decades, rarely darken the door of a medical doctor and never take pharmaceuticals.  Comprehensive Chinese Medicine is for me the healthiest thing I have done besides changing my eating and lifestyle.

Most, not all,but most chronic illness is preventable and often reversible if proper nutrition and lifestyle changes  are implemented, but it take effort and determination.

Your last sentence it the nail right on the head.  When Obama Care was first implemented, and then after Obama was re-elected, I knew that it would never go away.  People are convinced that regardless of how expensive and disastrous Obama Care is, for the few who have not been paying for, it's a Godsend.  Republicans have been made feckless and irrelevant by the Obama administration.  It will never be changed, no matter how hard President Trump tries, worthless Republican establishment lawmakers will not allow it's repeal or it's replacement.  

5 Ways Obamacare Proves That Government-Run Health Care Is a Disaster


Portrait of Sen. John Barrasso

John Barrasso, M.D., is a Republican senator from Wyoming and chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee.

Obamacare has failed to deliver the health care reform Americans deserve.

The Senate now has an opportunity to reform health care and walk our country back from the single-payer edge.

After seven years of Obamacare, it’s important to remember the many ways Obamacare has failed us—and why consumer-friendly, market-driven health care should remain the goal.

Here are five ways Obamacare’s track record shows why expanding government’s role in health care would be an even bigger disaster.

Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. But this can't be done alone. Find out more >>

1. Costs keep rising.

President Barack Obama sold his law by promising families a $2,500 reduction in premiums. The reality has been just the opposite.

In the individual market—where most of Obamacare’s new regulations have been imposed—premiums have increased an average of 105 percent since the law took effect in 2013.

Premiums also are soaring for the vast majority of Americans who get their coverage through work. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, family premiums for employer-sponsored plans increased an average of $4,372 from 2010 to 2016.

Deductibles keep rising, too. This year, the average deductible for an individual plan on the Obamacare exchanges is $6,092 for bronze coverage. It’s $3,572 for silver coverage.

2. Choice and competition keep shrinking.

Despite promising to increase insurer choice and competition, Obamacare’s policies have led to an incredibly unstable individual market.

Of the 23 nonprofit health insurers created through the law’s Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) Program, 17 have collapsed and one has changed its status to for-profit. Taxpayers loaned more than $2 billion to these companies that will never be repaid.

This year, 70 percent of U.S. counties have only one or two insurers offering coverage on the exchange. For 2018, the situation is poised to be much worse as insurers continue to announce that they are leaving the exchanges.

In some states, insurers are also dropping their Obamacare-compliant off-exchange plans, too.

3. If you like your plan and the government doesn’t, you can’t keep it.

Obama said repeatedly that people who liked their insurance plan could keep their plan. In reality, insurance companies were forced to cancel plans that no longer met the law’s many mandates and rules.

For 2014 coverage, after the rules took effect, the Associated Press counted at least 4.7 million plans canceled in the 30 states where data was available.

4. Imposing $800 billion in tax hikes.

Obamacare created or increased many different taxes that will total more than $800 billion over the next decade to offset the new entitlement spending in the law.

Among these are taxes on health insurers, medical devices, prescription drug manufacturers, and the unpopular individual and employer mandates to buy or offer health coverage.

5. Expanding an already unsustainable Medicaid program.

Medicaid has longstanding issues that left its beneficiaries with limited access to care. Rather than reforming the program, Obamacare made the problem worse by adding millions of new recipients to the rolls.

The law’s expansion significantly changed the program by giving coverage to anyone earning less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level and providing almost all federal funding for the new population.

The Congressional Budget Office expects Obamacare to add $1 trillion worth of new Medicaid spending over the next decade.






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