Microstamping!!! What another ridiculous idea NYS has to TRY and control firearms. For those of you who aren't familiar with microstamping basically what it does is put a unique mark on the cartridge when fired. That means the police could track down the person by the shell casing. New York State just loves trying make it harder and more expensive on the respectful, and law-abiding guns owners. Remember protect the 2nd amendment!!!!!!! Don't vote for anti-gun politicians.......

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Oh yeah, because you know that all the gangbangers will be shooting people with thier own personalized ammo. 

Good Post.  I was out shooting today with my police nephew and older son.  While I am a cheapskate and only shot 85 rounds or so, they did 300 and 500.  I cannot imagine what the cost of all that would be when the rounds must be engraved.  (Sort of:  "Love,  - Remington (or PMC or Federal or American Eagle or other)" serial number 213456.) But I guess liberals are too dumb to realize that likely 99.9% of ammunition is used by sports people and only goes into the sides of mountains that the feds set aside for that, or into many different kinds of store bought targets.  Since liberals never shoot guns, they of course have no way of knowing.  My  guess is that if someone made a mistake and gave a liberal a gun they would likely suck on the barrel end, or try to write with it, or perhaps use it as an oar in a boat.

I'm not a liberal, but had to use a shotgun for a oar before while duck hunting, lol


:)  Well, though Ethan, in your case it is totally understandable, since you always knew the difference.

I tend to believe that most people who hate guns. .. have never shot one.

MR2, what you said here was not a big deal, but the only line i want to draw is a non-subjective one when it comes to any cuss words.  See my reply to Homer per the rest.  Thank you. 

2012 State Legislative Priorities
1. Microstamping (A1157 Schimel/S675 Peralta)
 Requires any semi-automatic pistol manufactured, delivered, or received into NYS to any licensed firearms dealer to be capable of microstamping.
 Microstamping copies an alphanumeric code from the firing pin and the breech face onto the ejected cartridge case of the ammunition when a handgun is fired.
 Microstamping is an inexpensive tool that would help solve crimes where semi-automatic handguns are used but not found at the crime scene. Officers who find shell casings at crime scenes can use microstamped information to identify the retail purchaser of the handguns using current crime gun tracing, skilled examiners, and equipment available in ballistics labs throughout the state.
 Microstamping also helps to trace patterns of trafficking illegal crime handguns, identify corrupt gun dealers who trade in illegal handguns and identify straw purchasers.

Homer, let's keep things civil, and the tone a positive one.  Thanks.

Sorry Rah,  I am the court jester so I get off on a tangent from time to time.  MR2 and I just got off on the wrong foot.  I am enjoying it in here and when someone jumps in and threatens the status quo;  I may have reacted to the his comment irrationally judging from whence we all came with moles stirring us up and site managers chiming in with the opposition. I will tone it down and ease my humor in from a more subtle mode. Your concern is duly noted.

Then we should begin with the lawless ATF and Marshalls.  The three shootings US related that bother me the most are ATF/ Marshall related.  There was Ruby Ridge where Marshalls and ATF worked together to shoot an innocent 14 year old in the back, and then sniper shot his innocent mother, and they there was the Waco Massacre where 84 were dead - 80 from Waco - for a "gun inspection" where 20 children and 2 pregnant women were killed while the criminal ATF used helicopters, armored vehicles and pyrotechnics and sleep deprivation.  And then there is the ATF killing and coverup called Fast and Furious where it is estimated that by now at least 301 died - 1 American and 300 Mexicans.  Oh, I forget, Democrats do not care about Mexicans unless they vote for them.  50,000 now dead in Mexico and the US ATF and Eric Holder cover it up and give guns to the bad guys.

As long as the US continues to arm crooks, the drug cartels and Islamic extremists by giving them billions of dollars, not many citizens will understand or care about "gun control" when the only group being attacked are the peaceful law abiding citizens.

And now we are to believe that the crooks will not modify microstamping leaving only honest US citizens -as always - the ones to get hurt.  Someone should ask the question - why is it that this administration helps crooks, drug cartels and extremists but fears honest citizens?  Maybe we already know that answer.

Thanks MR2 for the update!

Your right mr 2 it is the firing pin.  But......

Here's a simple way to look at it  "the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infinged."  I took an oath to defend and uphold the constitution.  I never took one to make sure everybody is safe, or to help law enforcement do thier job. 

Another good argument for a revolver.  





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