Nice work!

Bombshell James O’Keefe video released: Udall group encourages voter fraud; Paging Donna Brazile

I only wish I knew he was in Colorado, Boulder even (close), I would've like to have met him.

Plus another thing they are doing is calling seniors telling them the ballots needed to be back in on 10/20 or some early date. They called my grandfather last Thursday, when he told them he'll have his granddaughter (me) look and take care of it, they hung up on him. I bet the rest of it is that they will help, stop by and pick it up for you (since most seniors don't drive to much and having to get to a ballot box and all, also they probably tell them they can help in filling out the ballot, tell them which way to vote and all.)

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Good find, Gris! I'm tweeting it out, and did a checkout. How much of this proof do we need to see before something is done? It would have been awesome if you got to meet him!

you just know they are gonna stuff the ballot boxes again.  only way they can win.  damn crooked blind fools.

That and those horrible ads using kids with their hands up. Vote Dem or the Repubs will shoot you! There is no level low enough they wont stoop! 

I'm wondering why this hasn't been on the news. Has anyone seen it? I'm hoping they are just waiting till closer to Election Day.

seen nothing yet. 

Great video and then there is this:  

The fraud has already started.   Posted on October 22,2014 by Conservative Byte. vote. Liberals got caught in yet more fraud,Read the remainder of the following comment. ..." imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for aRepublican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”."   Calibration error?  REALLY?    
They can't win without cheating! I don't know how we can even begin to ensure election integrity. Good find, Mah. Thanks for adding it.

Thank you JG.  I am as lost as you are.

I recall this very thing happening in either 2010 or 2012. Why hasn't it been stopped? I don't get it. I think if all the kinds of fraud are added up, it may well account for Democrat wins in many close races.

many lawsuits were filed.  some were schwashed out, texas won.  ohio made no headway at all.  it is the damn judges who stop any success with these attempts to fix the mess.

hmmm, Spanish firm now owns the machines, financed by Soros.

SEIU members do the calibrations.

what is there to be concerned about????

this election will be fraud city to the max.

Clearly, you have noticed that Obama seems to believe that the Dems will not lose the Senate!





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