Obama to Boehner: 'I Will Use Inaugural Address, State of the Union to Blame GOP'

Statesmanship at its finest: during fiscal cliff talks, President Obama reportedly told Speaker Boehner that he would use his two major speeches in January to blame Republicans for the stalled deal. According to the Wall Street Journal, the president wasn't too happy with the options House Republicans were willing to present, and made it clear he was willing to throw the GOP under the bus for the nation's financial woes.


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Why haven't the Republicans pointed out to the country that Obama is willing to risk higher taxes on ALL just to punish 2% of the achievers with higher taxes?

I suspect this was his intent all along. He's a master at the blame game.

I know some want Boehner's head.  I do not.  I feel so, so sorry for him.  Whatever he does, gives in, not give in, the press who worship Obama will say that Boehner messed up the country and is a loser and that Obama is a genius.

There is something I learned early in my 40 years in Industry (yet I am only 21?) and that is - never work for an idiot.  In a way, those judging Boehner are idiots.  No matter what he does, he cannot win.  He could find a cure for cancer and that will be turned around somehow.  Not sure what he is supposed to do.  But those who think that replacing him makes things better - I am not sure how - unless they have a means of getting their story to the people without the press changing it.

A recent story on Drudge said that even Pelosi is loved more than Boehner.  Yep, truth is whatever Obama and his lackeys say it is.  As Napoleon once said:

History is a series of lies agree upon.  - Napoleon

As the HMFIC in the House of Representatives, Boehner does not appear to understand that Obama and the liberal left want to fundamentally change America by moving our system of governance away from that of a constitutional republic.  As it stands today, the only thing stopping the cascade effect of goverance by men instead of governance by laws is the House of Representatives' control of the purse strings.  

Boehner shows a willingness to compromise without attendant reciprocation from the Senate and the Executive. The suggestion from the left that the Executive be given the authority to raise the debt limit is another point upon which Boehner can now compromise.  His suggested compromises on other issues makes me uncomfortable that he may also compromise on this.

Boehner appears to not have the fortitude to say simply and directly that the House of Representatives decides what will be funded or not funded.  The Executive and Senate have the authority to agree or disagree.  If they disagree, nothing gets funded.  If they agree, those things they agree with get funded.

Our system of governance is NOT a democracy but it has devolved into a power struggle between two political camps.  The only ace Boehner has is the constitutional authority to fund the operations of the government.  If he gives it away in ANY manner, the Republicans lose, the country loses and more than one future generations of Americans lose.  It is that important.

In 2010, we sent representatives to the House who promised to do whatever they can to get government spending under control.  So far, it hasn't happened.  So far, there is no sign that it will happen except for promises of future cuts (and we know how promises in Washington are treated).

Boehner is a good man.  He tries hard.  He is listening to the wrong people.  It is time to reinstate the purged representatives to their respective committees and implement the instructions in the Constitution that the House of Representatives controls government spending.  It is time for a change of leadership.  (But, I was educated as a Math/Physics guy -- what could I possibly know about politics.)

This man has no moral compass. He has no scruples or ethics. He is a child of Alinsky tactics. Win at any cost. Pick your target and polarize them. Disgusting man!

Well said.

Ah ... threats and intimidation ... don't cha just love Chicago style politics?  :-(

Actually, no---if it is possible to hate the Hell out of it, then I am surely at that point!

The President hopes in vain to place responsibility for the fiscal crisis upon someone else.  The President has made mockery of the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, which results in throwing the government back to the confusion and uncertainty said Act intends to solve.

Nothing could make the point more clear than the Budget Control Act of 2011---who twisted the President's arm, in order to get his agreement???

I was always under the belief that we had three legislative branches of the government.  The Senate, the House of Representatives and the Executive branch.   

Why is it now we only have two...The House and the Executive?

Are there no Democrats in the Senate capable of thinking for themselves?

Is thinking Democrat an oxymoron?

It seems that way JB.  However, I have met many Republicans who fall into the same category.  





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