Most Democrats Now Appear to Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism....New Gallup Poll Released Monday.

The left has been very effective brainwashing people into believing the government should control every aspect of their lives from cradle to grave no matter what proof they are presented with that Socialism has failed every time!

Most Democrats now appear to prefer socialism over capitalism, according to a new Gallup poll released Monday.

As Gallup put it, “For the first time in Gallup’s measurement over the past decade, Democrats have a more positive image of socialism than they do of capitalism.”

The shift is due to both an increase in Democrats’ positive view of socialism and a drop in their positive view of capitalism.

In 2010, 53% of those surveyed who lean Democrat had a positive view of socialism. That bumped up to 57% in 2018.

But 53% of those Democrats also had a positive view of capitalism in 2010, and that number dropped to just 47% in 2018.

Perhaps most telling, the sharpest drop in Democratic support for capitalism is recent. In 2016, capitalism was viewed positively by 56% of those leaning Democrat. In 2018, that number dropped to 47%. That is a drop of 9% of Democrats who view capitalism positively in just the last two years.

With the rise in popularity of such socialists as 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders and 2018 congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gallup noted, “Views of socialism among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents are particularly important in the current political environment because many observers have claimed the Democratic Party is turning in more of a socialist direction.”

Fox news anchor Bret Baier tweeted this observation about the Gallup poll: “This will not help with House or Senate Dem seats in red or purple states — and there are quite a few of them.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Gallup found that Republican support of capitalism remained strong. It was viewed positively by 72% in 2010 and 71% in 2018. Socialism was viewed positively by only 17% of Republicans in 2010 and 16% in 2018.

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Socialism is a a great concept until self-interest and the quest-for-more ruins it.

The increase in support for socialism among democrats can be traced back to public education. Public education has been teaching that socialism is a good thing. When I first heard that from my grandson who was in about the 10th grade at the time, I was shocked. He informed me that he had been learning about socialism since about the 8th or 9th grade and he considered it a good thing. I remember trying to explain how bad socialism is and he just tuned me out. That was in 2009.

Under Obama, it was most likely amped up. Obama had 8 years to turn millions of young people into socialist. It appears it worked.  

That indoctrination your grandson had surely was ramped up under Obama!  Note how many young people thought Bernie was right about all his socialist policies.

Its a really sick mindset they have.  Not one of them can ever tell you a socialism success story, where capitalism didn't exist at all. I've asked.  ;)

My grandson graduated about 2 years after Obama took office NativeCollector. My other grandchildren become rabid social justice warriors. Good news is that they are in their early 20's now and as they get older, social justice is not as appealing as it had been in high school.

Not sure if they still accept socialism as a good thing. The whole social justice thing made it difficult to talk about politics with them. I have no idea how long socialism has been taught in our public schools. It started before Obama, so there is an entire generation of kids raised to believe that socialism is a good thing. That is very scary.

Wow, Kwic! I know for sure that if I still had kids in school I would be homeschooling them. They sure have done a bang up job turning them into obedient little Socialists, huh?

It is frightening to see so many prefer Socialism in this country!

You and me both Robin! My daughter took my grandaughter out of school and home schooled her from 7th grade till graduation. She learned more at home than she did at school. She originally took her out of public school when she became concerned that my granddaughter was learning things that were not academically enhancing. Like my other grandchildren it had to do with social justice.

I always taught my children to respect other's. I also taught them if they disagreed with someone, they could respectfully disagree. Unfortunately, what ever is being taught to kids in school has nothing to do with respect.

Your daughter was smart to take her out of public school. I don't ever remember knowing any of my teachers political views while going through elementary school or high school. We have lost at least 2 generations to this craziness going on in school.

My oldest daughter is a teacher and has to hide the fact that she is conservative. Pretty sad.

Meanwhile in the socialist utopia of Scandinavia, there is social unrest and burning cars is not uncommon. I heard a joke the other day, it went something like this: What's the difference between a Nazi and a socialist? The Nazi doesn't say it would work if just the right people were in charge.

LOL Watchman. Love the joke. :)

I have an idea!

Now, THAT'S funny!





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