Total Contents:

Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer
Fenix LD10 LED 1 (AA) Flashlight w/clip
Fenix E05 1 (AAA) LED Flashlight
Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multi-tool
Aurora Firestarter 2SA With Magnesium
Sangean DT-400W AM/FM Digital Weather Alert Pocket Radio w/earbuds
Ka-Bar BK14 Eskabar Knife w/hard plastic sheath
Silva Sportsman's Tool 625L whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass
Suunto A-30 Compass
Star Flash Signal Mirror

Not shown in picture:

3 days medications/vitamins
Plastic trash bag
Bic lighter
Duct tape wrapped around credit card


Thank you for all of your research and patience with me!  Without you, I would not know a thing about any of this! Your vast knowledge is truly amazing! You're a treasure! :)

:-) Robin

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When I scrolled down and saw the first picture I thought it was a whoopy cushion. LOL  Scrolling further I realized, you are serious.  That would just about cover any grab and run emergency situation.  I think I would add one thing that is unmentionable here but would give you some protection when you are on the road: A poncho...    I went to renew the tag on my van at the tax collectors office the other day and the gestapo made me take a small pocket knife that I always carry back to the truck.  This kit would probably terrorize the nitwits and get you strip searched. "Miss Robin, You will not be flying the friendly skies of Ashley Airlines, Solder Bag and Screen Door Inc. today." "How dare you to prepare for an Emergency, that's our job."  LOL  Seriously I will get my shop till you drop wife on accumulating a set of kits for the Cluck Clan.

Hi Homer,

Yes serious! :-) You are also correct on the poncho. I am still working on my kit, with Rahth's help of course. I also forgot to include in the list of not pictured items my bandana and the set of Urban Survival Playing Cards that list survival instructions on the cards. Very useful tool indeed!  Good idea for everyone to be prepared. Get your wife to shopping Homer!  

Hello Miss Robin,

All I can say is you're welcome.  Your compliments truly do give me too much credit, but thank you for them nonetheless.  I can tell you there is no effort to find patience with you.  You soak this stuff up like a sponge.  Your kit is coming along well.  You also forgot to list your phantom biners, maps, and satellite imagery of your area.  We will add more as time allows.  Just keep at it girl.  You're doing great!

God bless,


Hi Rahth,

Never enough credit where you are concerned! :-) I know I can be trying at times though, but you're a good teacher and know so much in many areas! I did forget to list those items you mentioned. See, you always have my back! I promise I will keep at it. Need you though!

:-) Robin

Really nice Robin!  Good job!  Keep us posted on additions, too!

A question, can you post the dimensions of the Maxpedition Organizer?  It would help with knowing whether it will fit in a handbag.

Thanks JG! I will add items as I get them. Below are the dimensions of the Maxpedition Organizer along with the link for amazon. I have a large purse now and it fits in just fine.


Product Features
Larger version of the popular pocket organizer
Compact size of 5 x 7 x 2-Inch
Drops into or attaches onto backpack or bag
Full clam-shell opening main compartment with dual zips
Inside right, zipper pocket, elastic organizer with 6 divisions

Thank you!  I think it is actually smaller than I thought, which is great!

Hi, thought I'd share this with you!

your edc looks pretty good

I told him it was yours, looked at his site, and invited him to join and post here!

Thanks JG! Awesome! :)

Robin, Don't forget to add in Zip-lock bags important papers (deeds, birth and Marriage Certificates, copies of bank a/c and Credit Card #'s )

Hi Ruthie,  All the stuff you mentioned goes in a bug-out-bag. My EDC kit fits right in my purse and goes with me everywhere!

Robin, I have a bug out bag but no way of bugging out. Well at least I have food and powdered eggs & milk. I've been collecting bottles to fill on the chance that water may a problem. Also ordered water purification tablets.

I still have an e-mail set up, in case of an Emergency- It's simply titled BUG OUT! All the e-mail addresses are already on it.

I'll have to check your EDC Kit out to see if I can make one.

Oh! Can't remember where I read it, but if there's any warning of a EMP put your batteries in the microwave (don't turn it on). Something in the microwave system is suppose to insulate stuff from the EMP waves. Hey it may or may not be true but it couldn't hurt to try.





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